Jet Lag

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Have you ever had to fly to another time zone, whether for business or pleasure? Then, without a doubt, you have experienced the disorder known as Jet Lag.

The enthusiasm for getting to know another country or visiting loved ones is often weighed down by a series of side effects known as Jet Lag, which, the further you travel, the more intense and long-lasting it is.

Symptoms of Jet Lag

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First of all, it is important to understand why Jet Lag appears. Have you ever heard that we all have an internal clock? Well, it's totally true, and that mechanism, also called the circadian rhythm, takes time to adapt to a new time zone. While adjusting, the body stops working normally, as Many functions of the body depend on the internal clock, from hormonal production to brain waves.

The conditions of the planes are not exactly helping to arrive at the destination fresh and ready for any challenge.. Pressure reduces oxygen in the blood and can lead to dehydration, while poor movement also contributes to worsening jet lag symptoms.

If you fly frequently, the symptoms of Jet Lag will be very familiar to you, although they are not more pleasant for that. Changing the time zone can cause:

  • Sleeping problems
  • Exhaustion
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Stomach problems

But don't worry, as, as you may already know, Jet Lag is only temporary. The human body is a highly intelligent machine and ends up adapting to the most abrupt of time changes. Of course, it is necessary to give him time and be kind to him, something that we will explain how to do later. But how long does it take for the symptoms to disappear? It can take from 24 hours to a week for the body to return to normal.. It depends on the distance traveled and the age (older people take longer to recover).

Can you fight Jet Lag?

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Can anything be done to combat Jet Lag? Here we answer this and other interesting questions that can help you better cope with your symptoms, and even reduce them.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure to eliminate Jet Lag, but you have to wait for your internal clock to synchronize with the external one. However, yes that you can do some very simple and effective things to help your internal clock adjust more quickly to the new situation.

Before the flight

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A good anti-Jet Lag strategy should start several days before going on a transoceanic trip. If you have the possibility, gradually altering your sleep schedule to suit the time zone of your destination can help a lot. It's very easy: put your bedtime up or down 30 minutes each day.

Doing the same with meals, advancing or delaying them depending on what your new time zone will be, also helps to make the blow softer. But above all, make sure your diet offers you plenty of nutrients, as your body will appreciate it during Jet Lag. As far as food is concerned, it is also advisable to reduce the consumption of alcohol and caffeine in the days before and after the trip, as they interfere with sleep.

Finally, when you sit on the plane make your clocks tick the time of your destination country. Psychology is powerful and this little action proves it. The sooner you start thinking like you're in the new time zone, the faster you'll recover from Jet Lag, and the Watches without a doubt they will help you to mentalize you. But be careful, this is important: never do it before getting on the plane or you will miss the flight.

In the destiny

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Congratulations, you have reached your destination. Now it's about being kind to your body. How? Well to start make sure you drink enough water and take a short nap if you feel very tired (2 hours maximum).

Getting a good night's sleep is key. Otherwise, the recovery time will be extended indefinitely, something that is not convenient at all. However, when it's time to go to bed, Jet Lag can make it hard for you to fall asleep. But don't worry, if this happens to you, you can take relaxing infusions during the first nights at your destination. And melatonin can help you too.

Sunlight plays a very important role in your internal clock, favoring its correct functioning, so Go outside to be bathed in the sun's rays, if possible in the morning. Get some exercise or go for a walk.

Isolation is never a good idea, especially in situations where your body and mind are not at their best. So socialize, distract yourself. Being surrounded by people will help you overcome Jet Lag sooner.

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