How to make friends and influence people

ways to learn how to make friends and influence people

There are many people who find it difficult to make friends either because they work long hours, neglect friendships, dedicate themselves only to their partner or have not paid much attention to them during their life. Being able to influence other people and win friendships is something that many people seek. Therefore, here we will teach you some tips and tricks to learn how to make friends and influence people.

If you want to learn how to make friends and influence people, this is your post.

Importance of friendships

make friends

Today's ancient philosophers and scientists agree that the key to happiness is our relationship with others. It does not matter if you are a prestigious professional, you earn a lot of money and you have the right to travel freely, if you want to go or contribute to the welfare of humanity, it does not matter. If you don't feel loved and appreciated, you will never be truly happy.

Sharing life with friends is so important to staying in good shape that everything else seems secondary. However, On average every 7 years, we lose half of our friendships. If we don't take any steps to make up for this loss, one day we will wake up to find that we have no real friends.

But making friends is difficult. First of all, because many people believe that friendship should "come into being" naturally, and the opposite is not to be authentic. But the main reason is the lack of continuity. So easy. Constant contact is one of the pillars of friendship. Do you remember when you were a kid? You used to meet classmates almost every day, but now you have a job or family, it's almost impossible. So if you can make connections outside of professional relationships, your workplace may be one of the best places to make friends. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to make new friends as you get older.

Techniques on how to make friends and influence people

Group of friends

As we have mentioned, as time goes by, it becomes more difficult to make new friends. Therefore, there are some tricks to learn how to make friends the foot in people. Let's see what these basic techniques are:

  • Set a time limit at the beginning so he knows he won't get caught up in a conversation with you and makes him feel more comfortable.
  • Show real interest by turning your whole body towards him. Say his name frequently and make sure he knows your name as soon as possible.
  • Asking you for a small favor (the so-called Ben Franklin effect that the Pennsylvania governor won praise from political opponents).

These little techniques are very useful to like more, but they are not usually enough to create a true friendship relationship.

5 steps to learn how to make friends and influence people

how to make friends and influence people

Social psychology has been able to show that friendship relationships are built from similarity and proximity. That is, a person who is similar to you and with whom you can spend a lot of time. Let's see what are the 5 steps to learn how to make friends and influence people:

Staying close to the person

Physical proximity is essential to strengthen friendships. The more you connect with someone, the more they will understand your character and the more they will trust. This is why we generally make friends with our neighbors or the people who sit next to us. No matter what you have in common, proximity can work. This is the so-called "exposure effect" and it has been widely studied: simply seeing someone will generally make you like them more.

Therefore, the best place to make new friends is where you spend most of your time. If you want to befriend someone in particular, try to sit close to them at work, at meals, or at parties, and be as consistent as possible.

Show our vulnerability

If you've started dating this person frequently, it's time to show confidence. Many people believe that you should not open up too early or show weakness in a relationship. The important thing is to appear confident and secure so that others can trust them. However, it is quite the opposite. Weakness is strength. Even if we share personal experiences with someone we just met, we can stay in touch with our best friends in less than an hour.

The strongest bond that can be formed between two people is trust. When you expose fear or insecurity, you are giving confidence. Some of the topics with which you can give confidence can be the following:

  • Your childhood dream
  • What you learned from a past romantic relationship
  • What would you improve in the relationship with your family
  • What worries you most in the short term
  • How do you feel at this moment in life

Have something in common

If you share some personal information about yourself, or at the same time, your goal is to find similarities, because we can better connect with people who we think are more like us. But in this case, quantity is better than quality. The key is how many similarities you can find, not some particularly similar things.. When you still don't know each other well, finding something in common can seem complicated, but it is usually easy, as long as you are more interested in what that person is talking than talking so much about yourself.

Sometimes it is something as simple as simply asking him what he does in his spare time. In this way, you already have 80% of the way.

Ask about emotions

Refer back to something you have in common but in a much more personal way. For example, if you discover that you are both the parents of a girl, instead of just celebrating that similarity and talking about how beautiful she is, ask him how he is living this stage of his life.

How to make friends and influence people: get out of the rut

Finally, if you are two people who share work, you have to try to find something that is different. In this way, you can also enjoy each other. Get out of the routine It is essential to establish new connections since experiences are lived together.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to make friends and influence people.

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