How to flirt with a girl

How to flirt with a girl

It seems that our way of flirting has become much less capricious, and more if we want to do it in a virtual way. Now he takes flirting with a girl through social networks, since it seems much easier and safer to do it in person. But far from reality is the best advantage, since that is not the way that women like it. They denote in boys little interest in messages and they don't add any nice details to your conversation.

If your way is to do it face to face, we believe that is the best advantage. You have to broaden your horizons and know where you can look for that pretty girl and maybe be open to wanting to meet you. The best places are public places, at work, on the street or in a cafeteria, nightclubs, bars ... since the people who go out through these places already count on finding new faces and seeing another type of environment.

Before flirting, try to understand how that girl feels

Trying to pick up or seduce a woman can be a difficult task for some men. Much less of reality it can be a lot easier than we think, you just have to create that courage and know how that girl you don't know will act.

Women do not like men who like to lift their breasts or who try to create an arrogant conversation. They also do not like old-fashioned compliments that only seek the excuse of shortening the road. This way today does not work at all.

How to flirt with a girl

What they do like is  that they be seduced in a neutral way, do not show them that they want a serious and lasting relationshipBut they also don't want men who are just looking to have sex that very night. It will be denoted that your intention it is something casual, But if you want her to go much further, you have to create a conversation that engages, that feels that you are sensitive and that she feels heard. The feelings part makes a big dent in the first contact.

Simple steps on how to flirt with a girl

You have to find the right time to introduce yourself to that girl. Come closer and show your courtesy, without bad manners and without saying bad words. Above all, try to ensure that the conversation is respected, do not try to say rude words, or judge anything about her body, no matter how beautiful it is.

He looks at me and looks away quickly
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He looks at me and looks away quickly

First of all seek your own strength and confidence, this way it will be much easier for you to have a conversation without fearing anything. If you show all this security power it will be much easier for it to occur a confidence effect.

  • The important thing is to keep your line be yourself and don't version your personality. Women are very intuitive and will notice right away when you are playing a second role or pretending. If you think that dating is not your thing but you are trying, do not give up. Girls like bravery and there you are showing that part that internalizes you.

How to flirt with a girl

  • Maintain a correct body posture. The arms must be relaxed and the shoulders back, without trying to cross the arms and legs. In this way, you adopt a receptive posture.
  • Always try to keep a smile on your face and do not seek to constantly try to look at their body as it can turn out to be dishonest. Women like to show off their bodies, but what they like the most is that they try know its interior.
  • If you are having a conversation lean your body towards herActivate your five senses to fully grasp everything he says. You have to keep a posture of attention and interest, but don't look dazzled, not knowing what to do. This part is a bit more difficult, since if you are very nervous it will be difficult to maintain a relaxed conversation, but don't try to stutter or stammer.

How to flirt with a girl

  • See all the signs that she's showing you. If she smiles at you and maintains her eye contact, it's because is interested in meeting you. If you are having a conversation and she is very attentive, it is a good sign. Conversely, if you see her distracted or looking away it is because it does not show any kind of fascination.

At a point where you have to end the conversation, you can say goodbye politely and in a positive way you can ask for his phone number or his profile in social networks. You can say goodbye saying that it has been a pleasure and that you are having a great time, but that you have to make other plans. If you can't get their phone number, kindly say goodbye saying 'have a nice day'. On the contrary, if you do, wait a couple of days to keep in touch.

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