How to know if you are in love

Surely it has happened to you that you have known a person for days established bonds with her to such an extent that you do not know if you are falling in love with her or him. There are many people who confuse feelings when dealing with certain people who are part of our life more and more frequently. Therefore, we are going to give here some tips on how to know if you are in love.

How do you know if you are in love? Here we tell you everything.

Love: something subjective

Since love is subjective depending on the type of person we are dealing with, we are going to offer some advice based on science. We have all ever wondered if we are in love with someone. However, it is possible that what you feel at that moment is not lovebut simply a strong attraction.

Most people compare the current situation with the previous ones and it can lead to the most confusion. There are feelings that are clearer than others and it can lead to some confusion when it comes to knowing if you are in love or not. There is no scientific or practical method that helps us know 100% how to know if you are in love. Since there is no computer algorithm that helps us solve these questions of the heart, we should ask ourselves the question to know if we are really in love or what we are feeling is something temporary.

What we are clear about is that love is based on 3 basic principles: passion, intimacy and commitment. These basic principles should be at a high level to make it more likely that you are in love with a person. It is necessary that you must spend time or meet that person since, otherwise, it will only be an initial attraction. To know the degree to which you are, you must answer several questions without expecting that all of them can be answered with a yes or no. To determine how to know if you are in love, you have to answer questions specific enough to be able to have somewhat clearer ideas.

How to know if you are in love

How to know if you are in love

We are going to ask some basic questions that you should ask yourself if you want to know if you are in love or not.


Although passion in these cases is essential, it is not the only thing necessary to know if you are in love. This is one of the first steps and, therefore, the questions are related to this feeling. The first thing is know how often you think of the other person. If this person is present in your thoughts on a daily basis, it is likely that they begin to be someone more important to you.

The second thing is to know if you miss that person when they are and apart. The need to see a person more frequently and spend and spend time with them is enough to establish a bond somewhat closer than a simple friendship. Finally, something related to passion is yes it is exciting or exhilarating to see the person. There are times when we feel comfortable with a person for the simple fact that he understands them and we understand each other well. However, it is important to recognize whether seeing this person is something exciting that awakens feelings of euphoria or what is known as "the bug."

Given this point, if you have answered no to the second question in the passion section, you do not need to continue doubting the person. It's just a temporary attraction.


To know if you are in love with a person you must take intimacy into account. It is associated with the person you like but in a more platonic way. That is, although you may like a person a lot, it is the sun, friendship, if passion is lacking as sexual attraction, you cannot be in love. If you combine intimacy and passion, they may lead you to love.

You have to know how connected you feel to the other person. If the connection eIt is very likely that you will get hooked on this person, since you can have very good times. The second thing is to know how far the other person knows what your emotions and feelings are at all times. If communication between you is easy, this leads to the other person being able to better understand your feelings and emotions when you are together or apart.

Finally, intimacy is based on knowing whether you both feel the same affection for the other. If both people always do the same for each other, love is more likely to exist.


How to know if you are in love with a person

It is the last detail necessary to know if one is in love. Although passion and intimacy are necessary in any relationship, being in love makes you willing to reach any level of commitment in any other situation. If you don't feel the need to take the relationship seriously, then you already have your answer.

The last two questions in this questionnaire are based on knowing this section. The first thing is to know if you feel responsible or care about the welfare of the other person. You are likely to worry that this person is doing well or badly at work, with family, friends, or in life in general. However, this is completed with the question of if you are willing to give everything to be with this person.

When we say give everything is to establish a more serious relationship and pull a bond from the smallest. In this bond, passion, intimacy and commitment must be treated at the same time. They are the most important variables for a couple to function.

If you have been able to answer all the questions in the affirmative, you are already clear that you are in love with that person. You just have to be honest and tell that person everything without making the typical mistakes. It is vitally important that, from the beginning, you found a healthy and totally sincere relationship.

I hope that with this information mushrooms how to know if you are in love.

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