How to install a safe?


With the insecurity that exists, many families have decided to place safes in their home, to be able to store valuable objects or money without worrying about the dangers outside.

If you want to have your little safe inside your house, in Stylish Men We will teach you how to install it. But before knowing how to build a safe, we must know what types are on the market to be able to choose the one that best suits our needs.

  • Built-in: These boxes are recessed into the wall or the floor. They are usually hidden with some decorative element of normal use.
  • To superimpose: these boxes are fully exposed to view. They are installed by screwing them to the desired surface.
  • Flow boxes: they are the smallest and least secure boxes. They are made of sheet metal, have a lock with a saw key and a handle for transport.
  • With mechanical combination: These are the classic boxes, with a closing system that works by numerical combination.
  • With electronic combination: They have an electronic mechanism that allows selecting a difficult access opening combination.

Now that we know the types of safes on the market, we will show you how to install it.

  • When we decide to embed our safe, we must make sure that the enclosures are solid and there should be no pillars, pipes, electrical installations or drains.
  • Before starting, the thickness of the wall must be verified and, in addition, the precise measurements of the box must be taken to add 5 cm on each side, 10 cm at the base and 15 cm at the top to make the hole that is will do on the wall. To mark this hole you should use a spirit level.
  • The wall begins to be drilled at the vertices of the frame using a drill with a widia bit of a length greater than the thickness of the safe. Then it is necessary to mark the contour of the frame with the chisel and a mallet. The work will be made easier if the drill is drilled in the sides of the square marked on the wall, weakening its strength when it is time to chisel.
  • Once the hole is open, the base is filled with bricks to level and even the base of the hole, because the box must be level; in addition, the walls of the hole will be leveled. For this work, a sand and cement mortar in a ratio of three to one will be used so that they are glued to the wall and are firm. Once this process is finished, it must be allowed to dry completely.
  • When it is ready, the hole should be covered with aluminum insulation leaving it protruding from the front so that the box is protected from the fixing materials.
  • The box must be inserted into the hole by wedging the base and making sure that it is level.
  • The edges of the hole will be covered with cement concrete, sand and gravel in the proportion of one, two and three. Then, using a strip, the concrete will be pushed to the bottom and the edge will be flush, allowing it to dry for at least 48 hours.
  • The edges of the hole will be covered with two layers of plaster, letting it dry between each one and, to finish, the wall is painted like the rest of the room. It is suggested to cover the box with the decorative element that we like the most.

So, now that you know what the steps are to install the safe inside your house, it is necessary that you apply them so that you can store all the valuables that you have inside it and feel safer. Good luck!

Source: DIY Homemade

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