How to make a girl fall in love with WhatsApp

How to make a girl fall in love with WhatsApp

Social networks are the greatest advantage to be able to connect or flirt with someone. If you need conquer a woman on WhatsApp you should know that there are some little tricks you can apply in your conversations. We know that it is much more feasible to communicate occasionally using this app and not by using your phone's calling feature.

In order to use it correctly we will give you the best options for conquer a person. Doing it this way is a matter of use it very calmly, without expecting the dialogues to be very continuous and without expecting the other person to be on the line continuously.

Your goal

Your objective is what has to be clear within what you are going to allow yourself with or without limitations. It is important to note that who you are going to write to is a natural person and that you will interact with their interests and emotions.

The start of a conversation it may be important. A simple 'hello' can be quite shy and leaving waiting for what they will answer us, but always you can create interest. What do you think of a how are you? How did it go? or 'I was remembering you'. It may denote interest, but we are sure you like it.

If you don't meet her in person you can use humor, Always works. You can mention a photo or something related to what you have seen. Use unanswered questions, as imagination catches interest of the other person. You can talk about music, about places you have visited or mention phrases to remember. You can even put it in your statuses, so that it also creates interest and wants to use them personally.

How to make a girl fall in love with WhatsApp

Show interest, but don't give it too much power

It's okay to show your interest and start forming a kind of complicity with that girl. To women they like sincerity and attention, but without being excessive. I don't like to see a boy who continually gets lost in talking and flatter a girl, or let her stay online all day waiting for a conversation.

Try to make him see that conversations are not the most important, but to meet you face to face. Your interest must be present, you have to offer your company at all times and remind them that you are there for what i need. A nice touch is to remember when you leave work or finish your day of class, at that moment you can ask how it went.

Use emoticons

It is nice to use emoticons to be able to make clear what it feels like without words. We really like to see how the emotions of the person we interact with are like. But as a recommendation it is not good to use them constantly, it may seem childish.

How to make a girl fall in love with WhatsApp

Take care of your spelling and the way you write

Spelling is the best thing to watch out for when writing. It will be your best tool when communicating, since take care of grammar it is a fact that matters for many women. Also do not use challenging language that can make a woman uncomfortable. They are very grateful the careful and formal messagesThey do not have to appear offensive or arrogant.

Furthermore, don't overdo it. Nobody likes to read a lot and look at very long paragraphs. Must be direct and conciseLet the conversation flow naturally and easily. When texts are written that are too long, it can seem like someone desperate, without a social life and therefore gives a feeling of heaviness. You can check how his way of speaking is and if he likes the high quality or the size of the texts. If she is very precise and likes short sentences, then you have to reply with her example.

How to make a girl fall in love with WhatsApp

Play the mysterious

It's a good tactic and it turns out create a hook with the other person. It takes a while to reply to his messages and let him drop how you are little by little. Your social life, your work, your hobbies ... all this can be discovered on a first date, if he really wants to meet you. But in the meantime make him hook on you trying give that touch of mystery.

You can anticipate in some questions, know how to wait in not answering immediately and always creating uncertainty. It is something that catches and will seek an answer to everything you expose. Thus will have you in mind because you have challenged him to be someone mysterious.

Use their name in conversations, do not use diminutives or take confidence in giving nicknames. Show confidence in everything you say and also interested, although in part. As we have already commented, it is a matter of have a neutral conversation, don't look like you're desperate. Flirting is ideal, notes of humor, phrases of encouragement and put a bit of romance. Do not forget that before sending them you have to do a review of what you've written, To not make mistakes.

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