How to make a girl laugh

How to make a girl laugh

There is no doubt that on a first date or any of the reunions, we always want how to make a girl laugh Fun and laughter are two aspects that prevail so that everything goes at a good pace.

If insecurity seizes you there is nothing like being yourself, but we can always use the tool of laughter to be able to make dating fun and prepare you for many more appointments. There are certain tips that can help even if it seems impossible, and here we detail them below.

Having the script learned is never too much

You can have the script learned on the theme you want to contribute with funny stories. But it doesn't have to be noted that you always use it on every date, but rather it has to be part of youof your own nature.

Funny anecdotes create a lot of fun, they show the natural personality of each person and where they recreate a state like anyone else's, but with grace. Has something happened to you in the past where it could be fun? For example, have you ever left the house with house slippers? Perhaps it is one of those little ones that you can count with grace.

How to make a girl laugh

Find a repertoire of funny comments and memorize them

The monologues that are provided in many online videos They can help us use them as small comments and thus use them on a daily basis. Memorize them and use them as if they were part of you, do not formalize them if they are not practical or are not considered part of your personality, since you do not want to give the wrong image. What is said in a forced way at the end will be noticed.

Is not more learn the jokes that people tell and that you find them very funny. Choose the ones that have the most impact and use them for everyday moments of the day, surely one of them fits or you can count on when you are with that girl.

Create your own humor independently

For those jokes or mini monologues that you want to use can be practiced in front of a mirror. If they are not part of your personality, you can exercise with the same words and adapt it to how are you until it fits you perfectly. You have to make sure that express themselves naturally, without seeming forced or out of tune.

Must look for all the ways that make you laugh, but let it be your own. You can't do imitations of other people when it's not your thing, but if mimicry on another plane is your thing, you should try it. Think of all the things that really make you laugh to your friends and apply them, if you doubt what they are, you can ask them.

How to make a girl laugh

Traditional situations are very funnys where events that have occurred at different times are recounted. It can be the case of something that has happened with friends and where you have felt committed with funny connotations.

Even if you have known that girl for a long time, you can add a funny memory to your conversation, always likes to commemorate acts where they have that spark of grace. If, for example, the girl is a sports lover, you can apply something that has happened to you related to it and where It ended horribly and somewhat ridiculously.

See what that woman is like so you can use grace notes

If it's the first time you meet that girl you should pay attention to what his personality is like. He first tries to talk to her, pay attention to the details of her clothes and her accessories, so that you can use an argument according to how she is. Do you like any kind of music? Any fun show?

This way you can use some annotation accordingly, but at no time use any comments that could make them uncomfortable, such as those that affect their integrity or that are sexist.

How to make a girl laugh

learn to laugh at yourself

You can laugh at yourself, but without ridiculing yourself or pretending that you are something impossible. It would only be detailing things that are not very important for her to focus on those small details and make her laugh.

Without meaning to, you are proving that are you able to laugh at yourself and that you still maintain a relaxed attitude and feel good about who you are. You can make a comment about something you have been wearing on a specific day and relate it to something funny and awkward where something has happened. In this way you create a salty environment.

Although these tips work, you should not review these comments about yourself too much, since it can become very uncomfortable. that she thinks you are someone very bland. You just have to show that funny things can happen on many occasions and that it never hurts to laugh about those events or at yourself. In this way, this situation says a lot about that person.

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