How to masturbate a woman

How to masturbate a woman

The idea is quite widespread that men do not know how to make women enjoy sex and that they are the selfish ones who have orgasm and women are left with the desire. It is normal to think that women are more complicated since they have "many buttons or keys" down there and it is difficult to know where to touch. In men it is an easier task. So never be offended by thinking that women do it better, they just have it easier. To bridge that gap that creates a disadvantage between both sexes, here comes the manual of how to masturbate a woman.

We will explain everything to you, step by step so that you learn well the tricks to make a woman reach orgasm easily.

Touching a woman is a difficult task?

Sex with partner

Not all women are the same or like the same. This must be taken into account when thinking that everything that is said here is useful for each and every one of the women with whom you manage to sleep. Not much less. For what one woman can be the blessing of pleasure, another can find it bland.

Although it is believed that women have many little buttons, they only have one that, by touching it, you can make a woman climax. It's about the clitoris. Sometimes it is difficult to think what the woman is liking at that moment, but it is just a matter of practicing knowing where to give and putting it into practice over and over again until you improve your technique.

It is important to understand that the female anatomy it is quite delicate and in those areas there are lots of nerve endings. This means that the slightest touch can cause both pleasure and pain. The clitoris is located inside the vagina and from there to that many times during penetration the arms of the same can be stimulated. It is an organ dedicated solely to pleasure and measures between 8 and 10 cm.

How to touch the clitoris

Female masturbation

What we know as the clitoris is only the glans of the clitoris as if it were a penis. It is true that the entire vulva is sensitive to stroking and tapping, although it is especially satisfactory for women if the area is lubricated. For this to happen, the preliminaries are essential. When we are heating up the situation, the lubrication begins to come out and it is easier for it to take place and to help us to give more pleasure. Sometimes this lubrication takes a little while to come out. It depends on the arousal of the woman and her genetics.

As soon as you can, put your finger a little into the entrance of the vagina, dip it in the lubrication and begin to touch the clitoris. If the woman does not lubricate well or you do not want to wait for her to lubricate herself, you can use a lubricating gel or your own saliva.

You cannot go directly to the glans of the clitoris until you notice that the labia majora has increased in size. If you do this, it can be annoying if the woman is not fully aroused.

The most classic movement is to place the index and middle fingers on top of the clitoris and perform movements in the form of circles. You can also try moving your fingers from one side to the other and moving your fingers up and down to generate friction and that the woman likes it.

Make sure that the area is always lubricated at all times, or it will stop liking you to annoy you. The ideal is to maintain eye contact with the partner so that you can better understand each other and raise your libido. Check to see if what you're doing is liking her by how she changes her posture, makes noises, or is completely relaxed. If the woman is tense, whatever you do, she won't like it.

And is that many women get nervous during sex. This can happen because they do not know if they are going to give the man pleasure, because they feel bad about themselves for their body, they are ashamed, etc. There are a thousand and one reasons why women worry during sex and become tense. If this happens, they will not be able to orgasm well. If you are with a tense woman, it is better that you caress her leg, belly or kiss her while you masturbate.

How to masturbate a woman in a correct way

Woman enjoying

With your fingers you can go over the labia majora and minora to cause more pleasure. You can separate the index and middle fingers to travel the inside up or down and always do it carefully. The lips are very pleasant and you just have to press a little and slide.

Forget everything you see in porn videos. You do not have to tap the clitoris or move your hands from side to side as if we were playing a guitar. The speed at which we move our hands can be interesting, but without applying force. As we accelerate the speed at which we touch her clitoris, we will be increasing the force with which we do it without wanting to.

For women, doing this is one of the worst nightmares just as we would not like to be jerked off super fast and hard. The G-spot is the best way to start giving pleasure to a woman. When the woman already has a high arousal, you can insert your fingers into her vagina but without penetrating completely. It is exciting according to many women. Hence, they say "just the tip."

You can start by inserting only one finger and, if you see the vagina very dilated, you can insert the other. Touch directly to point G. To find it, it is as easy as sticking your fingers up, and you will feel the pelvic bone. This is where you have to touch as if you wanted to touch the navel. You can make movements to one side and to the other as if you were scraping a pot of some sauce.

You can also apply some pressure to the area, but don't forget to do it carefully. The fact of putting in and taking out the penis does not bring much pleasure to women (and even to some it does not give any). Thus, Always focus on clitoral stimulation. When you notice that she is more aroused, increase the rate of masturbation and you will see that she begins to moan or move her pelvis down. This is when you will reach orgasm.

Hope these tips help you know how to masturbate a woman.

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