Lower abs exercises

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Having good abs is the goal of many people who go to the gym to improve their physique. However, there are fat quantity exercises and aspects to take into account for this. The lower abs exercises are those that focuses on something else in the lower abdominal area.

In this article we are going to tell you what are the best lower abdominal exercises and what aspects you should take into account to develop them to the fullest.

Percentage of abdominal fat

lower abdominal exercises to mark v

Keep in mind that the percentage of fat that we have in our abdomen is essential to make them visible. No matter what you do before doing abdominal exercises, if you do not have a low abdominal fat percentage, you will not be able to enjoy them. And it is that the genetics of each individual makes body fat store in different areas. There are people who store a greater amount of body fat in the buttocks, legs, back, etc. While others accumulate it in the abdominal area.

First of all, it must be said that you cannot lose fat locally. That is, although you will have lower abdominal exercises, do a lot of cardio, or use slimming girdles, the body will eliminate fat genetically. If you have to store fat in the abdomen area, it is very likely that it will be the last area in which the fat is completely eliminated.

To reduce the percentage of body fat you need to establish a caloric deficit in your diet. This means eating fewer calories from more strips in your day-to-day life. With this, we manage to reduce our fat percentage little by little so as not to eliminate the muscle mass that has cost us so much to gain. With this caloric deficit and with the help of lower abdominal exercises we will be able to have a very attractive abdomen. Another important point to keep in mind is that there are no lower abs per se. The entire area that we are going to work belongs to the core, specifically the rectus abdominis. If you want certain that the different lower abdominal exercises can help to stimulate the lower part more.

Lower abs exercises

Let's see what are the best inner abdominal exercises to stimulate the lower part of the rectus abdominis. It should be noted that any exercise we do for the core will exercise everything as a whole. Even isometric exercises stimulate this entire area.

Let's see what are the best lower abdominal exercises:

Lying leg raises

lying leg raises

To do this exercise it is advisable to place our hands under the buttock so as not to over-arch the lumbar. We lie on the floor on our back and place our hands under the buttock. We put our legs together and raise in a straight line until we make an L lying down with our body. Once we have reached the top, we go back down slowly, holding our legs for as long as possible and together before touching the foot with the ground we raise again and do another repetition.

It is important that throughout the exercise the abdominal area is in tension to increase the stimulus that is carried to this muscle group. Key points in this exercise:

  • Keep your hands under your buttock at all times.
  • The core must be active and tight to increase stimulation.
  • The lowering of the legs should be slow and progressive.
  • The feet must not touch the ground.

Standing leg raises

To raise our legs from the foot we must use a machine for it. It is important that in the machine we are supported comfortably so as not to damage our back. The machine must have a backrest that supports both arms and back. To perform the exercise, we bring our legs back together and raise our legs in a straight line to form an L. If we want to increase the stimulus a little more, we can retain and hold in this position for a second. Then we lower our legs in a slow and controlled way and just before we get completely straight and lose mechanical tension, we raise our legs again.

Key points in this exercise:

  • The back should be straight and supported throughout the movement.
  • We squeeze the core to increase the activation.
  • We must not lose mechanical tension at any time during the exercise.
  • The lowering of the legs should be slowly controlled.

Alternate elevations

lower abs exercises

Another way to work out and do lower abs exercises is to alternate your legs on the downswing quickly. For this exercise we must lie on our back on the floor and place our hands below the buttock. In this way, we guarantee the safety of our back. We raise one leg to the top and as we go down, we raise the other leg. Alternately, we raise our legs continuously as if we were pedaling. It is an exercise to increase speed and it should be held for at least 20 seconds.

Key points in this exercise:

  • The hands must be under the buttock to secure our lumbar.
  • We squeeze the core to increase the activation of the muscle group.
  • We perform the repetitions quickly and hold for 20 seconds.
  • The feet cannot touch the ground again.

Lower abs exercises: high pulley crunch

This is one of the best abs exercises for both its progression and safety. To do this, we need to get on a pulley and use the rope to attract the weight towards us. We make the gesture of an abdominal but we can gradually increase the weight that we are carrying. Many people believe that this exercise is done for the upper abs. However, as we mentioned before, there is no such thing as upper or lower abs. This exercise emphasizes the entire rectus abdominis and will help you get a good V.

Key points in this exercise:

  • You should keep your feet together and your abdomen tight.
  • The back should go down straight and with a slight incline at the end of the journey.
  • The eccentric phase must be controlled.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the best interior abdominal exercises.

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