If you don't like me, why are you looking at me so much?

If you don't like me, why are you looking at me so much?

Visual language is the most important that has been used as a weapon of seduction. So many contact shots within a colloquial conversation between friends or many prying eyes, without coming to mind, they leave us with indecision that if you want to go much beyond a simple look.

Why do they do it? Definitely, uncertainty is present in all these situations. A woman looks at you constantly and yet you come to recognize that deep down she doesn't like you that much. Is your assumption well stated? Or is there something else behind that you would like to guess?

When a woman looks at you so much

There are several occasions when you meet that woman and is always looking at you. What little you have been able to talk does not seem that she is very interested in you, but she continues to look at you.

In order to clarify many of these hypotheses, we are going to look a little more at how that woman behaves. A man if he is interested in a woman likes to touch his hair, touches the sleeves of the shirt or adjusts the jacket or tie constantly. A woman does the same he fixes his clothes, touches himself and strokes his hair constantly.

Another indication is when we observe that his body and head are turned towards us. At this point you think he is looking at you, but what can happen if his head and body are not turned towards you? Well, observe from time to time, because surely it is looking at you sideways and that's a good indication of attraction.

If you have a conversation, look at how he looks you in the eye, if he stares at you and does not separate them under any reason is that without a doubt he likes you. If, on the other hand, you are facing each other, you observe her and she looks away from you: this time there may not be great interest, or that person is very shy and feels uncomfortable staring someone in the eye (he is an insecure person).

If you don't like me, why are you looking at me so much?

There are women who they only speak with their eyes, start with this gesture when they are interested in you. But can it really be a gesture of attraction? On numerous occasions it can be confused, since can mean great admiration. Also, see if the gaze is constant or from time to time. If he only looks at you once in a while then you don't catch his attention, when I look at you from time to time it may mean curiosity.

I know he doesn't like me and he looks at me a lot

You know he doesn't like you and in many of the encounters the stares are kept. You suspect that it could be something else and to keep your clues alive, see if you respond with your eyes and stay fixed. If he looks away and smiles, they are indications that he likes you. If you keep your gaze perhaps it is a little indecisive moment, it may is challenging and testing you, to see how you respond.

Or if you keep looking and smiles at you then means empathy, wants to meet you and is curious about you. If he feels your gaze, he looks at you, but suddenly turns his head smiling, this is a sign that there is something else.

On the other hand, notice if that girl is already engaged to someone. Whenever you meet, the glances begin. Surely he feels admiration for you and his boy is not complementing him in many aspects.

It is something innate in many people to behave like this, when your partner has argued with you and the relationship is rare, always we seek to get excited with someone external. So we look for that encounter and it begins with the little glances, focusing on his because he is interested in you, but in the end they do not suppose anything.

If you don't like me, why are you looking at me so much?

That woman can use its full potential to seduce you, although many times the reality is not how it seems. Take a good look as we have said, of all the details, if she is serious and seems different there is nothing in particular to be alarmed. If she smiles, she is happy and tries to stay longer where it is, then there is something else.

The conclusions are clear, a girl who does not feel anything and looks at you too much does not have a clear basis. If he looks at you a lot it's because there is some kind of admiration and curiosity towards you. She may not want to give in because of other circumstances, maybe she has a boyfriend, or maybe she is too insecure to step forward.

People have that little intuition that it can let us glimpse if there is something else, but sometimes they play tricks on us. If the situation is tremendously exciting, sit down, look at it, reciprocate with a glance and use empathy. Within that empathy is your smile and if anything a greeting. In this way you will go much calmer and you just have to wait for that second time. With the clues that we have given if a woman likes you, she should continue to show interest and at some point she will be able to meet.

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