How to sleep well

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If you've been suffering from insomnia lately and wondering, more than ever, how to get a good night's sleep again, here you will find many tips and tricks to help you achieve it.

Get up fully repaired and ready to face your day starting tomorrow with these strategies aimed at relaxation and rest, which are as simple as they are effective:

How to get a good night's sleep

Getting a good night's sleep helps you prevent illness and accidents, as well as function at your best in the office. Insomnia also causes dark circles and, in general, a poor appearance. In consecuense, resting properly is beneficial for your health and for making a good first impression. Let's see how to sleep well:

Try to relax when you get to the night

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Reaching a good state of relaxation is essential to be able to sleep well later.. But sometimes the amount of stress that you have accumulated during the day is so high that it is not enough to wish it, but it is necessary to get down to work through relaxation techniques.

They are often related solely to meditation, but any action that provides you well-being and helps you disconnect is considered a relaxation technique. The most frequent are reading, listening to music and, in recent times, watching series, but your relaxing habit may be something else entirely. It's just a matter of figuring out what it is and taking advantage of it.

Establish a sleep schedule and try never to skip it


Falling asleep and waking up at the same time always favors quality sleep. Instead, irregular sleep habits can increase the risk of insomnia, since they would be an obstacle for the correct functioning of the circadian rhythm and the levels of melatonin.

It is evident that the body and the mind appreciate routines, and the one related to the sleep schedule is undoubtedly one of the most important that you can provide to your body. Once you've created your sleep / wake routine, stick with it and don't skip it. No, not on weekends either.

Practice exercise

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Exercising is one of the most recommended anti-insomnia strategies by doctors. And it is that the benefits of sport go beyond the physical, also providing mental advantages that, added to each other, help make it easier to fall asleep at night.

It should be noted that exercise can become inconvenient if done shortly before going to bed. In this way, make sure at least three hours pass between your workout and bedtime.

How to burn a lot of calories through exercise

Take a look at the article: Exercises to lose weight. There you will find how to burn a lot of calories to get rid of those extra kilos.

Make your bedroom a more comfortable place

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Generally, the more light and noise in a bedroom, the poorer the quality of sleep.. Thus, one of the things to do to ensure quality sleep is to reduce these two factors as much as possible.

Temperature also plays an important role in rest (It is not due to chance that in summer you tend to sleep worse), but in this case you should graduate it, if possible, based on your personal preferences.

Avoid caffeine at the end of the day

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Caffeine has multiple benefits, but be careful with the time of day you choose to have a cup of coffee. If you introduce caffeine into your body at the end of the day, it can become a major obstacle to falling asleep due to its stimulating action.

What to avoid to sleep better

Take a look at the article: Factors that affect sleep quality. There you will find habits, situations and disorders that may be preventing your body from repairing itself properly during the night.

take a shower

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High temperatures affect the quality of everyone's sleep, even that of those who learned long ago how to sleep well.

During the summer, especially when a heat wave occurs, it is advised showering before going to bed as a remedy for insomnia caused by high temperatures.

Try a supplement

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Melatonin, valerian ... There is a wide variety of supplements that can help you sleep better at certain times. It is important to note that, although they can be very useful some nights, you have to make sure you don't end up depending on these aids, even if they are natural.

Final word

We hope these tips for better sleep have been helpful to you. As with other transient disorders, such as headache, if insomnia persists, make an appointment with your doctor. After studying your case, he or she can propose other changes in your lifestyle different from the previous ones. You can also opt for a treatment or, if deemed necessary, perform some tests to make sure that your sleeping problems are not caused by any illness.

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