How to treat a woman in privacy

how to treat a woman in intimacy tips

In both relationships and sex, you have to know how to treat a woman in privacy. If we want relationships to be productive, both people must enjoy it equally. Not all pleasure should be taken by the man or the woman. We know that it is difficult to please a woman in bed, but if you know all the guidelines, you can meet sexual demands.

In this article we are going to tell you how to treat a woman in privacy and what are the important aspects.

How to treat a woman in privacy

tips for a good orgasm

We must know that when we are with our partner or have sex with someone we know, we must put ourselves in the place of the other. That is, both people must enjoy equally for sex to be beneficial. We cannot be selfish and seek our own satisfaction. To learn how to treat a woman in intimacy this is basic. Women tend to have a much easier time making men reach orgasm. Men are scheduled for a much earlier ejaculation for survival reasons. However, the woman has an organ exclusively dedicated to pleasure and that you have to know how to stimulate well.

If you want to know how to treat a woman in privacy, you should follow these recommendations:

It is not an inflatable doll

sexual desires

Keep in mind that many men make the mistake of having sex with a girl without showing any kind of passion. It makes many women feel like they are just a hole like a sex toy. Although not all of them are like that, it is convenient to have intrinsic passion. You shouldn't force it either. The fact that the man is brushing against something, hoping to climax, can cut the scene quite a bit.

Sex should never end only with the male orgasm. If she hasn't had one make sure she gets there and then you finish. Both a man and a woman have to make their partner feel that they feel her all the time. Sex should not be a selfish act since it is a matter of two.

No means no

Both on the subject of condoms and anal sex, it is not no. If the woman does not want anal sex, you have to assume it and not insist. The same goes for the condom. You must leave both to put on a condom to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. If she tells you that she doesn't want to have sex with you, don't insist. Not only on camera, but she is no sex slave and he doesn't have to do everything you say if he doesn't feel like it. Even today many women are immersed in discussions about situations in which the man forces the woman to have sex.

Sex is a matter of two. If your opinion does not coincide with that of your partner, you have to wait for both of them to agree. It can also be the man who does not feel like sex and the woman must respect it in the same way.

How to treat a woman in intimacy: communication and orgasms

how to treat a woman in privacy

It is recommended that sex does not end only with the male orgasm. If the woman hasn't had any, and you're going to be too exhausted after arriving, make sure she arrives beforehand. A good lover always waits for her to climax or tries to match up in time. They exist in numerous relationships in which the man reaches orgasm without waiting for his partner or not worrying about her. If this happens, it is better to keep testing with your hand to improve the time it is capable of being in sex.

Communication is essential to have good sex. There are some people who do not want to talk in bed, although it is not a rule for everyone. It never hurts to let the other person know how you are going. Let's imagine that the woman is performing fellatio on the man. It is very grateful to indicate if it is liking it, if you want it faster or slower, greater pressure, hand accompaniment, etc. The same happens if you want to make a particular position, it is better to say so and have communication at all times.

Preliminary games

To learn well how to treat a woman in intimacy, you have to consider foreplay. Women have many more erogenous zones than men. The more you stimulate the woman before penetration, the better the sex will come out. The longer or is stimulating before intercourse, the better the orgasm and yours. Even if it seems unrelated, take the test. Touch the nipples, neck, pelvis and vagina. Knowing how to handle the clitoris is essential to stimulate the woman to the maximum. Once you have stimulated the woman as much as possible, start using the penis and start penetrating.

A general recommendation is never to start at the bottom. You should not finger or touch a vagina that is not lubricated. Get the opposite effect. The most effective way to stimulate your partner is to touch all parts except her genitals. If you know how to touch the rest of his erogenous zones, so that his desires increase in and I enjoyed that stimulation much more.

Another tip that is given to learn how to treat a woman in intimacy is take off your socks. Although this is somewhat more controversial, there are women who do not want socks during sex just as others do not care. On some winter occasions they can be recommended, although the most normal thing is that you have to take off your socks.

The best advice you can give to learn how to treat a woman who is intimate with you is to innovate. You don't always have to do the same. Sex shouldn't be boring or routine. Even if you find a position in which she can reach orgasm, do not abuse that position. It doesn't always have to excite you.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to treat a woman in privacy.

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