How to use social networks safely

use social media safely

Use social networks safely, without worrying about causing psychological distress, is something that worries today in our society. We emphasize the advancement of this technology through social networks in an issue that worries, especially for children and adolescents, since they are the key points for prevent them from developing a cognitive-behavioral act with total normality.

Without going any further, this does not stop only in children, but many people in advanced age already they are increasing their addiction using social networks and without maintaining a safe way of handling. This creates addiction, dependency and stress, all a simplicity of details that take root as a first necessity.

Social networks

When we talk about social networks, applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp come to mind. All of them are used as a means of interacting between familiar people or between unknown societies and groups.

About 50% of the world's population use these media and therefore their connection is daily. It should be noted that in this type of use it is important to educate on correct use since they are adolescents, but many have not had that discipline thanks to the rapid implementation in our system.

use social media safely

When is it reported as "addiction"?

We may or may not be making good use of its handling, You just have to know how to evaluate when an addiction can cause us that in the long run cannot be good, analyze where the addictions are:

  • If the first thing you do when you wake up is to check your social networks for news.
  • You stay online most of the day. These actions lead to constantly updating your profile, interacting with people through messages or written actions, publishing and photographing everything that happens to you, including what happens around you.
  • You constantly observe the life of others and compare it to yourself, thinking that it is not as satisfactory. You “like” almost everything and you stay active in everything that is published.
  • You can get frustrated otherwise you get to monopolize the attention of what you share.
  • If you don't have control of where your phone is located or you forget it, It can cause you great anxiety or stress.

What does it provoke within us?

Everything that we detail below reports broadly "an addiction", which can affect reduce the time of your usual tasks, such as spending less time physically with your family and friends, reducing your daily tasks such as eating, sleeping or obligations to your family.

use social media safely

Mentally absorb correct and normal functioning of a person within his ordinary day. The abuse of these social networks can produce isolation and disinterest in everything that surrounds you, it can even cause irritability, sedentary lifestyle or sleep disturbances.

This other data can affect adolescents much more, but it can lead to preach with equal vulnerability to any person: it can affect a emotional distress create and provoke impulsiveness in their actions, and you can even lower people's frustration, without being able to face or channel well the dislikes or strong emotions.

There are very particular occasions that in various situations, this dependence is pushed to the limit, in which people They are driven to be excessively shy with a lowering of their self-esteem. They do not have a correct social or family life, so this type of lack It favors episodes of depression.

Tips to overcome social media addiction:

  • You have to look for some type of activity that mostly occupies your free time. Plan those moments for when you are going to begin to become independent from the cell phone.
  • In principle leave your phone resting, in a place where you do not have easy access. You can continue using it to make or receive calls, but the main thing is not to have contact with the internet.

use social media safely

  • This other part is difficult, but you can log out of many of the apps to avoid receiving notifications or vibrations, or at least try to silence them.
  • You look for times that pause the commitment to be aware of the mobile, and that these times are increasingly prolonged. Nobody says that you do not reconnect with the networks, but you have to avoid following the same routine as before.
  • If it is necessary to contact your networks in some moments, do not depend on being aware of your profile, or updating photos, or participating constantly in all actions.
  • Take your time looking for movies or series on television, meet friends, read, do sports, play an instrument or even make a list of all those activities that could motivate you, I'm sure something positive on a personal level can be found of this new experiences.

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