10 Tattoos for men with life phrases

Tattoos for men with life phrases

Tattoos have been a trend for many, many years. However, although this form of artistic expression is nothing new, the philosophy of life is and the reasons why men and women decide to get tattoos are also new. Passing fads or not, currently what is trending are the tattoos for men with life phrases. There are more favorite reasons, but today we want to focus on these, because we can receive authentic lessons of learning, evolution and happiness through phrases captured on our skin as a canvas.

The advantage of phrases for life is that they are not temporary and you can continue showing off your tattoo once 10 or 20 years have passed. Whether you are a sullen, romantic, dreamy, thoughtful or daring man. 

In any case and regardless of your personality, if you want to show off tattoo of life phrases, there is a lot of philosophy that you can show off on your skin. And it will look so pretty on you. 

"Now or never"

In Spanish or English, you can choose the language for your life phrase tattoo. And, on this occasion, what we want to warn is that we are determined people, who are not willing to procrastinate. Because life is now or never. Circumstances change when you least imagine it and everything can be different in a matter of minutes or hours. So we must take advantage of the moments, the present that is now and not tomorrow. 

Write this phrase in Spanish or do it in English: “now or never”. And comply with it!

Tattoos for men with phrases of life: “La vie est belle”

Tattoos for men with life phrases

In French or Spanish, “Life is beautiful” is the flag phrase for those who have faced many bumps in their lives and know how to appreciate every moment and the beauty that seconds and experiences contain. 

“Liberae sunt nostrae cogitationes”

If you consider yourself a rebel without a cause or a hopeless idealistic person who fights against political and social oppression, this is your phrase. “Liberae sunt nostrae cogitationes”, or what is the same, “Our thoughts are free”.


For dreamers, this word is very significant. Short but clear, with a message that only those with a keen mind can grasp: imagine, dream, create. Let your mind fly without barriers and without chains, freedom and discover for itself how far it can go.

"Do not count the days make the days count"

Tattoos for men with life phrases

A phrase that we should all burn into our conscience is to fill our days with value and not allow them to pass in vain. A day without living to the fullest and without becoming a little richer is a wasted day. Do not let that happen! Lives! Enjoy! “Do not count the days make the days count". 

"Nothing is impossible"

"Nothing is impossible”, or the impossible just costs a little more. This is the thought that should take you by the hand as a guide. A phrase for fighters, ideal if you have a project in hand and need a little boost of motivation so you don't forget that you can do it and that you deserve to achieve your goal.

Tattoo that phrase wherever you see it, so that you can remind yourself of this phrase of life, when you have a moment of weakness and you need to remember that yes, you can and that everything in life can happen, even what you think now will be impossible. in the future. 

“Karma”, a phrase of life to get tattooed

Do you believe in the “karma”? Proclaim your belief to the world. If you consider that everything returns, that good and evil return to those who do it and that in life everything returns, for better and for worse, then it is a good idea to leave this small but powerful word tattooed on your body. On the arm, on the neck, on your chest or wherever you like. Even on your knuckles or between your fingers, given its small size as it is a short word.

"It depends on you"

Tattoos for men with life phrases

Another motivating phrase that we should all keep in mind, because it is like this: you decide, you will be the one who walks and heads to the goal, when and where you want. Because life will give you options and you will be the one to make it. No one will walk for you, nor eat, nor live, nor die for you. Get used to making your own decisions, because life “depends on you.”

"Live laugh Love"

"Live laugh Love" or its simile in English. In the absence of one, here are three mandates for life. Three keys to guarantee that you will make the most of your life, being faithful to the universe for putting you here in the world and giving you that breath of life that you must take advantage of until the end. You are bilingual? Put them in English: “Live, laugh, love”. This is how they will understand you wherever you go if you like to see the world, upload your photos to your social networks or have an intense social life surrounded by people from different cultures.

Hakuna Matata

You may think that this phrase has a childish aura, but the truth is that it is a real life phrase and philosophy, coming from Swahili. Just as Timon and Pumbaa, the co-stars of the legendary Disney animated film, taught us El Rey León", means "Live without worries”. Life will have its problems, but also its solutions and you just have to find the solution to each problem. Worrying won't solve anything. 

It is not about living like crazy, but about “dealing” with problems instead of worrying. Do you get it? Tattoo “Hakuna Matata” and draws the attention of those who see your tattoo, always in a positive way. 

Now you have to decide where you will tattoo these teachings. You have different body parts for your tattoo, although the ideal places for these phrases are the arms, neck, legs and back. However, there are phrases so spectacular that it is advisable that you show them in plain sight and, above all, where you can see them every day. 

We hope that these 10 Tattoos for men with life phrases you liked them Do you have any tattoos? Share with us your passion for tattoos. 

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