How to fix the beard

Kristofer Hivju with a beard

Knowing how to groom your beard is key to making your image work at its best. And is that Dressing, moving and expressing yourself in style is not enough if facial hair is far from its best..

Grooming the beard consists of paying a series of attentions to your facial hair. In the background they are nothing more than clipping and delimitation tasks that, by repeating them, they will seem more and more simple. Reaching the level of Kristofer Hivju and other illustrious bearded men is impossible without genetics, but don't get frustrated about it.

How to trim a beard

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To trim your beard you will need three utensils: comb, scissors and of course a beard trimmer with many length settings. Approach the task bearing in mind that, Although there are general lines that all men can follow, in terms of method, there is not just one. Getting the best version of your beard is a matter of adapting to facial hair and the shape of the face.

Shaping the beard

Kaiercat beard and mustache scissors

Beards grow both length and width. That is an advantage, since giving different treatments to each part so that they stand out more or less within the whole will allow you to lengthen or widen your face depending on its shape. For example, leaving the hair on the chin longer helps to lengthen the face. Although understanding its signals is often a matter of trial and error, the shape of your face will end up marking the right path for you.

Combine utensils to find the best result

Simply comb the different areas (sideburns, mustache, cheeks and chin) in the direction of hair growth and pass the trimmer to the chosen number. Since it is all about looking for the best result, if you are good with scissors, go ahead with them. Comb your mustache down and clear your upper lip with them, but it's okay if your mustache covers a portion of your lip. When the length of the beard exceeds the jaw, the use of scissors, as well as that of freehand beard trimmers, becomes key.

Small-scale maintenance

Jake Gyllenhaal with beard

Being detail-oriented always pays off, and beards (especially medium and long ones) are no exception. Check the condition of the most problematic areas often so that your beard always looks flawless. Combing strand by strand will reveal those unruly or overly long hairs.. Cut them out.

Preserves the natural contour

Most beards tend to look better when groomed, but don't sacrifice their wild side entirely. It is a good idea to consider enhance the natural contour of your beard instead of drawing too harsh lines and artificial curves.

How to fix the beard on the neck

Although drawing the neckline is straightforward, incomprehensible mistakes are often made, such as delineating the beard on the jaw. But remember: the neck line is named for something.

The walnut is the benchmark here. The neck lines that are considered the most flattering are the ones that sit just above the walnut. The most commonly used method is to place the index and middle fingers on the walnut. With your middle finger on the largest part of your walnut, it will be your index finger that will mark the height at which you should shave your neck.

Once the point of the nut is marked, draw an imaginary "U" attaching the nut to the back of your earlobes (It seems more complicated than it really is). Then you only have to shave what is below that area with a beard trimmer or razor. That guarantees a flawless neckline.

How to fix the beard on the cheeks

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The cheek line can be natural, high or low. A natural line (without any type of intervention) can be perfect. But there can also be an irregular pattern or areas with low hair density can be highlighted. There is nothing wrong with that, but you can easily change it if you don't like it.

High and low cheek lines will help your beard look more defined. Just like before, you can use a beard trimmer, razor, and even threading.

High line or low line

Low cheek line beard

The high line is a midpoint between natural and low. It is the most used because it works well in all men and you do not have to spend too much time or effort on its maintenance. It is simply about getting rid of any hair you find loose on the cheekbones, while trying to maintain a shape as natural as possible.

Low line can be curved or square. It is a good idea if you have low density in the cheeks or if you simply look more favored that way. If you go for this style, it is important to exercise moderation. If you lose your hand, your beard can be reduced to a thin strip of hair. In Christian Bale's case, it works for him because he has a long, dense beard.

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