«Macril»: ​​Antifungal cream

Uses of Macril and its leaflet

Unfortunately no person is safe from having fungus anywhere on their body and that you can fuck anywhere and at any time without even realizing it. On the good side, despite how cumbersome fungi can be, especially if we don't treat them in time, there are hundreds of remedies to be able to tackle them and eliminate them from our body completely.

One of the most popular and especially effective antifungal creams is Macril, which is especially intended for inflammatory dermatopathies complicated by bacterial, fungal or mixed infection: dermatitis secondarily infected by bacteria or fungi, as we can read in the leaflet that we find in the box of this cream.

Surely all these diseases that you just read do not sound too familiar to you, but surely we all understand it if we tell you that Macril, It is the cream par excellence prescribed for all those itching or redness that men can suffer on our penis. It can also be applied on other places where we can have the setback of suffering from fungus.

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Although it is only a simple cream, which also It can be bought in a tremendously simple way without any problem., We have to recommend and warn that no one should apply it without the pertinent medical prescription and especially without the doctor having taken a look at our problem. It is very embarrassing to go to the doctor to tell him that we have fungi and that these are in our penis, but do not worry because our doctor will have already seen much worse things for sure.

It is very common for doctors to prescribe it for the case of balanitis, which is the disease of itching and redness of the penis and that affects many men at some point in their lives. But this ointment should only be applied under medical prescription.

Balanitis, a common disease of the penis. Redness of the penis
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Here are the main aspects of the package insert for this cream:

  • THERAPEUTIC ACTION: Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory for topical use.
  • INDICATED FOR: Inflammatory dermatopathies complicated by bacterial, fungal or mixed infection.
  • COMPOSITION: Each 100 g contains: Betamethasone 17-Valerate 0.10 g, Gentamicin Base (as Sulfate) 0.10 g, Miconazole Nitrate 2.00 g. Excipients
  • PRESENTATIONS: Containers with 20 g.

Where can we buy Macril?

Today we can buy Macril in a tremendously simple way and although it is best if our doctor prescribes it, if you decide not to go to the doctor, you can buy it on the Internet, through many digital stores. Its price is quite affordable, although if its high price I think it would be worth paying it to see how the itching in our body, due to fungi, disappears.
Once more Our recommendation is that you do not buy the Macril freely, and much less that you apply it to any part of your body, but you are free and you can do whatever you think is convenient.

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  1.   Fernando said

    It gave me very good results the times I had to use it for foot and arm fungus.
    Today I bought it again for a fungus that came out between the fingers of one hand and I hope to have the same result as always.
    I find it a bit expensive: $ 30.90 (ARG)

    all the best

    1.    Pablo said

      Question, can it be put on top, because the problem is that I cannot lower the foreskin, since it hurts, as if it were going to crack: S

      1.    Andres Felipe said

        I advise you Man 1 Oil Man or INTIMA I have tried both and they serve very well to nourish the penis and give them baby skin. In Colombia it is sold by a representative nationwide. It has always dispatched me without any problem and 100% original. They find it in the following email: felpp@hotmail.com or the cel I think is 3102860240

        1.    Oscarosvaldo Alvarez@yahoo.com.ar said

          How many times is the ointment placed since when urinating and cleaning the prepusio it comes out

      2.    JUAN PEREZ said


      3.    Mariano said

        Hello Pablo, something very similar happened to me but this cream helps me a lot, although the saying of washing with neutral soap without any type of perfume also helps me.

    2.    cristian said

      hahaha Fernando, I wish it was $ 30 today hahaha !! $ 600, it is now!

  2.   susy said

    It is very good cream. Regarding the price, I bought it at 18 pesos. (arg)

  3.   marina said

    Hi, I'm pregnant and I wanted to know if this cream works for me, since I have a rash on my belly and a lot of itching, thank you

    1.    lucas ayosa said

      Hello Marina, look at the MACRILes cream for fungi, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory for topical use. It is very, very good and it is for that reason, this cream is highly recommended for pregnant women. Consult with your obstetrician and I hope my answer has served you and for your peace of mind my wife had something similar and they gave her the hypoglos. A kiss.

  4.   Hector said


    Consult your doctor. Ignore what you read online.

  5.   franc said

    very good remedy ... I always have it in doubt, because it cured me several times of the fungus ... thank you

  6.   Alexander said

    Excuse me, I have some pimples on my glans and I want to know if I can apply this cream, I have already been with those pimples for about 4 months and nothing that they take away I already use miconazole also ketoconazole and nothing I can do beforehand, thank you

    1.    LILIANA said


    2.    Santiago said

      That may be because of the soap you use .. it happened to me several times, for example every time I buy some rexone (change the soap and if it doesn't happen then think of some kind of fungus or something else ..)

  7.   fran said

    I bought it for $ 3

    1.    diego said

      Can you put the maquril qurema on a 4-month-old baby?

      1.    nati said

        My baby has diaper rash and is 4 months old. Can I use macril cream?

        1.    Rebeca said

          Macril was prescribed for my baby, due to diaper rash. your pediatrician prescribed it, now I want to do the test

  8.   SOL said

    Can macril be used in one-year-olds?

  9.   Miguel said

    very good, I promote it

  10.   Elizabeth said

    Please, I need to know in which pharmacies in Lima-Peru the macril cream is marketed… they have prescribed it for me but the pharmacies report that they don't have them… it is urgent. Thank you.

  11.   Cesar Gutierrez said

    what comes out ?? it is effective. because I get water blisters on my hands and the dermatologist says they are ongos

  12.   miriam said

    I have some spots on my arm, and they tell me that they are fungi and I tried everything ketoconazole, terbinafine and nothing works for me I am going to buy this cream and I hope it gives me good results

  13.   daniel said

    Is this ointment useful for hemorrhoids… .. ???
    I would like to know .. why my doctor recommended it to me!

  14.   Chris said

    I live in England but you cannot buy Macril here. Who knows if you can buy online?

  15.   Lesly said

    Hello, how are you? I tell them to use a cream called ELOCOM that its composition is mometasone and for that it is an excellent product ... also it is not like the other corticosteroids that produce fragility in the skin it is SUPER !!!!, but I will try to find out more about this medicine called MACRIL to see what other indications, contraindications and interactions you have bye take care of yourself and good luck .. !!!

  16.   heavenly said

    hello I have a fungus in the guaton toe I went to see a doctor he prescribed antibiotic and a cream for fungus I have been with the treatment for three weeks and nothing, it stuck on the sole of the foot and around it and it seems that I have it on the hand too, I need support that I can take, I'm in Chile

    1.    Adriana said

      You have to take tablet antifungal

      1.    chris said

        Exactly ... if it is a fungus the antib does not work ... and the treatment has to be oral and ocal

    2.    anonymous said

      If you have it in more than one place in the body, I recommend you take fluconazole 150mg, in the form of administration it says how many to take and how often for different types of fungi.

  17.   John P. said

    For all those fools, if your doctor or dermatologist prescribes it for you it is because it works and it works, I do not know why they are asking around here: S.

    1.    anoni ... said

      uffff there are so many doctors who are hurt by far!

  18.   Javier said

    Good evening I would like to know if the macril can be used for my baby who has an irritated tail, he is two months old.
    Thank you

    1.    lucas ayosa said

      Hello Javier, the macril can irritate you more perhaps ... I recommend that you buy the healing hypoglos cream that cream is for these cases and my three-month-old daughter uses it on the recommendation of my pediatrician buy it and when you put it you have to apply it abundantly every time you change the diaper but first wash the affected area well in general and then put it on, stay calm, that cream will do very well, it is for prescription sale but in pharmacies and they sell it to you because they know it is for irritation. I also use it mixed with a little bit of bb jonson oil so that it disperses well and the pee and poop do not continue to cause more irritation, buying it is safe .. ask your pediatrician.

  19.   MARCIA said


  20.   Guido said

    Watch out for babies and pregnant women. Corticosteroids are re dangerous. They have a very high risk. They are only recommended if the benefit is greater. They are the last option !!!

    Consult the doctor

  21.   Micaela said

    Hello people, I tell you that I had 3 years ago that I had fungus on my face and lips. I went to the dermatologist and he recommended a cream that did not work for me, 8 months ago I consulted with another specialist and he recommended MACRIL, the truth is that it gave me very good results ..! I was desperate because they imagine that going to work so very presentable did not fit and for me as a person I felt very bad, but I recommend them for all kinds of men who can get to you, Now in the genital parts the truth is that I don't know ... I wouldn't risk telling you something I don't know. I hope it helps you too, greetings

  22.   aleli said

    I have my one year old baby with granite on the glans penis and his doctor recommended it to me, it is very good

  23.   George said

    Hi, can I use Macril for redness and itching of the glans?

  24.   to macril said


  25.   Maria Pamela said

    Hello, I wanted to know if it works for my baby who is 10 months old

  26.   selva said

    Is it useful for vaginal mycosis?

  27.   BARBARA said


  28.   Jayla said

    Well, I ask you a question. After having sex with my boyfriend, the upper lips of my vagina began to hurt and I noticed that I had some raw cuts. I would like to know if macril works or what other cream do you recommend?

    1.    Gabriela said

      Of course, I had itching on the inner lips of the vagina during pregnancy after the loss of the mucous plug and the obstetrician recommended it to me and on the second day everything improved

    2.    lalo said

      I give you creampie

  29.   jonas melo said

    I have fungus on my penis, but the macril that is said is good, in Colombia it is not obtained, that another hunguento is obtained with the same composition, thank you.
    Jonas melo

  30.   veronica said

    can it be used in the vaginal area?

  31.   clate said

    I have strange things in my penis from practicing anal sex, I have it dry, and it burns, the poor thing is thrown but I cannot return to the life that he had, with macril it will heal me? I want to ...

    1.    Mauricio said

      Clate: that happens to you for putting it in the wrong places.
      Don't panic when it starts to fall apart.

    2.    polluted said

      the most probable thing is that you have eceirichia coli, it is a "vichito" that lodges in the fecal matter and in this case in your penis, and if afterwards you immediately have intercourse with a woman (if that were the case), without washing your penis with previously you infect it immediately. In the case that it is with a man it does not happen but you if you grabbed it SAFE ... to avoid it you have to put a CONDOM !!!, thus you avoid other diseases such as AIDS, IN ADDITION, IN THE LONG TIME IT CAN BRING YOU INFECTION KIDNEYS, INTESTINALS AND EVEN DISEASES FROM THE HEART. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, INFORMATE ON THE INTERNET. I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU 1 °) GO TO A DOCTOR, 2 °) PUT ON CONDON BOLUDO !!!, AND 3 °) STOP METERL WHERE YOU DO NOT GO FOR MORE THAN YOU LIKE WITHOUT PROTECTION ... THE BEST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU IS PUDRA THE PENIS AND READY THEY PUT IT TO YOU AND THAT ANOTHER JI JI IS CONTAGED !!

      1.    lalo said

        to avoid abortion take by the ortho !!! and with a lining up the ass you can't because it breaks

    3.    anonymous said

      they are exaggerated. I spend a lot of time on this question now but in my opinion anal sex is not "improper", but it is another type of very viable and pleasant sex for many people. It is recommended to use a condom to avoid the contact of the penis with the bacteria that are in the entire anal tract where the penis enters, lubricant so as not to harm the woman, because the anus is not lubricated like the vagina, and please do not use the same condom for both areas (anal and vaginal) because if you put a woman's penis in her vagina after having anal sex, you can infect her with those same bacteria and the poor thing is going to get a tremendous urinary infection. Well, these things can happen to men like you. I hope that you have passed and that your penis continues to work well (and)!
      PS: saying that anal sex is improper is like saying that oral sex is improper, and well that all men like to be sucked well!

  32.   Pepe Mujica said

    Do not be nimble, those who itch their penis to scratch it and bye bug! They stab the cat a couple of times a day and voila!

  33.   maria said

    Hello, I have itching on the soles of my feet and on my toes .. it itches a lot I have little red spots .. I don't know if it's fungus .. can you tell me what cream to use ..?

    1.    anonymous said

      deralbine, miconazole nitrate
      take fluconazole pills
      Hope this can help you!

  34.   Gustavo said

    It is very good, I spread it with the bread ...

    1.    chuckle said

      hahahahaha, funny

    2.    lalo said

      at breakfast it goes like crazy !!

  35.   Roc said

    I would like to know if I can put macril on my tongue ... I have fungus on my tongue or do you recommend that it be something similar to macril cream

  36.   MIRTA said


  37.   alex said

    I have a lot of itching and itching on my foreskin and my head and it turns red and I started to have cracks in my skin

    1.    Santiago said

      let it rest!

  38.   Ramiro said

    I would like to know if macril can be used for herpes?

  39.   Ramiro said

    Can macril be used against herpes on the lips?

    1.    anonymous said

      unfortunately for herpes there is nothing more than acyclovir 🙁

  40.   daniel said

    is this cream good for crab?

  41.   Alejandra Garcia placeholder image said

    Macril is special for balanitis ... 2 to 3 times for 5 days, first wash the area with white soap and warm water then apply on the glans (pokito) ... the only thing you need to do is passience but repeat this procedure for 15 days. . For the use of hemorrhoids this cream DOES NOT SERVE !!! the best for this is HEMORROISAN (yellow knob). greetings to all

    1.    lalo said

      I would smear you a little on your tits and there I would rub my penis after a few minutes I will leave you a rich creampie on your lips which is edible, rich in protein and good for the skin, they only contain 180 kcal per ejaculation, if you are interested let me know

  42.   Sergio Paraguy said

    hello ami taen I take hold of the problem this takes hold of me reddening and they burn me like they never burn me as if they were burns and everything happened since that night I had anal sex with a friend who recommended me to my friends

  43.   yimi said

    Hello, someone can help me. Please, I have some red spots on my penis and it burns and it burns yesterday. My relationship with my girlfriend will be that he has already been infected. And it will be that I can use the same cream that I use the buoy. Macril

    1.    unatal said

      I think they should both go to a doctor .. I infected my boyfriend with fungi after I infected them in the pool and my gynecologist prescribed gincan ovules and macril and my boyfriend got macril but they did not go away .. He was forced to go to the doctor. These things can get worse if they are not treated properly.

  44.   yimi said

    Hi can someone help me

  45.   yimi said

    Hello, can someone help me, I have some red spots on my penis. And yesterday I had sex with my girlfriend, it will be that he has already been infected. And I could use the same grema that I float to use. Macril

  46.   Juan Cruz said

    I have balanitis, the upper part of the pete is purple, and swollen, it does not hurt or burn or anything, I can stretch the skin as well, what do you recommend?

  47.   marcelo and ana said

    me and my girlfriend are 17 years old and we have fungus on our genitals. 1 month ago we did our own treatment that is giving us more than a good result. Both in the morning and at night, I smear my penis with macril and then I put it in my girlfriend's vagina. We take a long time, it is a very good treatment since not only do you have the excuse of taking it all the time, but also, there are even possibilities that the fungus will be cured. With the excuse of fungus, I tell my girlfriend that she also has her anus, and I'm doing the treatment there too. If any lady needs my help, please do not stop contacting me, I would be willing to perform my treatment at no cost.

  48.   ailin said

    hello a question I am 16 years old and I got white spots on my face I hate to see myself like this): Does anyone know if this cream would cure me? Thanks

    1.    ecohumanclothes said

      People like you suck… !!!

      1.    the dog said

        your family sucks too

  49.   maira said

    It works for the spots on the face

  50.   @xccdcdd said


  51.   triganuog said

    I have anal itching and rectum is this cream used for? It bothers me a lot and itches me.

  52.   Mayra said

    One question I have fungus in the nails of the feet with that cream they think they are kiten xk I have tried everything ibada x please if you can help me I will thank you

  53.   Mayra said

    Hello, I have fungus in my toenails and I would like to know if with this cream you can kill me, I have tried everything and nothing if you can help me, I will appreciate it very much.

  54.   LUCIANO said

    I have redness on the head of the penis and a lot of itching after having had a relationship with my stable partner! Can I use Deralbine with MIconazole Nitrate 2%?

  55.   ekbara said

    Because they don't go to the doctor and stop drawing vain conclusions!

  56.   From said

    Hello. I got mushrooms in my poronga. I have it very big and when it stops it hurts a lot. Serve marcril ?? Can I use it as Vaseline ??? I like to have anal sex so he took advantage

  57.   Jorge blanc said

    Macril is good for chilblains?

  58.   Sebastian Ortiz said

    Hello, I wanted to know if the cream works for me because it gave me a fungus in my beard and my hair falls out but I do not get any type of Stain, only my hair falls out and I have a hairless and greasy halo

  59.   Ivan said

    Hello, I would like to know if I can apply macril, I have red my penis and I count times a day of putting

  60.   Karina said

    Hello, I want to know if this cream is useful when a baby underwent circumcision of the penis if this cream is used to heal thanks

  61.   María said

    Hi, I need to know if Macril is 100% effective on toenail fungus. NO LONGER KNOW WHAT TO TRY !!!! and it is not cured.

  62.   Abel said

    I have a penis with fungus and it itches a lot I scratch a lot I would like to know if the macril cream will all the damn fungi

  63.   Paul said

    Hello people, I tell you that I also have redness and itching a lot, let's say on the head of my penis and I apply macril and holy remedy. It is the best I found and at the same time it calms everything

  64.   July said

    Hello people ,,, I have a similar problem ,,, my girlfriend always wants anal sex… and I get irritated every so often…. until hurt ... and I used an aloe cream ,,, (the inner pulp) with olive oil ,,, mixed with parsley ... doña porota's home remedy ... and voila ... I have no more fungi ... I didn't have intercourse because of Doubts. lucky…

  65.   RODRIGO said

    Every 12 hours, take two capsules of SPORASEC or ALBISEC (In case you do not know it in the drugstore with that name since in the countries the composition changes is Secnidazole 166,66 mg + Itraconazole 33,33 mg). This must be done for THREE (3) days.
    When showering, use pH neutral soap completely. This is it, baby soap.
    After showering, dry the area thoroughly with a soft cloth, not toilet paper.
    Apply the Spray called BACTROMAX or Rifamycin 1%. It is a Rifamycin compound. This must be done every 12 hours, for a space of FIVE (5) days.
    Leave the Spray to act a little and then apply the ICADEN Cream (Isoconazole 1%). This should be done every 12 hours, for
    Space of FIVE (5) days.
    After 5 days have elapsed, both BACTROMAX and ICADEN are suspended and a
    Super cream that finishes healing and gives strength to our glans called FITOSTIMOLINE (L). This must be done every 12 hours, for a space of THREE (3) days, or as long as you wish.
    I did all this to the letter and after a week I was fine, on the recommendation of the cream you always have to use a light layer because by placing a lot of body heat makes the cream become liquid which produces humidity (ambient conducive to mushrooms) and another very important thing is to leave the sugar completely (zero sweets, zero sugary drinks).
    You cannot drink alcoholic beverages from the beginning until a week and a half later.

  66.   Yonatan said

    On the head of the penis you can put this macril cream ... please answer

  67.   Joel said

    Hello, good day, where can I get it? I'm from Mexico, which pharmacy has it.

  68.   alberto said

    Hello ... The macril cream is very good, I used it a while ago by medical prescription for a problem of foot fungus, I relieved the stinging and regenerated the dry skin ... now the problem returned to me, in Peru already They do not sell it, I looked for it everywhere and I cannot find it, someone could help me to get them, since here there is no similar product with the same composition, maybe the laboratory that makes it can help me, please ... my email is oguraboy2970@hotmail.es I will appreciate any help.