How to seduce a married woman?

Tips and tricks to seduce a married woman

Seducing a married woman, as a general rule, is not something simple, but there are certain tricks you should know if you want to know how to seduce a woman who sleeps every night with someone. If you have met one of these women or your fantasy is to link to a woman with a ring, stay because in this article you are going to learn and know everything you need to know.

In the first place, it is important that we bear in mind that a married woman is one who has a partner and that in order to seduce her we must offer her something better than what she has every day every time he comes home and what he finds every night when he gets into bed.

Get a pen and paper, and prepare to make a note that we begin.

What is the key to seducing a married woman?

The main key to seducing a married woman we have already given in the introduction of this article and it is that in most of the time women are attracted to something that improves in some way what they already have. They can look at a man with a better physique, who makes them laugh every day or who simply listens to them and it is already known that marriage ends up turning everything off if it does not take care of itself daily with great care.

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This is our opinion is the key, although there are many other things, also of great importance that you must take into account when trying to seduce a married woman.

A recommendation, try to show yourself different, but not extremely different. If you try to seduce a married woman made a real disgust and dressed for example with what you bought years ago, you start very badly, no matter how much you show yourself as a different person. Married women look for something different, but not something that by being different makes their husband worse.

Show yourself different and look for the weak points in your marriage.

For a married woman to be interested in you, whether you are married or not, you must show yourself differently, although without ceasing to be yourself. Posing as a person you are not will serve you for a few days, but in the long run it will be something negative for you and very frustrating for her, who will leave thinking that after all, her husband is the way he is and from time to time He even loves her very much for a while.

Another important aspect is that you discover the weak points of the marriage of the woman you intend to seduce. Analyzing the situation, when a woman or a man seeks to have a relationship outside of marriage, it is because something happens or is not going well in it. It may also be that you are looking for something different or living new sensations, but in that case, everything will be much easier and simpler and I would almost dare to say that you can stop reading and go for it.

How to have relationships with married women

To know how to play your cards you have to know what those weak points are. It may be that minimal things fail or that everything fails in general, which will be very good news for you since it will be much easier for you to seduce her.

Of course, keep in mind when discovering the weak points of your marriage that you must do it in a subtle and disguised way. If you are looking for something outside of your marriage, you don't like it too much and therefore you won't like talking about it too much for long periods of time.

On the attack, albeit with caution

Once you know the weaknesses of the woman in whom you are interested, you have shown yourself differently and you are sure that the other party is receptive and interested in you, the time has come to go on the attack.

Know the weak points of a woman and how to exploit them
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It is essential in this step that you take it calmly and with caution since we must not forget that we are trying to seduce a married woman who on most occasions, although not all, is afraid of betraying her husband, whether they are in love with him or not and prefers to be safe before giving any step or make any move.

A good idea may be invite her to dinner or have a drink and make yourself known. Of course, be careful where you take her because you should never forget that she has a partner and that she can catch you at the least expected moment. If the husband on duty catches you having dinner with his wife, give yourself up for death and above all for forgotten since the married woman will deny everything and in order not to lose what she has, she will never call you or stay with you.

Be patient and don't be in a rush

Going on the attack does not mean that tomorrow your new love is going to separate from your husband, leaving everything behind, to go with you to live a new life. The relationship should progress little by little and consolidate And unfortunately for you, she prefers to keep both relationships alive, so you must know how to be patient.

Learn to seduce

Luckily, the decision to continue by her side once you have managed to seduce her is up to you. And you have to be very aware at all times what you want and if it is enough for you to seduce that married woman or live an adventure or want something else with her, which must undoubtedly happen because she breaks her relationship.

How to tell if a married woman likes you  

Have you ever wondered if those looks of a married woman that you come across in your day to day mean something else? In this type of situation always you will be left wondering if there is really interest on their part, or is it just a kind of curiosity.

There are some key points that you should analyze:

The look

Eye contact is not final, but it is a very discreet way of establishing a first "communication channel". If you are really interested in her, she will look at you frequently, even insistently and continuously.

Really, if a housewife likes you, you just have to let yourself be carried away by her gaze, because she will be the one who initiates that eye contact.

El exchange of glances is the proof. If she keeps your gaze and does not withdraw her eyes, there are good options for conquest. In the event that they look away, you should wait for the evolution of this behavior in future encounters.

Corporal lenguage

Seduce a married woman

With body language they can emit signs that will be clear evidence that you are to his liking. Imagine that she walks in a sensual way, for you to look at her, or strokes her hair when you are looking at her.

The proof that you like her will already be evident if it tries to get closer to you, subtly, or seek strategic positions to start a conversation you.

A different picture

If you manage to talk to her and observe, in the course of the conversation, that she shows you a facet of her that could be unknown at firstIt is also a sign that he is interested in you.

You have to know that the married woman offers a certain image to the people around her, but this does not mean that it is the most complete image. If you are the one who likes you, it is possible that reveal some parts of his personality that very few know exists.

When a married woman gives the impression of comfort, outside of what we might call "her comfort zone", it is proof that she likes you. Among other things, because you have the ability to make her shine something that she does not want to reveal to other people, but with you she feels very comfortable.

What happens if she takes the first step?

Although this is not likely to happen immediately (it may not even happen), one of the possibilities if a married woman likes you is that it is herself who takes the first step.

How do you react in these situations? Of course you have to make it easy for them, try to make the initial tension disappear as soon as possible, and make it clear that you also have an interest in her. The key is that this first step is developed as naturally as possible.

As we see, know how to interpret a woman's body language It is necessary to be able to know if he likes you, and from there to take safe steps. It is also not healthy for you to waste time on women who have no real interest in you, or look at you out of curiosity, etc.

What to say to a married woman to win her over

How to seduce a married woman

Conquering a woman is not a very simple task. If you are married, it is even more complicated, but it is not impossible at all. The big secret is to "encourage" her to think, that is, to provoke in her reflections on whether she is really with the person she wants to be with, why does she spend more time with friends than with him?

What words could you use? It is not, in any case, to use magic words, but to find out the things that you like and those that you dislike to the highest degree.

Then we see some examples of effective phrases for the conquest of a married woman:

  • "I like you because you are enigmatic, special, different from other women." To them always they love to feel unique, above other women, comparatively speaking.
  • “You are not like the others… you have something that I don't know what it is, something inexplicable that disturbs me, that makes me fall in love ”. Along the same lines as the above.
  • "When we are close, you elevate me to another world, a world in which only you and I exist." With this phrase you have already passed to the direct phase, where you are projecting the situation in which you are already together in some place.
  • "Just because of your beauty, I would be able to take the necessary steps." With this phrase you are showing your courage and your predisposition to get involved with her. This show of strength will be very important to her; do not forget that their uncertainty and fears are great.
  • "For you I can become the ideal man, you are one of those women who are really worth it and I would do anything." Continuing with the line of the previous sentence, it is about dispel fears in her and make her have security in your intentions. A huge frustration for her would be if "stage fright" would make you leave the company at the last minute.
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Our recommendation; enjoy, have fun and learn to run away

Each person is different, but our recommendation is that you enjoy every relationship, even the one you may have with a married woman and have fun without thinking too much. If you give too much thought to everything you may end up going crazy and also end up not enjoying your achievements and that outstanding woman that you have managed to seduce.

It is also important that you learn to run away, no matter how in love or hooked you are with a woman, and when things get ugly, you have to run the further the better. If the woman you have seduced complicates your life more than it makes you happy, her husband is always present and you have to live in permanent hiding, learn to flee, you will do yourself a lot of good.

Ready to seduce a married woman and not fail in the attempt? If you have been wanting to know more to succeed, do not miss what are the weak points of a woman.

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  1.   charles said

    I believe that this not only serves to conquer a married woman but also to keep the one you have in your house ... I think it is a good tactic.

    1.    isaias said

      what good advice, the happy are very helpful

      1.    Kevin said

        Well I was with a married woman but it lasted 5 days because it was only by chat when we were going to see the husband read all the messages what the hell is she is 24 years old and I am 16 well a little older than me and she is it makes me fall in love

        1.    bastard said

          If you don't like it, then chingassss aaa your puuuta madreeee asshole and I want you to know that I forniqie your puuuta maderreee

          1.    chichu said

            ajjajajajjajajajajaj what luck

  2.   Carlos Marroquin said

    very good article, I liked it a lot, it is also an avitual situation that happens to many men and we cannot distinguish it in time. excellent article congratulations

  3.   FERNANDO REYES said

    The truth is, this is really useful for either party, the sancho and the sanchado, hehehehe… this really works, my brother is a hummingbird and he has always told me something similar to this; I think that the main side to enter is the emotional.

  4.   anonymous said

    Hello, I like a married woman, she has children and is older than me, she is 32 years old and I am 19, anyway, I told her that I liked her and she told me the same thing but I added that she was married after that she told me: I love you very much my love do not forget.
    The truth is that I like it, I love it and I don't know how to make that barrier not a problem, if you can help me, I thank you there and I leave my email. ah this happened on october 12, 2009 bone is cool

    1.    Victor said

      Hello anonymous, I just read your letter of despair, the truth is that I tried to be in contact with her, either by phone, landline or cell, bother her not very often, so she knows what to exist, and only she will tell you when and How to specify what you want, I hope the message is not late, good luck

  5.   Kaiser said

    The article hits the nail on the head, I have gone through similar situations and that of the emotional is very true, the woman, unlike the man, move more on that side, it does not take much to realize their shortcomings, but the main thing It is to realize that behind all this there are people who will suffer because of your move, so both you and she will have to be sure of what they want and how far they are willing to go. It turns out, it is effective ... but beware, very dangerous terrain.

  6.   Diego said

    The truth is that everything the article says is very true. Another point to keep in mind is that you do not always have to see what is missing ... you also have to take into account the obvious things that every woman likes, for example: What woman does not like when I give her flowers? Or chocolates? It is something obvious that it pays ... and very well. Be alert to the senses, but never harass her, much less cause problems for her.

  7.   memo said

    I want to seduce the secretary who works in the high school where I give social service has legs of 10 and walks in the 40s but I do not know how to get a chance and this works for me thanks PS It is bad that she has a 5 year old daughter but I do not care hahahahahaha neta I want that little ass

  8.   Francisco said

    I have a problem, I find myself more with a married woman, I see her every day, I am a person who lives, I just want to know what they advise please. she is 21 years old and I am 40 years old

  9.   jose said

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  10.   Freddy Hermogenes Miranda said

    It's really very good, using it is the best

  11.   jms said

    article shame
    What century do you live in?

  12.   Jesus Valadez said

    I think women really have feelings. Look, I am or am in the process of divorce, and despite this I have had success with other women, how? being within their thoughts and interests anyway a gentleman NEVER REMEMBER ANYTHING this is to be more successful with them.

  13.   Oscar Seville said

    I found these tips fantastic, since I am in a similar situation, congratulations

  14.   francisco lorin colorado said

    jms, I think that no matter how much we reach a man-woman equality, women's feelings are very different from those of men, so I believe and I give faith that the article adjusts to reality, women need to be cared for so much in the affective, as in everything else.
    A greeting.

  15.   sex maniac said

    This is a good tactic but what happens if the girl you are seducing contradicts

  16.   Christopher said

    Excellent, but we really must bear in mind that if we fall in love it is a very complicated situation.

  17.   loveless child said

    I have seduced about 220 and so many approximately I am 40 years old and the truth is that this is the best thing to seduce is like the top secret congratulations to whoever wrote.

    1.    Luis said

      I hope he will find someone like you my wife is difficult to seduce I don't know what to do

    2.    Luis said

      He gave you my number so that you can mark me if you have a lot of experience as you say 3323130805

  18.   jot said

    Hello, this article is a help and in addition to guidance, the truth is that I am also in love with a married woman, I tried to restrict her and forget about her for a year but I go out not on a date with her 2 times now and I fall in love again, She is married and so am I, but deep down I know that I will never leave my family .. I'm in a dilemma

  19.   adolfo said

    the article is very smart, very smart,

  20.   ignix said

    Well said, I think you are absolutely right, that thing about hanging out with married women has happened to me too, but at the moment I'm interested in the wife of my wife's cousin, and since I've met her, I'm interested in her, but that's the problem. If I start to seduce her, I'll tell her husband and my wife, please give me an orientation because I really want to have a night with her.

  21.   oscar said

    It is a good article, but very generic, everyone has their way of reaching a woman, their words, the tone of voice, the posture, the clothes, the way of being, the intelligence, the details and each woman is a world to part ... there is a lot of detail to be discussed, I would advise that it be told in detail and without fear as it was how a certain type of woman was conquered, because sometimes one thinks that he has conquered a married woman but what we do not know is that she I conquer first, that other sense of women that we do not understand and do not have, we do not see her turbulent wake and it conquers us without even knowing it, the subject is very broad ... many say I have had many women but we want the detail to each one of them and to be able to draw conclusions about how, where, circumstances, why that woman allowed herself to be conquered, we all want to learn and be successful with women, I hope to read a good true story. good luck to everyone

  22.   luis javier nunez said

    I am in love with a married political aunt I spend thinking about her
    but I don't know how to say it, I like it a lot, I can't take it anymore
    i won't be long, please, if you can help me
    I would appreciate them xfa

  23.   jhonny said

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  24.   Jose Reyes said

    Well you don't say much but each man must establish his own method
    1 be discreet 2 that they trust you 3 tell them to go out in an innocent way 4 hold her hands when she corresponds it will be taken for granted

  25.   CHARLY said

    I liked it a lot

  26.   christian said

    I congratulate you all, but I want to ask you for a suggestion about 2 weeks ago I felt an attraction for a co-worker but she is married, the ungrateful woman who has problems with her husband told me she is 23 she has a good body she is beautiful and hardworking the detail is I am 33 as I do, apart she walks like she likes an acquaintance help me to earn her please thanks in advance

    1.    Carlos said

      The technique to follow according to my concept. It is a constant preparation of seduction, distributed in ways of acting at all times, the woman knows before seeing you if you are going to make her happy. And if it is worth knowing you because you are different and in addition to feeling sure of your capacity as a man at all times. . Every time you see her, look at her with desire, your gaze travels all over her body and stop without scruples and between her legs all you want, it is a message that puzzles her, and she will tell herself this one wants to take me to bed without further ado. flatter her as much as you can. Give her a rose and tell her that she is more beautiful. that you do not need to wear perfume because the smell of your skin is the most
      aroma dismisses, and that I start to tremble when I'm by your side. . tell him how much I would like the person who is with you to really discover that it is everything you deserve. When you have the opportunity, kiss her hand so that she feels the force of your caress with your mouth. Never stop looking at her eyes that she sees in you that you are her man because in your gaze they enclose a world of desires, and if she asks you why you look at her like that Tell her that it is impossible not to do it and that you thank GOD FOR HAVING THE OPPORTUNITY THAT YOU EXIST AND HAVE THE PREVILIGENCE OF BEING ABLE TO CONTEMPLATE IT WITHOUT MORE I hope it will help you, but I must warn you that if you do not experience it, the woman's intuition perceives it

  27.   MAXI said

    It is good because apart from seducing an already married woman we can maintain our relationships by seeing our girlfriends also married, so that we can finally see that we are lacking and give her what she needs and we are the only ones in her mind ... although that is very complicated… and so they don't take away a hug from us hehe!

  28.   LASAETA said

    I'm falling in love with my coworker who lives with a leg for 5 years, we already went out and had a wine and then beer we got dizzy and she told me about her life that was so difficult in the first commitment she had with her ex-husband and that she She made 2 children then she started crying and the console and then we started kissing passionately but the bad thing is that we were in a restaurant; We left there and I wanted to take her to a hostel but she told me that she had to get to her house because her sister was waiting for her, we took a taxi and left her at her house. The next day I spoke to her and told her to keep the secret and she told me that it would be so. I have invited her to go out in 4 days to have a coffee or to eat and she told me that she will see in day it will be. I want you to help me how I can take it to make it mine.

  29.   Poet, Mad Half and Troubadour said

    Very good article and it works very well if you are smart.

    as good javier says

    Don't use it to destroy stable relationships.

    Now I say I use it to make the woman of your dreams happy.

  30.   Bull Julio Cesar said

    The article in question seems very good to me, I would only add to it a particular opinion and know how to play with the absence; That is, too much supply reduces the price, the more they see and hear them, the less necessary that person will consider you, a small temporary withdrawal will make them talk more about you Remember that the scarcity of a product increases its value.

  31.   Angelica said

    Wooooo, I think those are happening to me, only that I am a woman, and a person is wanting to conquer me in that way, but I am a married woman

    1.    leaky said

      Well let him Angelica do not miss the opportunity to try another pitote

  32.   Lalo said

    The objective is not the physical conquest of the other person, but the spiritual one, his thought. There the true infatuation occurs. The delight of seducing is given to all humans and the more tension the seduction plot produces, the greater the desire and pleasure. Seduction is a secret concept, it is the script to conquer the other person, make them dependent on you, and the more desire it generates, the more pleasure it creates. As in previous comments, married women are the subject and object of seduction. They as a subject seduce around them, not only does her husband belong to them, everyone who is captivated by her charms belongs to them (be careful with interpreting this as infidelity), the thought and desire of their lovers belongs to them, she is the object of her wishes and thoughts, which provokes in her lovers alterations in their behavior many times involuntarily (I walk by her and she spills her coffee because her hand is shaking). This is very common among co-workers. Observe a clerk or shop assistant if you are the object of his desire, as he manifests some difficulty when handling or typing something, his thought is disturbed. There are many seduction strategies, all are valid, even though the explicit offer to have sex could be considered the most cruel and inconsiderate. Although after a long and won seduction the sexual act becomes liberating and proof of that mutual attraction, the sexual act itself is not seductive.

  33.   July said

    This very well says good advice

  34.   Xelap said

    Very good comments the article is interesting and in fact I have already drawn my conclusions.
    From the beginning of the article it was something very revealing, with a very good strategy to conquer her spiritually but what strategy would they suggest would be the best that when I take her to bed it is something unforgettable for her, I mean I don't want her to destroy what she has I just want to give myself a very good taste, that I want to repeat ...

  35.   sump said

    You know I like a woman who is super pretty, she is about 30 years old and has children, I am 18 years old, she cuts her hair and comes to the house to put dye on my grandmother and aunts, she cuts my hair and I talk to her but no I know how to tell him that I like him and so ...
    please help…

  36.   Carlos said

    Hello, I fell in love with a married woman, I really like it a lot, there I feel that it provokes me, or it gets steric when I'm with other friends, we have a friendship, I want to believe that I'm wrong, mistaking a friendship. I don't really dare to tell her how I feel about her.

  37.   robert said

    The subject is very good but I am in a situation where I like a woman older than me by 14 and she is married the other day she told me what I felt about her and I told her that I liked what she liked. I commented that I was not indifferent to her but that nothing could happen between us because she is married and that I could not with the remorse of conscience tell me what I do, I keep insisting or I move away from her

  38.   roberto said

    I fell in love with my coworker and she is married and although she does not tell me directly I know that she is interested even though it is an adventure but she is afraid because he is a drug addict and drunk what can I do but I like her

  39.   George said

    I think it is actually dishonest to play with the feelings of both depending on the case, sometimes if it was for fun it can end in tragedy, I think better that if it is a married woman or man they are the ones who should start the relationship that is to say low your own risk if you really need something else ...

  40.   Luchito lopez said

    There is a married woman who works with me. He has told me that he likes me as a woman and that he thinks of me and that he is afraid of stepping over the friendship line. But I call her "pretty" or "beautiful" and she has told me that she likes it but that it makes her feel ashamed. Because it can be?

  41.   Ramon said

    I'm trying to pick up a married girl, I understand that the relationship with her husband is no longer good. Can someone give me some tips to win her over?

    1.    hot men said

      Take a picture with your cock very stiff, write on the back that you are going to fuck four like a bitch and that you will fall in love, put the photo in an envelope and offer it to him in person, together with a red carnation and the word »I love you» very soft in her ear, and asking her to have a coffee or lunch; Immediately you walk away with a smile and when you leave work it is yours, I assure you that you fuck her deliciously on the day of the appointment, but then you will have to endure between dust and dust the chatter that is going to drop you about her unhappy life next door of her husband, there you have to be attentive, and always giving her the reason and contributing malevolent ideas against her already cuckold husband, always giving your opinion, never your advice; while you listen to her you have to try to warm her again, to her ear and quietly, while you kiss her skin like a child, you whisper to her that you feel good with her, that her husband is ungrateful for not having valued her enough, how lucky you are you have to have her in your arms, ect, ect., there she will stop telling you about her life and warm your head, and will dedicate herself to kissing you and fattening your cock, it is time for her to fuck you like they never did in your life, now do not cut yourself more and unleash your lust man, suck her with vice and without sanity, put your cock in her mouth and tell her to look you in the eyes so she can see how you enjoy, you have to fuck her at intervals of morbid and sweetness, be soft and abrupt, affectionate and morbid, make her enjoy like a bitch, put her at four and spank her buttocks, cavalgala like a mare, you pull her by the hair and look for her lips, you say perverse things to her ear, finally xaval, I see you a little clumsy when you have it so easy, but do not forget one thing, if you get it you will have some org We are indescribable, but the problems will also begin, value it xaval and do not get into eleven-rod shirts, I do not see you very fine to deal with that woman, be careful.

  42.   David said

    Hello, my name is David and I really like a married girl, we talk a lot and have fun, but I don't know how to tell her that I love her a lot, I know that she loves me too, her friend told me, who is also my friend, but she is a little afraid of eat a herror with me but I like it and I want to conquer it I hope you give me some advice my email is

  43.   GINNO said

    really good tactics, for the conquest but I'm moving away from her I was very in love ,,,,,,,,,,,

  44.   Michael said

    I have the exact same problem. I am crazy about a married woman. For me, she is such an attractive and beautiful woman that sometimes it is difficult for me to conceive all her beauty. She works with me and I have known her for almost 8 years. She knows how I feel because I already talked to her once and well, she told me that she was going to continue to love and esteem me above anything else and that she loved her husband…. that's what I expected him to tell me. My point is that despite this, over the years we have developed this special relationship between the two of us (although neither of us admit it) ... for example we both get jealous if we see someone else, she has flirted with me more all at once and I have reciprocated in the same way, I am a meticulous person with her and she is affectionate with me, if I see her with her husband or her daughters she is ever serious and later takes my hand or gives me a hug. It is obvious that I still like her… and sometimes I believe her too…. I love her so much to the point that she would be unable to do something that harms her family or her marriage but if she gave me the guideline to do something I would not think twice since there is nothing I want more than to kiss her and make love to her.

    1.    Carlos said

      I live in the house of my mother-in-law and brother-in-law has a separate house with a son and a spectacular woman who would love him all night but it made me crazy and I did not dare to tell him what a hundred he was so much but me I would love to have sex and a little love, nothing ...

      1.    Carlos said

        Well, it happens to me that I like my brother-in-law's wife and I don't know how to conquer her, I would only love her all night and give me a little love and kiss her from the tip of her head to the last tip of her fingers.

  45.   Alexander said

    Hi, I'm Ales and I'm in love with my sister-in-law and the truth is that if I joke with her sometimes we smile but I don't know if it's normal or something, my brother doesn't give her the likes she wants, the truth is that I don't know what to do better and if I water her that I do give me a cool advice x fas to know how to reach you… ..

  46.   Edgar Martinez Cortes said

    Hi, I'm Edgar and I'm in love with my wife's wife, she doesn't have good breasts.

  47.   Edgar Martinez Cortes said

    ammmm hello, how about life says of walking around limping because the net does not know why they like it but they do it without measure and well, aaaaaaa despite that I like oral sex that they suck me with great pleasure
    eye for those that I catch eeeeeeeeeeeeee
    because I have it big
    but it's not to show off

  48.   cesar montalvo walls said

    eyyyyyyyyyyy but I like lalo

  49.   austin said


  50.   FABIAN said

    I have a problem I am in love with a married woman, she has a daughter she is 1 year old she is 22 years old and the husband is 45 years old she studies at night, the truth is, I have never told her that I like her and that I am in love with her in person she already She knows that I like her very much because I have sent her pink letters, chocolates and stuffed animals, and she knows that it is me and I have sent her on special days like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. I met her husband in the business and I like him a lot, everyone tells me to tell him in person but I'm scared I need help

  51.   anonymous said

    I am in love with my sister-in-law we are both married for a long time we had an emotional encounter but I did not take advantage of it we both liked each other but nothing happened, her husband unhappy her a lot and does not treat her as she deserves and my wife has me we do not share anything, please, what do I do?

  52.   saul crespo barrier said

    Hello, the truth is that I am living with my wife and I live in my mother-in-law's house. She is 45 years old. She is beautiful, alegree, and very mischievous and very loose.
    She has 3 children and a husband who does little well to the house, he only goes to sleep. He turned her around but she forgive him… but they go out with her friends and call her on her cell phone but she says she doesn't do anything wrong… and the truth makes me jealous….
    She has a hairdresser and you have her friends ...
    But sometimes it seems to me that he likes me, but I don't dare to tell him that I like him because he does not know how he would react or suddenly he tells his daughter to a k she feels jealous of his mother ... one day I invited him out to talk and take some cerbesas and she told me yes but then I called her why not benia and she answered me and suddenly her daughter took the cell phone and made me a problem but it happened .. after the week I told her what happened and she told me no Avia kon kien to leave her children… well it was past… but from now on I have a little doubt so I don't touch the subject anymore .. spending a little time I message her asking about my daughter and she answers me in the best possible way , but I tell you, don't tell your daughter because she's very jealous, but sometimes it escapes her I think ...
    Then I sent him a message thanking him for taking good care of my daughter and I told him that I invited him to komer and to go for a walk but he would not like his daughter and she did not know anything he was silent because his daughter did not claim me ... but we have not left Why did I tell her that she will tell me ... until today I don't know what to do, you think ... she says I'm nice and when I have problems with her daughter, she agrees with me ... I don't know what to do, Saul, I have 26 years old I don't know whether to call her and tell her that I like her or ask her out .. but I'm afraid that she will tell her daughter something

  53.   carlos rosales garcia said

    Hello, I am writing to you to say that I like a married woman, she is very beautiful and it is very nice how bad she is married, I always see her go by with her husband holding hands and she looks very much in love with her husband. Point that I always dream of her I cannot get her out of my mind I have her present in my mind every day can you give me advice to conquer her or to know if she likes me too, thank you

  54.   I think said

    A woman is more complicated than that, a man who thrives is because he comes at a time of greater vulnerability in that woman's life, no woman who boasts of being a good woman will listen to you, the only way is for her to really have problems. Do not enter a woman's life to break what little or much she has, if you do not start to be that prince charming that you promise to be.

  55.   Ricardo said

    very good opinions …… ..thank you

  56.   Alex Vega said

    The advice is very good and I thought I knew everything, I really liked them, I just need to put how to make it so as not to fall in love ...

  57.   michael said

    The truth is, I don't know what to do anymore ... I really like this married woman ... I can't stop seeing her. I love to see her go by and I can't help but see her buttocks or breasts from doing it. It's a woman's leather and I can't have it, I can't even tell you what I feel. I need to forget about this (even if I don't really want to) because I know that it is the best for my own well-being. I would give my life to spend a night with that woman…. just one night…

  58.   psychologists in guadalajara said

    In my opinion, you have everything to conquer a married and unmarried woman with this excellent list. I like the way the information was compiled. It also seems to me that with this list you can win back your partner over and over again. Surely you are infallible with these truths!

  59.   fernando said

    hello I think the advice is good, they have worked very well for me, I am with a married girl of 18 years and I am 42, we met 5 months ago and I thought she only liked me until I realized that she fell in love of me and I of her, we already have a month and a half of relationship and we are enjoying it quite well

  60.   danny mxli said

    Hi, how are you? First of all, this article is full of reason! a married woman who has been married for more than 1 year is already neglected by her husband !!! And any man no matter how stone he is, as long as he speaks beautifully and is detailed with her, falls because he falls! I am in a situation like this .. I am with a married girl, she is 24 years old and she is 4 years old. She is my employee and I started by bringing her breakfast, inviting her to eat, I started by joking with her, saying nice things to her, some detail and with that it fell!! Now she is well in love but I am not married !!!! hehehe… .but not neglecting my wife because she is little !! good luck to everyone!!!

  61.   Ruben AS said

    I have been dating for the last 8 months with a beautiful 40 year old married woman who has 3 children, I am 51 and I have been separated from my wife for 7 years. I just want to tell you that the relationship has been very beautiful full of good experiences, we started in friendship generated in the network, and although she is a conservative woman I can assure you that the article described here is definitely true, she may have everything but emotionally and sexually She has fallen into a routine and the husband does not appreciate how precious she is, and even with extra pounds she looks very attractive, desirable. Now, until now I have been patient, since we have only been going to the movies, some parks and restaurants have agreed to do it shortly and it is only a matter of a few days to crystallize our relationship in the best of the motels in Monterrey. A kiss to my Pretty Lady, it will be something unforgettable when we are together.

  62.   the draw said

    After this article my strategy to seduce married women is strengthened. One part that I recommend is to create a name that can only be understood by both of you

  63.   Love said

    What a good article !! I hope it serves me because I want to conquer a married woman, she is my neighbor, she is 35 and I am 23, only there is another little problem: I am a woman !! You will see that I will achieve it, then I will tell you how it went 🙂

  64.   Carlos said

    I think I am confused with the woman I work with and because of life circumstances I have to be by her side I think about making her fall in love but sometimes I say that it is not correct because she is a friend of my wife but anyway I don't know what else to say goodbye

  65.   Alexander said

    I very much agree with the writing how to seduce a married woman but I believe before starting the launch you must know the husband so one will know who is the principal of whom he should take care of. Also use when abance the first phase of knowing each other and giving the Mensioned steps take her by the hand in the form of a caress and in the greeting give her a kiss on the neck but a wet kiss that she feels that she has been kissed and at all times that she speaks to her that her voice is seductive and not stop looking at the eyes and in each goodbye before reaching intimate relationships mention the phrase my love I love you I hope to see us again call me, when the link is reached if it is in one's apartment, not to fix it much if to keep it clean but somewhat disorganized, a typical apartment of Single man for a short time, never keep a photo of other women from the past the past stepped on if there is a photo that is yours or hers but in the room where another person cannot see it, only her when she shares a n you with a very simple but loving dedication, thank you for letting me give my opinion alejandro always in the pleasure of love thinking ..

  66.   Alexander said

    Hello Carlos, look at women, they do not have friends, when it comes to desire and pleasure, nor do they look at the age of the man they want to enjoy, how their marital status is not, but I can say that married men, women of any status seek them, One because of being married is more discreet, another because they lead a more sexually active life and enjoy more in the double sense of enjoying the other's man and another because they know that in case one takes longer to ejaculate, so go ahead give leather to Your coworker and enjoy it to the fullest, leave her a mark of yours so she will always have an intimate feeling of yours and an unforgettable memory that you do well alejandro….

  67.   cop said

    It is very emotional to read such an article, I have been dating a married woman for 4 years and we have lived through everything, and I am happy about that…. only that the small and big problem is that I fall in love with her and I start to need her every day more and more, sometimes it seems wrong for me to continue with her husband, but what to do when with her you feel the most loved man in the world ... . greetings ... very good test.

  68.   yoana said

    Hi, I'm married and I'm going out with a 25-year-old boy, I tg 44, he told me he liked it a lot but one day he saw my daughter and he confessed that he liked her…. I don't know what to do to do the truth.

    1.    Hi Yoana said

      hello yoana

      I wonder if you want to expand your circle of friends, I think this boy is natural for him to see it that way since he is younger I am a mature man of 44 and I am looking for friends to talk because I feel that I am losing my life just working and not I have friends so I offer you my friends if you are interested I leave you my email elnortonmx in

  69.   JONES said


  70.   PETER PUNK said

    REGARDS !! excellent comments, from my experience I can tell you that I am a doctor, women of all ages come to my office, many of them with many emotional and sexual deficiencies, etc. A year ago I got married and vowed never to hang out with a married person or have an extramarital affair again. ALTHOUGH I DON'T NEGLECT MY WOMAN, I finally fell, I prefer a married woman for being more discreet And as a good doctor I keep all my professional secrets. TODAY I GIVE THERAPY TO MANY MARRIED WOMEN, I MAKE LOVE TO THEM… AN ADVICE TO EVERYONE: IN ASKING, IS GIVING…. NO WOMAN, HOWEVER DECENT IS RESISTANT TO THIS TACTIC AND STRATEGY. ABOVE ALL A LOT OF DISCRESSION, IT IS THE GOLDEN RULE ... EVEN

  71.   adrian hernandez martinez said

    I want to meet a lady who teaches me everything in life and that we share parenting things

  72.   adrian hernandez martinez said

    I had already written before I forgot to leave my phone number 0445512904996 Aten. adrian hernandez martinez

    1.    elsa broson said



    Hello, how are you, what do you think about my situation? I fell in love with a 26-year-old married woman, I have known her for 6 years and she has known about my feelings for 3, we have a certain work relationship, over time she began to feel something for me, she has also been married for 3 years, in these last days it began to clarify for me that she was also falling in love with me, above all I perceive it and all that act of seduction occurs during our work contact, The problem is that when she is already with her family or out of her work she feels remorse and tells me to stay away, that her family is worth much more, I of course understand her because I think the same, but nevertheless I do not want to lose her. She is very confused, the last thing she told me is that she does not know what she wants because if she wanted her husband she would not think of me, and if she loved me she would be with me, anyway ... she would like to know if she really fell in love with me or if I leave her alone, well I've tried but I can't ,, greetings

  74.   billy warrior said

    Hi J Carlos
    It seems to me that you should let her make a decision and not pressure her with your feelings.
    It is clear that emotionally you have influenced but she has a lot to lose and suddenly it is not worth it
    A hug
    billy warrior

  75.   PETER PUNK said

    DEAR JUAN CARLOS: Don't ask !!! If that woman interests you, go for her, something very important that you comment is that she is a little indecisive, that is, you made her falter, she doubts between her current relationship and you ... it is necessary to attack but with some insight ... As a good gentleman bring her flowers and tell her that you renounce her, WITH THIS YOU WILL FORCE HER TO FALL INTO YOUR ARMS AND ONCE YOU HAVE ACHIEVED THIS, DO NOT GIVE TREGUE ... REMEMBER THAT IN THE REQUEST FOR THIS GIVING ... COME UP AND GIVE HER A KISS, IF IT CORRESPONDS YOU SHOULD CONTINUE AND IF NO, BACK OFF BECAUSE THAT WOMAN WILL NEVER BE IN YOUR BED (EVEN THE MOST MUSTIA, THE MOST DECENT IN THE WORLD ... IT FALLS BECAUSE IT FALLS ... I GUARANTEE IT, BUT THE GOLDEN RULE IS TO BE VERY DISCREET, BECAUSE IT CAN GO VERY WRONG TO BOTH SOMEONE EXPERIENCED SAYS IT TO YOU ... TRUST YOURSELF AND PLAY YOUR CARDS WELL

  76.   pickle said

    definitely what a good article and what a good comment, although it is very true sometimes women give us wings, maybe they do not cut them if measured, I am in the process of conquering a married woman with a 6-month-old baby and her husband shows that she is walking on your roll. It fascinates me and I have started to be a retailer (gifts) with her and that pleases her to such a degree that I get used to those details and when I go for her and I do not bring her anything, she asks me or makes jokes with that! Will you like details and is in the process of assimilation or is it interested ???? Obviously at this point he knows that I'm interested but I have not fanned him because I want to enjoy it slowly!
    I clarify she knows that my economic position unlike her and her husband is magnificent.
    Another detail when we are talking he never mentions the husband, and when he does he addresses himself as "the girl's father." Greetings, I appreciate your opinions

  77.   FARABUNDO MARTI said

    When I was just a young and virgin, one of my cousins ​​was in full beauty (political cousin), for a change the husband (my first cousin) was humming with another girl. She, in a fit of loneliness, harassed me, wore minis, no underwear…. it was a female in brama !!! As a good inexperienced, I was scared and took the turn, until one good day I got tired and decided to go to the end. That day I lost my innocence, she was married but was very poorly cared for, I can confess that she was my teacher, we were lovers for more than 5 years, my cousin with his conquests, he did not want to attend to his own business ... TODAY I SEE THAT WHEN A WOMAN HE DECIDES TO PUT THE HORNS ON YOURSELF, HE DOES NOT SPARE EFFORTS ... DUE TO INATENTION, DISSATISFACTION OR BECAUSE HE LIKES THE BURLESQUE ...


  78.   EFRAIN said

    I always had a good experience with the girls from junior high, high school, and college. When I finished my career as a dental surgeon I was 25 years old, a girlfriend whom I loved a lot and with whom I had thought to start a home. At that time I was a Christian, she was also and although I was superfidel in my religion and with my convictions, women outside of my religious sphere flitted around me. Even other sisters in the church were flirting with me. On one occasion a sister asked me for a dental appointment, the pretext was to treat a friend of hers ... The sister was very close to me, only I never gave her entrance, I was speechless when I met her friend, it was a wonder of a woman, only that with a defect (married and with a little girl). They fought among friends, I started dating GRECIA FABIOLA, I fell in love with her as it has never happened to me in my life, I ended up with my Christian girlfriend, they kicked me out of church, my whole family was against this forbidden and illicit relationship, less for her and for me, I lived an idyll, a great love, although yes ... it had its consequences. Shortly after leaving I began to enjoy sex as I have never enjoyed until today, I got her pregnant and the worst thing was when her political family found out, this because she went to the hospital, due to a high-risk pregnancy ... The husband took her away away, after breaking my MOM !!! They fired me from work, my friends stopped talking to me, the first to turn her back on me was my mother, I practically lost everything, everything, my creed, my shame, and not to mention my girlfriend whom I was going to marry and who I destroyed. …. Today I live calmer and although it sounds like a story, it is true. IN MEMORY OF A GREAT LOVE, I REMEMBER YOU GRECIA FABIOLA JIJÖN VERGARA, THERE HAS BEEN ANYONE BEFORE YOU, NOR ANYONE AFTER YOU, EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE MARRIED.

  79.   juan hernandez said

    the berraquera

  80.   Cornelius Lligicota said

    I like a married woman but I don't know what methods to use to conquer her. Can you give me some advice on FB?

  81.   Cornelius Lligicota said

    I like a married woman but I don't know what methods to use to conquer. We have worked together for three years.
    Very well I already told her that she likes me a lot But when I want to say words of love I get very shy

  82.   Cornelius Lligicota said

    I want you to give me some advice

  83.   Cristian ba said

    Spectacular Yigolo gentlemen of the link, it will serve me vastly for my new practices. I always said I said and I will say, women, for us men are important, and more in the house ……
    a great deal and I wait for other suggestions for examples

  84.   Enrique said

    Do not forget that it is important for a woman to feel confident and with someone who is sure of herself.

  85.   William Urban said

    In my case I always go after a dam, it is innate in me ... I am always bothered and the one that stops me I put my tooth into it. recently one fell that I was probing for a year ... Supestamente she fell in love, she told me that I destroyed her life ... .. but I had relations with her only once and I do not continue because my wife has already caught me and I have a child outside of marriage. I'm sorry not to continue with her, but I would get into a tremendous mess

  86.   xavier said

    My case is, I like my gefa but she is married with 2 children, I am 21 years old and she 29, what can I do?… I am going with her for two years and now I discovered that I like her a lot, I would say. Please if someone has the ability to help me my email

  87.   PETER PUNK said

    Although I am a doctor, I must admit that I am first of all a man, after I suffer from a personality disorder, I AM SEDUCTIVE, according to psychiatric theories and books such as revised DSM V, and CIES 10…. Anyway, I admit it, but what it is really about is that when I treat a woman as a patient, the first thing I think about seducing her, if she is married a lot more. I know it is unethical, in fact I have put many to bed, my favorites range between 35 and 45 years of age. According to experts, they say that a power relationship is established where the patient is vulnerable, and the doctor is the one who rules, or has the upper hand, not only in the general exploration, breasts, abdomen, vagina, etc; but also in the effective, sexual part and you find out about so many deficiencies, fantasies and frustration, now I see that I had to dedicate myself to another profession, because I recognize that I am very weak ... however for legal reasons I can get into a tremendous fight, only that To avoid this, I am such a scoundrel that I start by earning their trust, then I try to sell myself and make myself necessary for them, I try to create a dependency and then the table is set ... that's how many women have marched through my life, I start by taking their hand This simple contact kills them, then he let them want action and by this I mean kisses, then I make fun of them so that they ask for a bed ...

    I can't help it, women are my downfall

    1.    Ana said

      I feel bad, can you help me?

      1.    poncian said

        Hello Ana, tell us how we can help you


  88.   Cornelius Lligicota said

    I want to learn more about how to conquer a married woman

  89.   Braulio said

    Reading this article has made me ashamed. It is an invitation to adultery and infidelity. What shamelessness.

    1.    George said

      don't be a queer

  90.   FAITH CASTELLON said

    Excellent tips ... Sometimes one does not look for the "circumstances" they just happen ... It helps me to value women more and not make fun of them ... treat them like real ladies.

  91.   Jade said

    No, what can I say…. It is full of urges and they just want us to go to bed, from what I have read and well…. I congratulate you because your mothers are also married, which I recommend to all! ° !! It is to go to elementary school so that they learn to write and not be so ignorant, and well I think that all those who write here are ugly because they like to heat up, how to say it ... well, someone else's milk !!!! It is not possible that they think that a married woman wants to wallow just like that with one of you, in that case all those who achieve conquest will be more than easy. But hey, they like it easy and that happens quickly.
    Go to school !!!!

  92.   Claudia said

    hahahahaha !!! HAHAHAJAJAA! But let's see…. What a naive manga! Except for 3 interventions, the rest is "grief". The "article" (as someone calls it) is profoundly simple ... from the other side (you may have noticed that I am a WOMAN), I am scared that so many men take those lines as something interesting and infallible!
    Gentlemen, every woman is different. Every marriage is different. Obviously some will lack "something" in their married life and possibly some will be more "accessible", but this fact is PURE HUMAN CONDITION, NOT FEMALE CONDITION.
    I have the impression that the "article" must be written by someone very young and / or inexperienced. As one of your comments says: »I can say that one does not choose the women that one fucks (….) One can initiate but in the end they determine…». Women always know when they are being "seduced" and many of them rejoice and allow themselves to be "flattered" without it meaning that they will go further (unlike many men who with less "tactics" and paraphernalia fall for the nets female).
    Guys, gentlemen ... BEWARE, arrows go both ways and keep in mind that many women love to have "friends" (hehe) attentive and "understanding" with whom they will never, ever step forward. I say this for those who are looking for something more than a romp. Whoever plays with fire, they say, ends up burning!
    Anyway, the best of luck to all (you are going to need it!) And if I may have some advice, do not pretend to know women in general. Focus on one and you will have a task for a lifetime!

    1.    stunned said

      wow! That month you have left stunned aunt ... you are very right ... you are the almost perfect woman ... only you have a defect ... »FUCK !! YOU ARE MARRIED!!! LOL"

  93.   lu said

    THE PERSON WHO SENT IT TO ME IS STILL ASTONISHED AT WHAT HAPPENED, SINCE SHE SAYS SHE DID IT TO DO IT AND ASKED FOR SOMETHING THAT I THOUGHT ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE, LET US TRY. * For yourself say the name of the only person of the opposite sex with whom you want to be (three times ...) ... * Think of something you want to achieve within the next week and repeat it for yourself (six times) ... * Think of something that you want to happen between you and the special person (that you said in # 1) and say it to yourself (twelve times)… * Now make one last and final wish about the wish you chose. * After reading this you have 1 hour to send it to 15 topics and what you asked for will come true in 1 week. The more people you send it to, the stronger your wish will be made. If you choose to ignore this letter, the opposite of the wish will happen to you, or this will never happen ………… .. May your days be full of achievements and your nights of dreams copy and paste this in 15 or + topics

  94.   soprano said

    Any woman can fall at the least expected moment Claudia I do not see anything immature in these lines that were written at the beginning in fact it narrates everything that must be done and it depends on each person to have the insight to apply the advice at the most moment prudent, all relationships have ups and downs and the main thing is to gain the confidence of the victim in question so that she herself will tell you when you should attack, the only ones that do not fall are those that are spiritually strong that are devoted to God, but as in this mean world most people are forgotten about God and more concerned about their personal survival, well, you can imagine, I think I am a little sick, I enjoy seducing married women and when I convince them to have something with me, I simply made back hahaha I enjoy more of those who boast that they would never do something like that and then greetings fall, obviously women always go one step after us

  95.   Joaquin said

    hello I have a fantasy with a lady of 35 and she has a 16-year-old daughter and they flirt with me and live in front of my house but I don't know how to seduce 2 at the same time and have them put me in their house
    The lady once touched me down and told me that she liked my penis and her daughter kissed me on the mouth by mistake in a corner the truth is that they both have a very good body since they have a large chest and a beautiful butt
    Help me, what do I do? I don't know what to do anymore
    my e-mail is
    I have 16

  96.   alex said

    Hi, I'm going to college and I met a girl I like a lot but she is married, she told me that she had problems with her husband, I love her but I think she does not show interest in me or is missing that I conquered her but I don't know how, no longer I know what to talk to her about, and ps I can't stop thinking about her, she's driving me crazy, she has only given me 3 kisses on the mouth I told her that we were boyfriends and it took time to give me the answer was yes but with one condition that we be discreet, but I ask him for a kiss or a hug and he doesn't want to give it to me or he gives me a kiss on the cheek and a hug as if it were my birthday.
    I do not know what to do so that it corresponds to me.

  97.   natan said

    Hello if I am Natan from Rcia Chaco and the truth is I attest to all these words melozas xq are so the woman was created for the company of the man beyond the degree of brutality that perhaps we as a man believe that they have. For this we must minimize our being macho and persuade what is necessary for a woman that we see her beautiful and that we love her

  98.   natan said

    Hi, I'm Natan, the same thing happens to me again. I met this sweet charming young woman because of her elegant and beautiful stature in her body aesthetics, she fascinates me and I fell in love and I love her tb but she is married. thus deciding to separate from him x conjugal problems getting back to his side x a state of indesion sero we continue. Which to all this she asked me for time and when I returned to be together things will be different, I think so and I hope I love her and I love it. natan and gabriela

  99.   Mario said

    But what if said woman, apart from having a husband, has a 1-year-old daughter .. Is there any chance? Yes, I am describing my situation .. I am almost sure (50%) that she still feels something for me .. or at least he felt it at school ... even a blind man would notice. I have not known anything about that woman for 5 years .. if I think of her it is possible that she also thinks of me ... I know what I want to do is not very normal, but I like it and I am not only talking about her physique .. Lately I saw her in some photos and she is spectacular, all the memories of her came to me quickly .. I have my own plan, right now the distance separates us .. I want to call her, and I don't know how, but I have to realize if she really wants I go .. it is very subtle, so I have to be attentive ... the truth is that I would settle for seeing her in the distance or hearing her voice .. If there is someone who can advise me to achieve it, I would be eternally grateful.

  100.   erick said

    very good

  101.   Jasonmoke said

    In part they are right in what has been published, but you should not go out of your way (as they say in my land), there is no difficult woman, only a bad jacket (strategy), if you like someone, approach her, talk to her, but most importantly , listen to her… she will tell you what she wants and when she wants it…. something that

  102.   Jasonmoke said

    In part they are right in what has been published, but you should not go out of your way (as they say in my land), there is no difficult woman, only a bad jacket (strategy), if you like someone, approach her, talk to her, but most importantly , listen to her… she will tell you what she wants and when she wants it…. Something that works for me is to speak to them in an indifferent way… as if they didn't interest me…. because if there is something that attracts women, it is indifference ... they always feel beautiful and cannot stand that someone does not consider them that way ... well ... I liked the comments ... I hope the present will serve them well ...

  103.   Daro said

    I was for a few years maintaining a relationship with a married woman and which I am also married, I fell in love, now we have been bad for a while, what do I do, I don't know how to conquer her again and we already know each other too much, the codes, I think the routine, jealousy and others. I WOULD NOT WANT TO LOSE HIM BUT I THINK I NEED SOME ADVICE TO GET IT BACK, I hope for some advice, thanks in advance

  104.   PETER PUNK said

    AS BEFORE I TALK I AM A DOCTOR, many women come to my office, most of them married ... it happens that a 23-year-old girl came here a long time ago, married and since we began to have confidence she told me if she could meet me ... I agreed to her request, among others She told me things that her husband no longer paid attention to her ... she confessed that she liked me and since there were no people at all that day at the time she attended I decided to kiss her ... the spirits became quite heated, but out of respect for my workplace I told her that I didn't want to do it there… she got upset and left…. he spent 2 months without seeing her until recently she came, but she did not come alone ... my heart almost fell out because her husband came in first and she was also super serious ... I got ready for everything in just a few seconds ... it turns out that her husband was going to consult ... It is a pretty ugly experience, first because it must have broken my face, then because I have not been very ethical to say and then because they could sue me ... I felt the most stupid, the colors were in my face, I could hardly speak. And the saddest thing is that her husband is super cool, I felt like the worst human being ... I imagined what would happen if I went somewhere with my wife and it turned out that he was with someone and I without knowing it, would feel the most deplorable…. A few days later this girl returned and the truth is that she is beautiful. He told me that he was going for his own thing, I felt triply stupid, I see that this is too dangerous ... what worries me is an indiscretion of this woman, because if she was able to bring me her husband and act most indifferent and after a few days return to fuck me .. THE BAD IS THAT I LIKE IT TOO MUCH AND SHE REQUESTED ME TO BE HER LOVER ... I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO REACT AND I TOLD HER THAT I WAS GOING TO THINK IT ...

  105.   isma said

    hello… ..the truth is the first step without knowing it I am applying it, simply
    You have to continue feeding that which makes you feel full, with which I am talking and pleasing the truth has problems with your current partner but I faithfully believe that I will end up with her in bed ... .. giving her the fullness of being a woman, because the truth The lady is quite well, besides that she is intelligent, she has a great body that some young women would already like and I start to think that it is stupid of her partner that she no longer wants to attend to her, both emotionally and sexually, because the truth is I see her wanting to give me a shag with me, but anyway. …… I'm still in the fight to get an excellent sex session with her.

  106.   jose said

    The comment you publish is very good, it really helped me, thank you

  107.   Santiago said

    The truth is that I am in a very similar situation, there things that are very true, I love a woman from my work and I know that she also likes her, obviously she is married to a man and they have two children, she is 7 years older than me but I It attracts a lot ... I have realized little by little that she is in the stage of monotony with her partner and once talking with her I realized that she does not want to accept it, at that moment it was when I approached her ... I do not know if what I did this wrong or right, the fact is that I grabbed her arms and gave her a kiss, I brought my mouth to her ear and told her that I loved her from the first day I saw her ... she was silent and since that day she has been me corresponding very little to how I thought it would be ... well the question is that this has served me a lot and I have learned a lot, I hope I can conquer her ... I clarify that I am not doing it to destroy the home that she has formed, much less to just take her home. bed, I love that woman and I want to be with her for the most partpossible time ...

  108.   Luis said

    Well, I don't know if the article is good, but I think we should consider the saying "with the rod that you measure, you will be measured" so lazy pit..os better fill the one you have at home and leave the outside ones ... at the end all men only want the cu ... the other ... because take care of her or crazy ... and if you do it then what an idiot ... ... ha ... and more idiotic the woman who creates it ... ha

  109.   EMMANUEL said

    Dear LUIS, it is noticeable that you have not lived, both men and women make the mistake of thinking that you have your partner safe, we become predictable, monotonous, in the attentions, in chivalry and in romanticism, on the other hand women leave to get ready, they become somewhat careless with their person ... this for those who are a born hunter like "I" is death ... this also comes to bed, you don't know what it is to always eat the same "bread with the same". Some women deserve to be put to bed because they don't know how to do anything else, I say it without wanting to sound macho, unfortunately you hear them talk and it's better to shut them up, just like many men we don't have anything in our brains, for example you ... when insulting right hand and sinister you do nothing but accuse your lack I do not know if of education, but if your lack of experience, WHEN YOU PUT YOUR EYES ON ANOTHER WOMAN THAT IS NOT YOURS, it is because man like other male animals we are designed to sow the seed in another land, that is to say in other women. When talking about this, I mean the instinct to spread your seed as much as possible, to preserve the species or your genes, but here is the contrast because many of us have nothing more than 2 neurons, and humanism is born and that is why that we distinguish ourselves from other animals I recommend that you read MARX, he explains all that, an example is that you think you buy happiness with rings, with signed papers, but what you do is buy a woman with rights and obligations, that is, Their slavery is perpetuated, when a woman dares to be unfaithful, she realizes her power to decide and act and that makes us tremble, so infidelity is much more complex than just looking for someone to sleep with In case you don't know, women are more unfaithful than men, but they are more discreet and don't go around bragging like us, we as good males talk about our conquests, but they teach us, and they do know how to keep their secrets. MY RESPECTS FOR WOMEN WHO ARE ALWAYS MYSTERIOUS, WHO ENCOURAGE MY NEED TO KNOW THEM… EMMANUEL

  110.   Carol said

    Well, I liked the article and the truth is, I also have mine! I have been married for 5 years and my brother-in-law the same. But in silence I have loved him until the sun today. There were always intense stares without words. Then I decided to talk to him, he did not tell me anything! Think, wuuuao! So it is true what they say that love is blind because I swore that he felt something for me. His glances, his kisses on the cheek so intense, his msm ... Everything indicated that I also liked him. In what I told him, he does not write to me anymore and tries to dodge me! I have done it too because I understand that I make him uncomfortable, but yesterday I saw him, we greeted each other with a kiss and the only thing missing was to touch our lips! I try to be indifferent to me but I don't know, it seemed to me that he was pretending. I think what he has is that he does not want to fail his brother, destroy what he has built so much and his comforts! I understand it because the same thing happens to me, but it is horrible to be like that. They told me that indifference when it is feigned is because there is love or because they fear us .. But hey, that's life. We have to prepare for everything because according to what they told me Once everything is discovered, it is more probable that something happens between the two and it really scares me, even if it is what I love the most. I think that is what happens to us, the fear of knowing that we feel something else than we imagine it!

  111.   erick said

    Very good now that my neighbor takes care of himself because he has a wife that I always liked to have sex

  112.   Patri said

    I have loved the article and I would like to share my experience, maybe soon I will!

  113.   Patri said

    As I suggested the other day, I have decided to share my experience; I hope it is entertaining and useful. My intention is far from inciting anyone to imitate my behavior; If it can be sobering, then I will have achieved my goal.
    The situation goes back four years: I am a mature lady, happily married; I consider myself and they consider me very elegant, attractive and with a very defined personality; I am macho (I cannot help it), I love brave and very macho men. To the point! As I imagine, like many, in my adolescence I had a very reciprocated love; Due to circumstances that are irrelevant, he left me for another, which I have never seen or known. He has made his life away from my environment. I had a hard time but I got over it. After several relationships, I met my husband at my job as a civil servant and after a short but intense relationship we got married.
    I have been happily married for many years with a quiet and uneventful life.
    Four years ago and in a situation forced by circumstances, I had an encounter, after 30 years!, With whom he was my first love.
    It was at his father's wake that I appreciated. I knew about his life from third parties and that he was interested in mine.
    The meeting we had was an incredible situation because of what happened. My husband did not find it inappropriate at all for us to go to the wake, although I did express some reluctance about my undisguised animosity towards my ex.
    I more or less accurately describe the encounter that I initially described as cheeky, almost rude, and unethical.
    When greeting us in a place somewhat separated from the rest of family and friends, he told me:
    «Patri, first of all I thank you for having come to my father's wake, I know you appreciated it and secondly and even though the circumstances are not the right ones, I will tell you that I have not been able to forget you in all these years; I know that you can reproach me and throw many things in my face, but I think we have to be positive, you know that I always respected you and our relationship did not end, my greatest wish is that you make me yours and I make you mine. It has nothing to do with your husband or my wife, it is something between you and me, resuming the relationship in the way you want. Now I am going to shake you goodbye and I will leave you a piece of paper with my mobile number. If it seems appropriate to you, call me, I hope so and you know that I will give you all my love, tenderness and passion. »
    I am a woman who knows how to handle all kinds of situations and is very sure of myself, but you cannot imagine how I stayed, "petrified is saying little." Impulses of anger, hatred and surprise crowded into my mind, I could not and did not give me the opportunity to speak, he left the slip of paper in my hand when he said goodbye and without further ado he left.
    (to be continue)…

    1.    mess said

      the whole chapter

  114.   jaime said

    Being with a married woman is beautiful but falling in love can be fatal for both of you have to be clear about your goal of what you both want without harming other people and a lot of discretion while the relationship lasts because this type of relationship will not last forever, friends do not fool either A married woman offering her what they cannot give her, be clear with them and they will see that there will be a happy ending without hurting anyone, let's be clear, a married woman we want her in bed and make her happy by giving her what she lacks, some love that is given to her. She has lost, but let's not confuse her feelings and worse let's not fall in love with her remember she is married she has a husband and children maybe they would suffer what you are enjoying, it is just a beautiful relationship

  115.   Rolando said

    Well, I still have my doubts, since I was in High School I realized that my aunt-in-law had problems with my consanguineous uncle, since he was a drunk and a drug addict, because I think that women as well as men shit on us. uncomfortable, routine situations and even problems and lawsuits at home. So one day I saw her almost crying and I, without intending to get into her life, approached me to offer myself as a friend, we talked about this and that (normal and routine things), until she began to elaborate on the way her husband already He did not love her, he was jealous of her a lot and he violated her in many ways until he almost hit her; one of those days she leaned on my lap and I caressed her hair without malice, she placed her hand on my chest and just as she sobbed, she lowered it to the height of my belt, that made me out of the loop since like every man healthy my penis grew rapidly but because of the position in which my penis was, I was uncomfortable because the lump was very evident, in that she told me: what happens? Why did you put it like that? I thought you would claim something from me like I am your aunt or what do you pretend ?; but it was not like that, he only told me to come back the next day to speak more calmly. To cut a long story short, I will tell you that he invited me to come to his house and I could see his children (3) in their beds that were in a single room and when he took me to his, (on the way he told me that he wanted to take and if he was willing) I thought that her husband was not there; but when I arrived I saw him !!, I was in the King Size bed all asleep, she told me that he arrived drunk as hell and that he would not wake up until the other day in the afternoon, at that moment I did not know what to do and I think that he saw my face of doubt but without letting go of my hand he sat on the edge of the bed, he pulled me a little and taking me by the belt he lowered the closure of my pants, he took out my cock with a speed that did not give me time to clear anything in my head and He started with a spectacular blowjob !!, I think he did it for revenge but at that moment I could not spin any thoughts other than to fuck that Bitch as I wanted and as many times as I could, we ended up doing it in all the possible positions that he taught me (I can say that she was my teacher in sex) and fucking like that! with the husband by the side. I swear it is true. There is no doubt that women are the most Whore and hottest beings on earth, only that there are those who are frustrated, withdrawn and repressed and those who give free rein to their freedom (at all levels) sexual, social, sentimental, etc. . in short in being themselves.
    I spent about 7 years being her lover and she was married because the experience she gained with her husband she enjoyed with me, and we also experienced the sexual activities of porn movies that she was wearing.
    well for the moment that's all, I hope you have luck with your conquests of "decent married"

  116.   anthulius said

    Well young people, I appreciate your experience, it will help me a lot.
    And if you allow me, as for being with someone other than my wife, anything can happen, ´but what I least want is to be in love with that girl, whether she is hunted or single,
    Well there you will give me your comment, which by the way are very good and accurate,

  117.   samantha jones said

    Hello. I am a married woman with a lover 10 years younger than me. When I met him, I was attracted by his sweet and shy personality. which as time progressed became someone terribly audacious who only went ahead with me and for which I was surprised at first and flattered later (I am 49 and 40), I have always lived a life dedicated to work, to home , the children, the husband, etc. so when this happened I had many nights of wakefulness and conscience because on my part it was not premeditated. Well, he is a very dedicated, respectful man and above all very dedicated to questions
    spiritual (part of which was the whole thing about repentance and so on) but we did it and I don't know in what position to be: a) married, self-sacrificing and above all faithful and completely unhappy
    b) or being with him (with which I am sure I will make the beings who love me unhappy). .. what else can I tell you… ..

  118.   Juan Moreno said

    ps …………… I tried it and that tactic is sensational if it works
    now we have a good relationship secretly because unfortunately she is married….
    but I am his best intimate friend and with many rights

  119.   Patri said

    The previous post I sent did not enter.

  120.   rul said

    Do not do what you would not like them to do to you, they think that married women are easier because of their deficiencies than they think they have, but sooner or later everything pays off or returns and there is only the memory of a fever… many women and so few men to conquer them instead of thinking about married women, look for single women and be fierce and do not put nonsense into their heads ... it is not worth it that they decided to marry is for something but remember how you look married after a while they pay off for yours and they will not want to …………

  121.   Patri said

    I have tried to continue commenting on my experiences, but they do not enter.

  122.   ANONYMOUS said

    I don't know if my experience is the worst of all. I fell in love with a man in his 60s and my husband is 20 years older than me. The thing is, it took the 60-year-old man 2 years to fall in love and I believed him. But when my husband found out, he blamed me for everything. Two months passed and he told me that my husband was lying, so I took on the task of finding out for myself. In the second opportunity he also blamed me, what cowardice! The truth is that my heart has turned like a stone how to trust someone again. The truth is that something was broken in my marriage, be it trust or love. But the worst of it is that I still think about that man without deserving it. My husband wants us to start from scratch. Thank God, unlike the article I am not an easy woman to go to bed with a man, even if I am dying for him.

  123.   Anonymous 2 said

    I think that the subject we are dealing with is not about morals or whether what we do is right or wrong, it is about experiences on matters of seduction, period.

  124.   Patri said

    In line with what Jaime pointed out on March 1, it is very important to make things clear from the beginning. Usually no one wants to break up an established marriage. Outside of this, anyone who wants to and can take the risk, on the other hand enormous, that the story is discovered, knows that this is also where the emotion is.
    Continuing with the experience that I began to tell a while ago, what I have experienced during these four years is clearly positive and vital.
    Get to the point !: I am going to narrate my first meeting alone with my first boyfriend that I will call here «Nacho».
    After our incredible meeting at the wake, I spent several days thinking about it and my first feeling of resentment and hatred was transformed into curiosity and desire. Feeling desired by him greatly fed my "ego" and the desires of the meeting. Needless to say, he kept the slip of paper with his phone. After about 15 days I decided to call him by phone and propose a meeting to exchange impressions. When answering my call I noticed him nervous but excited about the meeting. Without further ado I told him that when he was coming to my city.
    Coincidentally in this city my brother has a flat for the summer that my husband watches over him. I suggested the possibility of meeting in it, an idea that seemed excellent to him since it is a large building but in which practically no one knows each other.
    Nacho told me that he was going to visit his mother for 7 days and that when he arrived he would let me know.
    That week of waiting was for me an uneasiness mixed with the desire of the meeting.
    after exactly 7 days I receive the call (in the morning), I point out that my husband works in the morning and I in the afternoon.
    We arranged to meet the next day at 10 in the morning, I would wait for him on the floor and he would ring the bell.
    Needless to say, when the bell rang my heart skipped a beat.
    - Nacho?
    - Yes
    I just opened it. The apartment is new and very discreet in terms of location. We greet each other with two kisses on the cheeks. Once we were seated in the living room, I told him that I was very surprised by his proposal but that I appreciated his sincerity and desire and that I was willing and wanted to try, but on the condition that there was no infatuation or anything like that and that the meetings would only be when We both wanted and in the conditions that we both wanted. I told him that I was aroused by the curiosity of owning it since it actually did not happen at the time. It seemed perfect to him and without further ado and naturally and at the same time he gently took my hand and put it on his fly; my breath caught. slowly he began to guide her stroking her still not too hard package. I got carried away as it could not be otherwise. I have to say that there is no woman, neither married nor single, nor widowed who can resist the caress of a member through trousers. At times the volume and turgor were increasing. At a certain moment, he took out the already erect and powerful phallus and I, already totally amazed, began to caress and rub it at first with great gentleness and care.
    (to be continue)

  125.   ALEJANDRO said


  126.   Anonymous 2 said

    Good for Patri, what we need are ideas and a woman can also contribute.

  127.   Patri said

    After a moment I suggested that he wait for me in the bedroom, that I was going to the bathroom. When leaving in combination I found him sitting on the edge of the bed and with his boxer on !. I lay down between the sheets and suggested that he do the same. Without further ado, he began to gently caress my belly and breasts. Without further ado or comment I took off my bra and stayed in panties. I must say that I have big and beautiful breasts. I told him to caress me gently since I have them very sensitive.
    I let myself be done without reciprocating. He felt the brush of his powerful member through his underwear. At this point I was already quite aroused and felt my vagina getting wet. He kissed me on the neck and on the lips. As we were facing each other in a lateral position, the position was comfortable for us. His excitement was great. She finally took off her underwear and I took off my panties, gently resting the glans at the entrance of my wet vagina. At first he introduced only the glans interspersed with friction and touches of it on my clitoris. I clearly remembered the size and shape of his powerful cock, since although we never made love, he had masturbated him on several occasions and I knew him cm. to cm.
    Gradually, the penetrations deepened; I noticed for the first time how a powerful and powerful member invaded me gently but at the same time decisively. Incredibly, when I felt the entire throbbing phallus buried inside me, I had the feeling that I had been deflowered a second time.
    (to be continue)

  128.   Anonymous 2 said

    It is nice to read and share experiences especially when they are so well written. Good for Patri.

  129.   Carlos said

    THE PERSON WHO SENT IT TO ME IS STILL ASTONISHED AT WHAT HAPPENED, SINCE SHE SAYS SHE DID IT TO DO IT AND ASKED FOR SOMETHING THAT I THOUGHT ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE, LET US TRY. * For yourself say the name of the only person of the opposite sex with whom you want to be (three times ...) ... * Think of something you want to achieve within the next week and repeat it for yourself (six times) ... * Think of something that you want to happen between you and the special person (that you said in # 1) and say it to yourself (twelve times)… * Now make one last and final wish about the wish you chose. * After reading this you have 1 hour to send it to 15 topics and what you asked for will come true in 1 week. The more people you send it to, the stronger your wish will be made. If you choose to ignore this letter, the opposite of the wish will happen to you, or this will never happen ………… .. May your days be full of achievements and your nights of dreams copy and paste this in 15 or + topics

  130.   roberto said

    Hello, I am super in love with a married woman with children and we are the same age
    she is with me because she feels very good with me, I say it because she has told me
    It happens that her relationship with her husband is something of gratitude, in my point of view
    She tells me that she cannot leave him because he did many good things for her and helped in many things, but as he changed his way of being, she does not love him anymore, and that the biggest problem is that she has never had an orgasm with him, and with me, yes, I do make her feel like a woman, and she wants to be with me, good advice for me for favi

  131.   j carles said


  132.   Leinad said

    Some time ago I fell in love with a married woman and at first she spoke very well to me but after a detail I stopped doing it I believe in her and in her love I go for her leaving everything for what I have suffered I know that it is love because already It lasted a long time and I have not accepted any lover because all the time I am thinking of her, she has the most beautiful name there is: Cecilia.

  133.   fight said

    Hi, I fell in love with my sister-in-law who is my wife's sister, she is 20 years old and has a 1-year-old daughter and I 33 years old, I already took the first step, I play jokes on her and she even kisses her hands but she takes it as a joke And nothing else, what else can I do to finally take her to bed? Her husband works a lot but I see that he is attentive to her that is not very in my favor but it is true and she hardly laughs but I make her laugh

  134.   jimena said


    1.    Leinad said

      Calm baby believe me love is the strangest thing there is
      and not even you can know
      Who are you going to fall in love with and even if you try everything
      You can't get her out of your mind that's what I'm telling you because
      About 4 years ago I met her and out of respect for my partner
      I never spoke to her and today I want her more than my life.
      Hopefully it helps you bye.

  135.   Luis said

    What a post, why don't you put how to be a manipulative, liar, fatuous, conceited, superficial, and complusive liar? This post illustrates the infidel very well, and the one who falls into their networks, empty, flat, immature, limited people, and very, very, hypocritical and cynical. What there is to read…

  136.   hot men said

    Ramon, take a picture with your cock very stiff, write behind that you are going to fuck four like a bitch and that you fell in love, put the photo in an envelope and offer it to him in person, together with a red carnation and the word "I love you" very soft in her ear, and asking her to have a coffee or lunch; Immediately you walk away with a smile and when you leave work it is yours, I assure you that you fuck her very delicious on the day of the appointment, but then you will have to endure between dust and dust the chatter that she is going to release about her unhappy life next door of her husband, there you have to be attentive, and always giving her the reason and contributing malevolent ideas against her already cuckold husband, always giving your opinion, never your advice; while you listen to her you have to try to warm her again, to her ear and quietly, while you kiss her skin like a child, you whisper to her that you feel good with her, that her husband is ungrateful for not having valued her enough, how lucky you are You have to have her in your arms, ect, ect., there she will stop telling you about her life and warm your head, and will dedicate herself to kissing you and fattening your cock, it is time for her to fuck you like they never did in your life, now do not cut yourself more and unleash your lust man, suck her with vice and without sanity, put your cock in her mouth and tell her to look you in the eyes so she can see how you enjoy, you have to fuck her at intervals of morbid and sweetness, be soft and abrupt, affectionate and morbid, make her enjoy like a bitch, put her at four and whip her buttocks, ride her like a mare, you pull her by the hair and look for her lips, you say perverse things to her ear, finally xaval, I see you a little clumsy when you have it so easy, but do not forget one thing, if you get it you will have some org We are indescribable, but the problems will also begin, value it xaval and do not get into eleven-rod shirts, I do not see you very fine to deal with that woman, be careful.
    this is in response to Ramon's story

  137.   hot men said

    Luis, don't be mad, man ... surely you had a lot of sanity and broad horizons, a good moral level and even an excellent sexual power, you were direct and you never lacked the truth, good bearing ... in short, a human packet of virtues; but I am afraid that your wife did not follow in your wake and was rather something like what you describe in the last two lines of your speech, that is, a "victim" of an experienced and patient infidel. And you waking up from the limbo of the cuckolds.
    Calm down, Luisito will soon pass, who knows if one day you will not be a postin infidel,? I assure you that from the immense group of cuckolds, the flower that germinates and makes you an experienced infidel, only a few, the others follow in Babia. to see them come, so calm down and enjoy, relax man, you have a range of opportunities to have a good time, have something and get your smile back, and be a little more skull man.

  138.   hot men said

    Many of you are moving away from the essence of the post, here we talk about how to seduce a married woman, not about personal problems in depth, let's limit the post to that question, and everyone here with the ideas of some and from others we will come out with some benefit, this is a talk on how to improve our tactics with the experiences that are told, and help others in doubts, or take the first step, there are plenty of moralists, violent pissed off, and kaffirs, there are countless posts for people like them

  139.   The Taliban. 22 said

    I will put these good advice to work, a married woman fascinates me, but she never tells me anything, it will dawn and we will see bye ..

  140.   Luis e said

    I am crazy about a married woman, she separated but now she returned with her husband due to an economic factor, how can I keep her if I do not have money, if you can advise me, I appreciate it ..

  141.   jackson said

    It is good advice because I really am naturally sought out by married women or with boyfriends and this helps me more to have a better inelect at the time of seduction

  142.   Ramon said

    In spite of everything, I think the best thing is to signify yourself. Hanging around all day with a woman is a miserable waste of time.
    There are many ways to tell a girl that we like her, and that the situation also allows no one to get angry. A simple comment in the style of "With what I like you to me, ...!" done in public, it can greatly facilitate her to know what we have in mind. Once done, we just have to wait and see their reactions.
    That a woman knows what we like, frees us immediately and transfers doubts and fears to her.

    We, from then on to be friendly, smile, wink ... etc


  143.   Patri said

    Although I am a woman, I like to take a look at this forum from time to time and observe the tricks and strategies of men when it comes to conquering.
    The truth is that you are coming a mile away and the experience that I am about to relate comes in handy in line with what Ramón points out; You have to signify yourself, be noticed in a subtle way and know how to wait.
    My experience goes back more than two years. Anyone who has looked at the comments will already know my nik from «Patri».
    I am married and open-minded (for several years now).
    I really like clothes, dress well and they consider me elegant and attractive (Although I don't like to provoke at all).
    I usually go to a very famous shopping complex to see and buy clothes.
    Obviously, the employees and managers already know me, although I am not familiar with anyone.
    On one occasion a plant manager (always in a jacket suit and quite handsome and virile, a little younger than mine, came to my request to inform me about the quality of a garment. My husband was present although not attentive to the At the moment of showing me the quality of the garment we were both holding, he grabbed my hand, pressing it gently. He left me in one piece. I noticed how he trembled because of his unconscious audacity. I did not tell my husband about the mishap to avoid unnecessary problems.
    From then on he was correct with me, but every time I went to the mall I always noticed that I was nervous and kept going back and forth. He always greeted me discreetly and I reciprocated correctly; like this for more than a year ...
    (to be continue)

    1.    poncian said

      Hello Patri, I have read your comments and stories over the course of a few months and I have realized that I am interested in meeting you and it is not necessary that it be personally, it may be by this means that it is as impersonal as any other that does not allow us to see each other. the eyes while we speak I wait for an answer from your part even if it is a negative

      your admirer says goodbye

  144.   Patri said

    Taking advantage of the fact that I have free mornings, I want to continue remembering experiences. The truth is that I find it exciting, I focus on it.
    Nowadays I have, let's say, three-way relationships (my husband, my ex-boyfriend, and the plant manager of the shopping center that I will call "Juan" here). The truth is that the patience and discretion he showed ended up captivating me and fueling my ego. One morning shortly after opening time I walked over to the mall. He was always supervising around the plant or in the office area. I spent my time looking at clothes in a distracted way. After a moment I saw him, always so dressed, neat and manly. With a look I claimed his attention; to disguise she had a dress in her hands at the time. When he approached I told him directly. "Hi Juan, we've seen each other for a long time and I know you want to meet me, me too, look, go into the first fitting room and wait for me, I'll be back in a moment." The effect of my words was tremendous. He opened his eyes and I noticed how his pupils dilated. He began to stammer: "Ok, I'm going there, nobody usually comes in at this time."
    Indeed I knew that first thing in the morning there are few customers and the employees are sorting the clothes. I secretly saw him enter the fitting room; I slowly, after a little while, took another dress more and slowly went to the empty dressing room. There were five changing rooms, I quietly cleared my throat a little and immediately I saw how the last door was moving, without thinking about it I went in, I hung the dresses on the coat rack; him as he closed the latch. Without further ado and without saying anything, I began to caress his member through his pants ...
    (to be continue)

  145.   Kevin said

    Well, I was with a married woman but it lasted 5 days because it was only by chat when we were going to see the husband read all the messages that the shit is true she is 24 years old and I have 16 good a little older than me true

  146.   Patri said

    Perhaps it may surprise some of you that a woman can maintain a three-way relationship and maintain a balance. The explanation is to separate love from sex. The man has always been considered possessing this faculty: separating sex and love. The "secret" is to be clear in the relationship and not lie. In my case I have not looked for anything directly and I have been able to make things clear. I love my husband, the truth is neither of us are jealous, but although we are doing well sexually, it does not complete me. The sporadic relationships that I have with the other two are not possessive and serve as a sexual complement. There will be many and many who disagree, but I assure you that having and clearly stating the objectives, things can work very well. But beware! Discretion is essential and keeping in mind the enormous danger of this let's call it, I play with fire. This is only for very bold and cold-blooded people. Another day I will continue to reel off my experiences that I think may be interesting and useful.
    (to be continue)

  147.   Andrew said

    After reading your "thank you", in truth I do not see the point of having a relationship and I find it audacious that you say that you "love your husband", and this I do not say with a quiet or moralistic person, because while I have been single ... in good Chilean I have been very good for the webeo, always clear having things clear with the other person (s) ... but having a relationship, I have never been unfaithful ... what is the point of forming a relationship with Another person, if he is going to continue being with others ?? ... »the truth neither of us are jealous» ... are you sure of that? surely you say it because you are not in the place of your husband, being the cuckold.
    I am quite certain that just like you, 99% of those who have responded to this article are so obtuse of mind that it does not occur to them to think about what it would be like to be on the other side, being the husband.

    On the other hand, after reading many comments from guys who immediately seek to misuse the information provided in the article; wanting to use it only to "take a married woman to bed" or "make that little ass their own" or of old people who all they want is to eat a younger woman ... I am ashamed and angry, that there is garbage of a man of that guy, who doesn't give a shit about the other person's feelings and not to mention the fact that they are damaging a relationship simply because of the selfishness of "hitting the jackpot." Making a bad impression on all the other men who are really in love with a married woman and who have a real interest in making her happy and giving her the love, affection and security that a "good woman" deserves.

    As a reflection, never take your partner for granted, no one is the owner of anyone ... our partner is with us because she loves him, because she likes our company ... and it is only up to us to keep it that way; conquering a person does not end the moment you sign a paper or have a child, it is a constant and periodic task, just like breathing or eating. The only truly special thing that two lovers can give to their partners and that no one else can give them, is the exclusivity of their body ... if they are not able to take care of and respect that ... they do not deserve to have a relationship

  148.   Andrew said

    Patri, After reading your "thank you", I really don't see the point in having a relationship and I find it audacious to say that you "love your husband", and I am not saying this with a mild-mannered or moralistic person, because while I have been single ... in good Chilean I have been very good for the webeo, always clear having things clear with the other person (s) ... but having a relationship, I have never been unfaithful ... what is the point of forming one relationship with another person, if you are going to continue to be with others ?? ... "The truth is neither of us are jealous" ... are you sure of that? surely you say it because you are not in the place of your husband, being the cuckold.
    I am quite certain that just like you, 99% of those who have responded to this article are so obtuse of mind that it does not occur to them to think about what it would be like to be on the other side, being the husband.

    On the other hand, after reading many comments from guys who immediately seek to misuse the information provided in the article; wanting to use it only to "take a married woman to bed" or "make that little ass their own" or of old people who all they want is to eat a younger woman ... I am ashamed and angry, that there is garbage of a man of that guy, who doesn't give a shit about the other person's feelings and not to mention the fact that they are damaging a relationship simply because of the selfishness of "hitting the jackpot." Making a bad impression on all the other men who are really in love with a married woman and who have a real interest in making her happy and giving her the love, affection and security that a "good woman" deserves.

    As a reflection, never take your partner for granted, no one is the owner of anyone ... our partner is with us because she loves him, because she likes our company ... and it is only up to us to keep it that way; conquering a person does not end the moment you sign a paper or have a child, it is a constant and periodic task, just like breathing or eating. The only truly special thing that two lovers can give to their partners and that no one else can give them, is the exclusivity of their body ... if they are not able to take care of and respect that ... they do not deserve to have a relationship

  149.   Patri said

    As it was first thing in the morning, the fitting room was very quiet, so we were able to act more calmly. At the same time that he caressed his member through his pants, we began to kiss. Suddenly we part and undress from the waist down without saying a word. We put the clothes on the rack. the truth is that not even in my most sensual dreams could I have imagined a more powerful member. The hardness of the erection stood out in him (for me the best quality), it also had a striking thickness.
    At the moment I gently grasped the phallus and began to caress myself like a brush: the clitoris, the outer lips… To all this he held me by the buttocks. I have to say that we are practically the same height (with heels I a little taller). Little by little I began to insert the member into my vagina with slight movements, first the glans and little by little more ... With my right hand I held and directed the penetration. After a while I withdrew my hand when lubrication and arousal were optimal and I let myself be totally impaled. We remained in the center of the fitting room, I felt the beating of the powerful phallus inside me. We already started a more vigorous piston movement and longer travel. I loved being skewered to the very base of the balano ». This first time I realized that he could not reach orgasm so I asked him to ejaculate outside. Since his excitement was also great, we accelerated the movements, the truth was a bit out of step. Suddenly he pulled out the member and jerked off quickly. I watched, fascinated, how three jets of semen came out and fell at my feet. Without commenting on anything, we got dressed and I opened the changing room to check that there was no one. At my direction he came out and told me: "now I'll be back." He returned with a cloth with which he collected the semen. I went out first with the dresses in hand. I left. This first round I had won.
    (to be continue)

  150.   HAROLD said


  151.   FRANKLIN said


    1.    juan pablo said

      90 percent of women are unfaithful, a woman never falls in love feels a whim and when a man gives himself completely they do what they want, as a general rule, a man becomes a guevara behind a woman but In general they are screaming infidels, they fuck a lot ...... any married woman who likes them and the more they are very healthy and scrupulous, the more unfaithful they are, I am 45 years old and I am a lover of more than 30 married women and in reality I do not They are looking for me and I am ugly I have no presence that is why I distrust my wife although I do not jealous her at all that is why she says that I do not love her but as the old saying says with the measuring rod it will be measured ... ..nuynca show them that they are interested, just be kind to them and never be rude with a woman either, or just be nice and make them rich and never get rid of them and don't let one go.

    2.    crunchy said

      There are no mommy fucking daddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152.   apprentice said

    Thank you very much, I will put and practice those tips, I hope to be successful, it will be my first time

  153.   Armando said

    Thanks to all who have shared their advice and / or experiences, each of us will take them as best suits him and apply them in the same way. Greetings to all, especially Patri.

  154.   fito8362 said

    The truth is that it helped me not to lose what I have had for so long, my wife, and as I always say, you never stop learning.
    Congratulations and thanks for the tips

  155.   Js said

    A coworker constantly seduced me, but since I was already married I ignored her and she began to move away from me, one day I began to notice her and I seduced her, I thought she was not going to want to but I was surprised that she accepted because She already has a suitor, although she tells me she doesn't like him, the fact is that I had relations with her and then she told me that all she wanted was to have a child and if she didn't want to, she wouldn't look for me anymore and that she would stay as a mother single, she wants again and she tells me that I am the chosen one and that is why she gave me her virginity, I don't know what to do because I do want to have sex with her because her body attracts me, but I don't want anything else with her and I don't know what to say to her about what he proposes to me to get her pregnant, if someone can give me some advice because her great body drove me crazy.

  156.   anonymous2011 said

    haha to take care of the jermu !!!

  157.   orlando said

    Sick menud @ s, infidelity and betrayal is the lowest of the human being !!!

  158.   capturist said

    Someone who reads this I like my mother-in-law because she has given me reasons to notice her
    I don't have a wife, I live with my children (3) she helps me a lot and I admit it; but I don't know how to tell him what I think with the fear of watering it and sending it very far.
    and the worst thing is that he no longer continues to help me as you see ………
    some advice xfis I thank you
    someone with their own experience and to advise me.
    bye thank you I appreciate it

  159.   Giancarlo Bautista said

    Conquering a married woman is the easiest thing in the world, first of all show her character, if a woman reads this they will understand that it is something that they value a lot, if they come to a meeting or a party of friends, take her out to dance and show her how good she is. you are, no woman can resist that, then approach her as if there was no interest, but approach and talk about her problems and give her advice, from time to time some jokes, that she catches you looking at her and voila she will declare herself to you ...
    I'm going three and all with children ... but it started without wanting to ... I confess it, the only thing I do not know, is that it will be their husbands ... they will do the same to me? Who knows, but nobody can take it away from you.

  160.   jj said

    Hello, I am in a situation that I do not know what to do, what do you recommend? It is a woman who has two children, she has a good husband, he is my brother-in-law and I really like the woman but I don't know if she likes me but I have already looked at some signs We have even lived together in the same house and I would like to be with her as I do to be with her also I am aware that she has relations with her husband at the same time well she is practically something neglected that I can do

  161.   Juan said

    Well, I recommend to the one above that you seek to talk with said woman about personal issues and from there begin to find out her status, that will allow you to analyze your possibilities. If you discover that you have any chance you have to go very slowly and finally I recommend reading the previous comments, good luck.

  162.   Your daddy said


  163.   erick said

    I have a situation according to the subject, I like a married woman, she is about 35 years old more or less but I am 18 years old and she also has 2 small children, the husband is one of those paunchy men, you know ... she is a little I admit it plump but she has a very pretty face, so far I don't even know what to do, whether to wait a few years or go cheering myself up and taking risks at the same time, I have tried to establish eye contact and sometimes it has worked and I have looked at her more However, in order not to see myself so obvious, I diverted my gaze after a few seconds, sometimes she, since she is a neighbor of mine, I see that she leaves her house and if I get to be outside, I have also tried to hide it, not even turning her to see haha esque more than anything sometimes I get nervous that he is going to realize that I like him and laugh at me or something.
    But also a few days ago something happened and I do not know if it is an indication that she likes it: I was outside with a friend and well, she left her house, the truth is that then sometimes it is common to see married women, with very pants. guango, flip-flops and a very loose jacket too and her hair very messy lol as if she had just got up and well I tell you she was going out but she had not seen my friend and me because she kind of came out with her head down and already at the beginning To walk, she looked up (like she was going to the store or something like that) and when she looked at us she turned around and almost when she went into her house I turned to see her sideways and I saw that before getting in when she opened her door He stared at me for a moment and then he got in, my friend, how I trust him, I told him that I liked her and then it occurred to us that maybe she got in because she was sorry that I saw her dressed up, because if she had come back because He forgot the money or aglo because he immediately comes out again but he no longer knows I messed up that time, that's why I think it has to do with whether I attract him.

    Finally I hope I have not extended myself too much but I would like your opinion and experienced advice.

  164.   tony said

    Very good contribution I will have to put it into practice since I like the stylist where I go from the first day she liked me a lot and I still like too much !! the truth would be my first time that I have a relationship with a married woman! at the same time I feel strange but I like to feel like that! I do not know if I explain myself! when at the end he washes my hair, it all bristles when he passes his hands !!! she has children!!! I told her that I go out on weekends and she tells me that she wants to go out !! but I do not know what happens to me that I do not dare to tell him that we go out !! I do not know if I only see her in the way that she is my stylist and not as a friend !! I need tips!!!

  165.   mane said

    lilianita aunk are you married you know that I love you and that I am going to try everything so that we can be together..I will wait for you if that is not enough I do not know what else to do ... forget you I can not pikita I love you

  166.   mane said

    lilianita aunk are you married you know that I love you and that I am going to try everything so that we can be together..I will wait for you if that is not enough I do not know what else to do ... forget you I can not pikita I love you
    I love you very much

    1.    George said

      Hypocrites Do you not understand what God has commanded you from the beginning of time when God created Adam, he said it is not good for the man to be alone and he created a suitable woman for him and told the man because of fornication the man will leave father and mother and join his wife.
      and He said to MAN as a SACRED AND DEATH COMMANDMENT you will not desire your neighbor's wife ...

    2.    THE ILLUMINATED said

      we learn as much as we suffer… ..

  167.   George said

    Hypocrites Do you not understand what God has commanded you from the beginning of time when God created Adam, he said it is not good for the man to be alone and he created a suitable woman for him and told the man because of fornication the man will leave father and mother and join his wife.
    and said to MAN as a SACRED AND DEATH COMMANDMENT you will not desire your neighbor's wife

    1.    R1 said


  168.   Emmanuel said

    I am a young married man and currently I have my wife and two others and the other two are married and this article only gives you ideas to get married but the true guide to conquer or seduce a woman is to be yourself and always sincere with The truth and they will never have problems, I told my partners from the beginning I am married and they both know it and I have been with them for 12 years and the three felises of course that the wife does not know about the others and the others do not know more than The wife I know is not okay what I do but I love them and they love me even though we are married we all always help each other in everything clear always without knowing that we are together well this is my point and a bit of my story

  169.   youngster said

    The truth is that I have seen all the comments, some good and some bad according to my point of view, I think that one should not mess with married women even if they are very appetizing and rich, I have read some of the comments that Patri makes and the truth is She makes a very naughty or whore and what she tells is pure lies that makes me shoot the stories of a sex novel or something similar, but in the end that is another story.
    I am a sinner and I know that I am wrong but you do not condemn yourself, listen to this testimony and do not cheat on your wives or mess with married women it is pure and simple common sense, and please pray for me so that GOD forgives all my impure acts ,
    thanks for reading me even if some misjudge me, thanks

  170.   Natalia said

    LOVE PRAYER spell to think of you! With great faith! Read this sentence carefully and do what it tells you without ignoring the steps it asks you to follow, because otherwise you will only get the opposite results of what you ask for. Think of the person you want to be with and say their name to you 3 times. Think about what you want to happen to this person in the next week and repeat it for yourself 6 times. Now think about what you want with that person and say it once. and now say ... Ray of light I invoke you to dig up -name of the person- from where he is or with whom he is and make him call me in love and repentant today. Dig up everything that is preventing -his name- from coming to me -our name-. Set aside all those who contribute to us moving away and that he does not think more of other women than only think of me -our name- That he call me and love me. thank you, thank you for your mysterious power that always fulfills what is asked of it. Then you have to post the sentence three times, on three different sites.

  171.   Hugo said

    How can I take my cousin's wife to bed without saying anything to my cousin I need help she is my neighbor has a little body I sent her a little piece of paper telling her if she accepted a piece of paper and she didn't answer me and apparently she didn't get angry

  172.   brian muriel said

    I think the best way to seduce a woman is with dances
    erotic or giving them massages, in this way she will feel more relaxed.

    How to make love to a man

  173.   Vdj Vinnie said

    add me

  174.   Zamuel Nunes said

    I fell in love with a married woman and I can't forget it.

  175.   mau71 said

    Hahaha you know? It is good to read these types of articles, to know what women should NOT comment on in front of "profiteers." Women are precious and beautiful human beings and NO ONE has the right to use us as pieces of meat. If men are not remembered, we have feelings. Do not make "firewood from the fallen tree", you do not know if you are going to pay for it with one of the women of the same family or do you not remember your daughters, sisters and even your poor mothers? Let's see, now, # dance this top on a nail for me ».

  176.   Wilder Diaz said

    I want to sleep with my duegra who is but rich as I do someone to help me

  177.   alex said

    4 years ago I went with a separated woman, we loved each other but it ended after 4 months, then she returned to her husbands and we were lovers for almost 2 years ... something I learned is not to harass too much, to call her when she tells you that she can now Do not pressure her into something else, and to support her in everything .. of course she was unstable in character. Anything I told her about the matter bothered her and I created problems .. if being discreet helps too much and try to pass the time that I can give you very well .. the case is that it is over and he left me x a guy with more character and her husband too hahaha well it hurt but even today she is my friend and I hope to be with her in bed soon .. the detail is that fucking destiny is I made fun of my life 2 years ago I met another married woman, we were friends and everything but from January to the date it is June I started to chatter that I no longer put the batteries with her and so one day I called her about work and She told me that her husband was going to buy her another car and I told her that well serve And you invite me there, she told me that I was the one who should invite her, the case is that another day I spoke to her and she told me that she was bored and then I did not invite her because she did not want to go out, I had we left a few days later and we only went out to ke She will scold me by telling me that only friends were there, if her husband was not there, then there would be a chance ... I behaved as we all know by supporting, helping by looking a little for her and her children by throwing compliments, staring at her and talking to her in a double sense and looking at her and making her laugh a lot , I thought that she had already traveled a good way but the truth is that she has put up barriers somewhat for her husband that she has already realized. I am nobody to judge him but he is a first-rate alcoholic and even irresponsible with her and her children, he often makes her cry ... .. the fact is that now, since he has distanced himself a little, he hardly calls me or I and just like he says a piece of advice I gave him help but I also repeated it a bit, I have done my tactics .. unfortunately I have not fanned him a kiss x respect, I told him I want to see you and he told me that he called me .. honestly he is very interested not x his physical ke if it is nice if not inside .. today I am stuck and I do not know what to do xq the truth if I'm interested and as well as I gave them some advice because I hope some
    Remember not to harass all day except when you know that the husband is there, do not touch on marriage issues, do not take a role beyond what you are, I mean the lover, that does not work, do not be jealous of the husband since this annoys them, the last one Always keep in mind that it is someone else's, that it is not your own, and that it will not have our availability ...

  178.   alex said


  179.   mika said

    Beautiful women can be intimidating. They're attractive, they're confident, and they can get any guy they want, right? You will surely think that you are not attractive or confident enough to date a girl like that, right?
    I can show you that you are wrong
    I have slept with countless women. Models, successful business women, and even some college girls.
    I'm a normal guy, even a little geek. But I learned how to seduce women much prettier and more successful than me. Let me tell you the secrets in this book that you can download if you want to sleep with many women.
    Download here:

  180.   RE said


    1.    anonymous said

      If your mom is going to catch her

  181.   Alejandro Fernandez said

    Hello, very good advice but, you have to take into account when a woman's temperament is of some level of primitivism and shyness is her natural emotional state, it is very difficult to even get close and it is finally frustrating the response of a message, of any Nature ... As long as they are single, the married woman should continue as she is, unless she decides otherwise and the opposite includes the "fate or good fortune" of an ending, it is not healthy to lie, I write with one hand because a jealous husband amputated the other ... hehehe, it's a joke, it's not true but it is very possible so, the woman is better alone, if you want to get closer ...


  182.   Diego said

    This is very virgin, and the comments more ...

  183.   Alejandro said

    This type of article is absurd. Why the hell would I mess with a married woman? It's easier for me to think that what I could do to another man's wife would be done to my wife. Don't do what you don't want done to you. As simple as that.

  184.   said said

    I'm 19 years old and I like a 45-year-old married woman and I want to fuck her and send her and I can't tell me how I do her I see her every day and and nothing I can talk to her how I do

  185.   Salt said

    Everything is very interesting, I am a woman, they are pretty with a good body, and what happens to womanizers, I see a man who catches my attention, and I am not at peace until we fuck, several times, that is. I make go to heaven and go down to hell with pure pleasure haho the unimaginable in love. Until I see next time that I want to do it, then I get bored, and and I lose interest, I quit. And I'm going for the next one I have in mind. Which of all the brave, who call themselves conquerors, dares to make me fall in love.

  186.   Jacks said

    That hurts as most people think. Having a relationship with a married woman is ADULTERY. It is one of the worst sins before God and has serious consequences. Among others, a relationship is built from a person's pain, it attracts poverty, it generates hatred and arguments in families, illnesses and curses in children and grandchildren. And the worst death among adulterers, as the Bible says.

  187.   abraham said

    Hello everyone, I hope someone answers this because it urges me ... I love my mother-in-law and I want to sleep with her as many times as we want ... she is 37 years old and I am 19 and has a strong character besides that she tells almost everything to her partner ... from what my girlfriend tells me she is easy but the truth is that I see her complicated ... I would like someone to help me fulfill my fantasy with some advice I hope someone answers me urgently
    PS I suspect that I attract her because she sees me a lot and when I'm shirtless, she sees me very sneakily HELP PLEASE !!!!!

  188.   THE ILLUMINATED said

    The truth is that all these idiots who comment on wanting to conquer a married woman who swear before God to be in good times and in bad times until death separates them from the love of his life, at 15 years of age I consider myself more mature that all these depraved with incoherent and stupid fantasies in wanting to destroy a family of a woman who already formed a family, and is part of the pillar that supports the love between her and her loved ones.

  189.   Lara luiz said

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  190.   fer said

    I believe that those who annoy a married woman are the worst people there is for destroying a relationship.

  191.   Francisco said

    I feel a great attraction with a married friend of my sister, I think the attraction is reciprocal since sometimes we look into each other's eyes and we smile or when we say hello or say goodbye, if it is not she, it is me who touches the other's arm. I do not know if it will be my ideas that there may be something and I do not know how to move forward

  192.   Authorless said

    I am trying to connect with my aunt, she shows daring behaviors towards me, I am twice her daughter's age, and well I sent her a message, and she tells me to stay a secret between us and to only send her a message when I am alone