How to dress well? We answer the eternal question through three key points

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How to dress well?, the eternal question and, surely, the most difficult to answer. And it is that, in this of the style there are no absolute truths, nor is there a single answer. Now, they say that the style is not bought but, of course, it can be improved, polished, improved and, of course, updated.

Is it important to have style to dress well?Obviously, having your own style helps, although it does not mean that only those blessed with the gift of style are the only ones who can dress well. And it is that, the least put on the subject, can follow some guidelines or almost universal dress codes that can help us achieve a better personal image. In definitively, to dress better. In this post we try to find an answer to this question, and we do it through three key points: dress for the occasion, choose our appropriate size and cut and finally, create a universal wardrobe.

Dress for the occasion

You can be very well dressed when you leave the house but, in the same way, you may not be appropriate for where you are going. It is very important that we make a clear difference between work and leisure, between formal and casual. Once we are clear about where we are going, we must adapt our own style to the circumstances, without disguising ourselves but being chameleonic. For example, if I am invited to a premiere of a play, where everyone wears a suit, the most normal thing is that I blend in with the guests at the event, although, in the same way, I can and should mark my own personal stamp. We must apply this same rule to all kinds of circumstances, both for formal events and for our own leisure agenda. In other words, know where you are going and dress for the occasion.

Fitting: choose the right size and cut

Man trying on a jacket

One of the big problems when it comes to dressing is finding the exact size, with the size that best suits our silhouette. The best way to find this one is to try and test. Know our body and know what are our points to highlight and what are our small defects to hide. Find him fitting correct is vital to dress well. At present we can differentiate between three types of fitting or cuts that favor a certain body type:


Graphic example of the three types of male bodies: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

  • regular fit: It is the traditional cut and broad pattern. a fit goals. which favors people with endomorph-type bodies, that is, to those who have a wide bone structure and thick limbs, with wide hips and shoulders. These leathers need clothes that do not mark their roundness. The cut regular fit is wide by nature and does not notch. Today many brands have updated it and call it relaxed fit, which goes to say that the cut is relaxed in silhouette but the pattern has been reissued to adapt to current fashion that in itself has an air more adjusted to the body. In short, the regular fit o relaxed fit it is a loose cut.
  • Slim fit: Is medium cut of fitted pattern. With silhouettes that adapt to the body without having to be too tight. Favors bodies of the mesomorphic type, in other words, to those with a muscular constitution, with broad shoulders and a 'v' shaped torso. This cut works well for them since the slim fit It tapers in the waist area and falls much closer to the body. It is, in short, a cut with a fitted silhouette although not extremely tight.
  • skinny fit: Is slimmest cut of all. Its pattern is very tight and sticks a lot to the silhouette. It favors the bodies of the ectomorph type, that is, with a narrow rib cage and shoulders, with a narrow chest and abdomen. Ideal for naturally thin and low mass muscular. It is the tightest pattern cut, a fit goals. which currently has its super version - the 'supeskinny '- whose pattern is even more fitted if possible.

Once we are clear about the cut that best suits our silhouette, it is time to try. When we go shopping we have to always try at least two sizes, look in the mirror with a critical eye and compare. Although it seems obvious, the only secret for a garment to favor us, once you have chosen the right cut, is to get the size right. As cumbersome as it may seem, you should never buy without trying.

Add to cart online and

At this point we have to make a paragraph to talk about the purchase online and, and it is that when we buy in this type of internet sales sites we must pay attention to the measurement tables of each website and measure ourselves correctly to choose our size. Normally these portals usually offer size tables where, in addition, the equivalence in centimeters appears, as we see on these lines with two examples of Asos table guides.

Create a 'universal' wardrobe

men's wardrobe

Once the problem of sizes has been overcome - and to be successful on all kinds of occasions - it is vital to create a wardrobe background that we could baptize as 'universal'. That is, choose those wild card garments that will serve us for countless occasions. Combine a range of long-lasting, combinable garments in the wardrobe. So the best in these cases is bet on wardrobe basics. We have created two wardrobes with wild garments that we separate into two very different style blocks:

Formal wardrobe

  • Suits: We bet on colors that work well both day and night. A suit navy blue It is the ideal both to go to the office and for cocktail-type events. We opted for a plain model and for a three-piece with a vest included so that you can play to put on and take off the vest depending on the occasion. In addition, a black suit and a medium gray suit will complete your basic suit wardrobe covering all kinds of needs.
  • Dress shirts: At least you need three basic colors, always betting on resistant and good quality materials. A white one is essential, and also, you should not miss one in sky blue and another in gray.
  • Classic Coat: Get one with a simple silhouette and classic cuts. A wool coat with a single lapel in charcoal gray is the great wild card to wear on countless occasions.
  • Fine point: A V-neck sweater in a tone like heather gray is the perfect ally to combine with dress pants.
  • Formal Footwear: Some basic shoes in black and others in brown. With these two options you will cover almost all the formal needs that arise. For the black we bet on some classics Derby or unos Oxford, and for the brown ones for some style brogue. Also, you can include one more note tsurrender with some style ankle boots Chelsea.

Casual wardrobe

  • Leather jacket: The leather jacket is an infallible weapon that never goes out of style. We bet on style biker like the basic-classic that combines almost with everything.
  • Basic sweatshirt: The sweatshirt is the queen of the casual wardrobe. We are left with a stone-toned model to combine on countless occasions.
  • Chinese pants: Without a doubt, the informal wardrobe cannot be without khaki chinos.
  • Knitted cardigan: The charcoal gray cardigan is another long-lived wild piece in your wardrobe.
  • Cowboys: Essential, surely the piece that you are going to wear the most are jeans
  • Basic T-shirts: In white, in black, in tan tones ... the basic t-shirts are a must infallible.
  • Casual shirt: Inside the casual shirt closet, a shirt Oxford It is always a success, bet on details that make a difference like the one we propose with contrasting elbow pads.
  • Casual footwear: A minimalist air sports shoes save culauqier cool. We were left with some Stan Smiths from Adidas. They go with everything.

Wardrobe smart casual

Halfway between the formal wardrobe and the informal one. The style smart casual plays two bands. With infinite possibilities, el cool neat but informal is always a hit for those who need a wild card outfit. Pair dress pants with a fine knit sweater and a classic cut coat. Jeans with a formal shirt plus a leather jacket. Give it your imagination because, without a doubt, the cool smartcasual He has all the ballots to get it right on countless occasions. Above these lines two images that present various smart-casual looks from the last Mango Man campaign.

Conclusions to dress well


Finally, we cannot guarantee that simply by following these three steps you will be the best dressed in your neighborhood, what we do know is that, at least, you will be a well dressed man. Of course, reaching that point is not an easy path and, surely, you will go wrong to learn from mistakes. Try, experiment and take time to get to know yourself, namely what works for you and what doesn't. Give yourself the luxury of taking time to get dressed which, in short, is a necessary pleasure.

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