How to stimulate a man

learn how to stimulate a man

In society, the concern to give pleasure to women is much more widespread since it is more complicated anatomically. However not many women know how to stimulate a man. You have to know how to go through their entire anatomy and put into practice some tricks that can help them experience great pleasure. Like women, men have numerous erogenous zones that are well stimulated and can lead to excellent sexual arousal.

In this article we teach you to better know and explore how to stimulate a man.

Tips for learning how to stimulate a man

oral sex in men

You have to know that man is not only stimulated by acts and deeds. That is, we do not only need to be touched to be able to get excited. Seduce, provoke and excite are key words to consider the time to share a named sexual encounter. It must be clear that man can also be excited by just having expectations.

Before learning how to stimulate a name, we must know that we have to wait a bit. That is, you have to know how to wait intelligently. A man who is provoked or intensely but subtly seduced. Rushing is not highly recommended. Choose a good time for stimulation. When you get an erection you can use your hands and gently caress the penis. Do not be too intense, since they can cause damage. The virile member can be quite sensitive depending on the person. Just as women do not want us to touch their sexual organs roughly, neither do men.

Keep in mind that a man should not always want to have sex. In society It is thought that men always want to have sex with any woman and at any time. This is not like this. It depends on each type of man and the context in which we find ourselves. There are times that because of work, stress or simple apathy there is no desire to have sex. If you are trying to learn how to stimulate a name you should keep this point in mind.

Let's take the example that we are trying to seduce a man to have sex. If the man doesn't seem very receptive, don't keep trying. In the end they end up having communication problems and the man is going to have forced himself to have sex. What we want for one we must not do for others.

Stimulate erogenous zones

make a man enjoy

To learn how to stimulate a man we must learn to articulate the erogenous zones. Erogenous zones are parts of the body that present greater sensitivity or nerve endings if we compare them with the rest. Here we have thousands of possible combinations also depending on the tastes of each person. There are going to be people who like certain parts of the body to be stimulated, while others are not excited at all.

Among the two most common erogenous zones to stimulate men we have the following:

  • Nut
  • Ears
  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Eyelids
  • Pectorals
  • Low belly
  • Inner thigh
  • Scalp

Another trick is to use a lingerie that is more attractive. Buy the sassy lingerie without fear or shyness. Surely your boy is going to thank you. In addition, this is conceived as a confident and confident woman in both her body and her sexuality. Keep in mind that a man's expectations also serve to stimulate him. Therefore, an underwear that serves to create expectations can help you greatly to stimulate a man.

How to stimulate a man: have sex

Finally, you have to learn what are the keys to learning how to stimulate a man during sex. One of the secrets to maintaining a pleasant and long-lasting sexual relationship is to practice oral sex. Saliva makes the penis stay erect for longer and helps the man have greater pleasure. If you don't like it or it disgusts you, you can use some flavored lubricants. The most normal thing is that if you are with a boy, you should not be grossed out unless the man does not have good hygiene. The most normal thing is that oral sex was enjoyed a lot in both men and women. It is a key part of sex.

Masturbating is also an option. The penis must be gently grasped from the shaft. Afterwards it can be massaged up and down or alternating the rhythm. You can caress the testicles at the same time. It is possible that it is the man who sets the rhythm with which you want to masturbate him. Although repeating the up and down motion all the time is more than enough, it is kind of boring. There are many parts of the male anatomy that you can take into account to bring you to your maximum delight.

This is one of the problems that many women fall into monotony. And it is that the male orgasm is much easier to achieve than the female orgasm. However, there are different types of orgasms. That a man reaches orgasm does not mean that he has enjoyed it in a pleasant way. For it, take the penis by the root and to which it is well maintained with the hands. You can appreciate all kinds of massages and caresses and caressing the glans is a good option, since it is an extremely sensitive area.

Point H

how to stimulate a man

This point is your prostate gland. It is responsible for producing most of the semen and is a very sensitive erogenous zone. You can look for his prostate about 7 centimeters into your anus, near their genitals. It has the approximate size reported of a walnut. Keep in mind that many men are going to feel uncomfortable with this, so you have to ask beforehand if they like it or not.

Try massaging her perineum and then moving your finger around her anus. Take some lubricant and introduce it carefully. Once you are inside, move your fingers up and down and you will see that he arouses.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to stimulate a man.

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