How to improve concentration

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Do you want to know how to improve concentration? Setting personal and professional goals is one of the keys to happiness, but To achieve your goals, your ability to concentrate needs to be with youespecially at key moments like a job interview or an exam.

Lack of concentration can hit you at the most inopportune moment and cause you to miss a unique opportunity. Discover what simple habits will help you have better concentration when you need it most. Take note and put them into practice so nothing gets in the way of your goals:

Can you work on your ability to concentrate?

Work concentration

Yes. The ability to concentrate can be worked through exercises whose duration and difficulty must gradually increase.. The purpose is to fully focus on a specific text or activity for a certain amount of time (people with poor concentration usually start with a five minute break and two minutes). From that point on, each day you have to increase the time both work and rest until you achieve the necessary concentration capacity to study a text for several hours at a time without the brain disconnecting from it due to distractions of any kind.

You must also be very clear about your goals and what benefits you are going to obtain from them, as well as a great willpower. Working on the latter will help you ignore all distractions until the work at hand is done. Willpower and concentration are closely related.

How to constantly improve concentration

Do not miss any opportunity to strengthen your brain in your free time. Reading is a great idea, but also memorizing texts and challenging your mind through all kinds of brain games.

Learn to deal with pending tasks

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Everyone has a to-do list, but don't let that stop you from concentrating on what you're doing.. When asked about how to improve concentration, many experts advise making a written list of these tasks, especially before embarking on an activity that requires a lot of concentration. It seems that this little trick makes these to-dos less likely to invade your mind in thought form when you need to focus on something else.

Sleep enough

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By now everyone knows that insomnia and concentration don't get along at all. And it is that, of course, your ability to concentrate cannot function at full capacity if you do not provide your brain with the hours of rest it needs to recover from the effort made throughout the day.

What does it mean to get enough sleep? If you sleep less than 7 hours, you would not be getting enough sleep. Sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a day is considered a fundamental requirement to have a capacity to concentrate guarantees. So you have to make sure that you enjoy a good quality of sleep.

Sleep quality

Take a look at the article: Factors that affect sleep quality. There you will find what quality of sleep is and what are the biggest enemies when it comes to getting a healthy rest.

Exercise regularly

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Practice sports it must be one of the pillars of our life, and fortunately we are increasingly aware of it. The streets fill with runners first thing in the morning and the gyms are breaking enrollment records. If you are one of them, no matter what sport you practice, you will have already realized that your body suffers when you stop training for a season. And one of the aspects where it is most noticeable is concentration, since exercise improves blood circulation throughout your body, including your brain.

In addition, exercise teaches the brain to ignore distractions. Like studying or submitting a job, it takes discipline and willpower to get through a demanding workout.

Eat healthy

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The brain needs fuel to function And to provide it you must make sure that, when added, the foods in your diet provide you with a great variety of nutrients. This is what is known as a healthy and balanced diet.

How to improve concentration through food? It's possible? Yes. Your concentration will benefit a lot from a diet rich in nutrients, especially in those foods that mean a good injection of energy. It is also important that foods are light, since we know that heavy meals make your whole body, including your brain, work in a slower way, so they can cause difficulties to reach an optimal state of concentration.

How to get more energy through diet

Take a look at the article: Energy foods. There you will find what to eat to increase the energy supply of your diet, a key aspect to overcome with guarantees all the challenges on your most demanding days.


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Take a break, especially when you feel stuck. It doesn't have to be a very long pause. Sometimes five minutes are enough to refresh your mind and thus enjoy a greater capacity for concentration when you resume your work. You can take a short walk (ideally outside) or do some stretching without leaving your desk.

Breaks are also helpful in preventing stress. This disorder can prevent you from concentrating properly, so, in addition to taking breaks when you feel you need them, you should practice other habits, starting with taking life more calmly. Yoga, meditation, and mountain trips are other concentration enhancers worth considering..

But what happens when you need to focus on specific moments and you can't? The most common cause of this problem is usually stress. To let go of stress and focus solely on what you are doing, you must do everything you can to relax. Y breathing techniques are a good idea in this context.

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