How to know if someone loves you but does not tell you

How to know if someone loves you

There are people who keep romantic relationships over a long period of time without ever clarifying where they are in the relationship. At some point in your relationship, one of the members may wonder or want to know if the other party loves you but doesn't tell you.

It is difficult to discern even at the beginning of a relationship, if someone is with you only for sex, or attraction or because there is something else that derives from love. It can become complicated when that person does not want a stable relationship and so it's always a tug of war.

How to know if someone loves you but does not tell you

Details are very important to be able to give credibility in a relationship. The other person may not be very detailed and not indicative of feeling something naturally. What can be clarified is that a person who loves you will never do something bad that may affect physical or psychological integrity of the person you love.

Among the details that can be clarified is that that person always listens to you. From minute zero to the present he is always looking out for you, of your emotions, of what surrounds you, of your fears and worries. The interest is always continuous and he listens to the last detail.

How to know if someone loves you

Trust yourself, heed your plans and proposals. He likes to tell his secrets, emotions and problems that come about because of the great closeness he wants to have with you. He highly values ​​any opinion that is offered to listen, even if he does not agree, and at every moment he likes to hear what you think or think.

He likes spending a lot of time with you, because he values ​​it. It is not a question of sex, but he wants to share moments and details with you. That is why any time you need will be there for the best support and to pitch your shoulder.

Although it may seem naive the eyes betray this type of situation. His gaze will be fixed, he will look at you even when he does not look like it and above all they will return to that bright and smiling look, typical of a person in love.

The way he treats you is totally different from everyone else. You will notice that his tone of voice is different, he has a different way of speaking and even the words he uses are different. Another point to keep in mind is when you notice that he misses you, that every time you see each other, he is very happy about the meeting. This is synonymous with the fact that he admires you and thinks of you when he does not see you.

Loyalty is another way to show what you feel. If it is necessary to come to your defense, even if he has to antagonize anyone, he will certainly do so. It is his way of showing that he protects you and that he maintains that connection in every rule.

How to tell if the relationship is ambiguous

How to know if someone loves you

In this case, many of the details mentioned above can be derived in simple prospects that come and go. However, it may happen that they are only small gestures that denote that he loves you, but generally does not want anything serious with you.

Not interested or interested if you always have an ambiguous relationship, sometimes he has attitudes like those described and at other times he makes you understand the opposite. He avoids touching personal topics, so he does not usually tell anything about his personal life, from your family or friends.

It does not propose to make future plans, or elaborate. Nor does he make an effort to prepare different things that can be fun for both of you. You will feel that he does not want to mix his daily life with you so you don't want anything to match of what it does with your life.

How to know if he just wants to sleep with you

Without a doubt this is another reason why there may be doubts, if he wants you for something else, or just wants to have sex with you. There are quite obvious signs that can put a type of relationship on alert without reaching any end and nothing more than for what it is, without reaching the commitment.

How to know if someone loves you

In most of your encounters you almost always have sex and almost in all your conversations, both physical and by messages, they always turn to talking about the erotic or sexual.

When you meet to be together almost always compliments for your physique or appearance prevail. And in many cases, it is the other party that always likes to show off how their body is. He will not stop trying to conquer you and take you to bed.

Conversations are lax He is never interested in talking about his life, nor is he interested in how your day has gone, or how are you, or ask you about a personal issue. Usually he is not interested in your life, or everything related to your friendships or your past life.

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