How to Design Your Own Biceps Exercise Chart: Tips, Examples and Benefits

Barbell biceps exercise

Develop a biceps exercise chart It can have several motivations. You may want to do it to develop those muscles or to simply define them. But you can also look for a complement to your arm routines.

However, you should know that there is not a great variety of exercises. Keep in mind that they must be based on the movement of a single joint: the elbow, which the biceps serves. Therefore, they are all based on the curl or weight lifting with the arms towards the chest. Next, we are going to show you a biceps exercise table designed for beginners. However, first we want to give you some tips that you will be interested in knowing.

Tips for exercising biceps

using dumbbells

Biceps exercise with weights

Firstly, you should not abuse training. That is, it is not recommended that you subject your biceps to too much exercise. Above all, when we want them to stand out, we do many series to achieve it quickly. This is a serious mistake that can lead you to injury.

As you know, the biceps are small muscles that connect the lower part of the shoulder to the elbow. Therefore, it cannot withstand exercise as intense as other larger ones, for example, the pectorals or the triceps surae. Besides, They are already stimulated with back routines and, likewise, in an auxiliary way when training the chest and shoulders.

In this sense, you do not need to do biceps training every day as long as you do other exercises. We explain it to you. As we have just indicated, by doing pectoral, dorsal and deltoid routines you already activate the muscles that concern us. Therefore, you can skip your specific training for a few days. This way, you will prevent them from becoming overloaded and even suffering from injuries.

On the other hand, it is recommended that train the muscles of the forearms after the biceps. However, both types of them must be exercised in the same training For two reasons. The first is that the two areas are close from an anatomical point of view and the second is that the forearm serves as an aid for biceps exercises.

Finally, we recommend that vary the exercises. This way, you can stimulate both the strength and volume of those muscles. And, in case you repeat the routines, you can Alternate them and change the number of sets or repetitions. Taking these premises, we are going to propose an exercise table for biceps.

An exercise chart for biceps


Kettlebell, one of the tools to do biceps exercises

As we told you, we are going to propose a routine for biceps aimed at Beginners. Once you have passed this first phase, it will be time to think about more professional ones. But, in any case, since these are exercises on a single joint, the rule for doing the plank is start with those that involve greater weight.

Before, of course, always remember to do a general warming and start the routines gently and then intensify them. Next, you can start with the first exercise.

curl with barbell or dumbbells

Exercise with a dumbbell

Doing one-arm biceps exercise

As its name indicates, it consists of raising and lowering the arms while holding some dumbbells or a weighted bar. In turn, this can be straight or zeta-shaped, which makes it easier to grip. We can also hold it with the palms of our hands facing down, which allows the wrist joints to work more.

To perform the exercise itself, you have to stand with your back straight. Likewise, your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Finally, the hands must be placed at a distance from each other greater than that of the shoulders themselves.

Without moving your trunk and keeping your elbows at your sides, you must flex these until you bring the bar or dumbbells closer to your chest. To keep the first one from moving, you can contract your glutes, abdominals and spinal cords. Finally, he puts his arms back to the initial situation. On the other hand, depending on the distance between your hands, you will work different parts of the biceps. If they are farther apart, the effort will be concentrated on the short head of the muscle, while, when they are closer together, it will be concentrated on the long head.

curl of the preacher, basic in any exercise table for biceps

Preacher Curl

The preacher curl is performed with supported arms

It is similar to the previous one, as it is also done with a bar or dumbbells. But, unlike him, it is carried out in the Scott bench and with arm support. If you are not a regular at gyms, you may not know what that device is like. It consists of two parts: on the one hand, the firm bench where you will lie face down and, on the other, a padded and inclined platform at chest height where you rest your arms to do the exercise.

Consequently, the upper limbs are supported by it and do not have to move up and down. As a result, you can concentrate all your effort on your upper armsPrecisely where the biceps are located. You just have to bend your elbow towards your shoulder and return to the starting position.

curl concentrated

fitness exercise

Combined biceps exercise

This routine is done with dumbbells and is also used a bank, but traditional. That is, you use it to sit. Start with the right arm. Take the weight and place your elbow resting on the inside of the thigh on the same side. Without moving it, he begins to bend his elbow towards his shoulder, avoiding momentum.

When you reach the highest part, hold it for a few seconds and then lower it again without it falling. Next, he repeats the exercise as many times and series as you want and then do it with the other arm.

Exercises with pulleys and machines


Pulley exercise

We advise you to leave them for the final part of the training. The pulley exercises They are varied, but you can start with the simplest. Consists in flex your elbows pulling a bar which, in turn, is attached to a pulley that keeps it low or high. Pulling it causes flexion of the elbow and, therefore, contraction of the biceps.

How do biceps exercises benefit you?

Biceps exercise with striking weights

Gentle biceps exercise with small weights

Finally, we will explain the benefits that biceps training brings you. Like any other sports practice, improve your general state of health, as it helps to avoid diseases. And also helps your mood. As you know, physical exercise releases endorphins, also called “happiness molecules” because they inhibit physical pain and generate a pleasant sensation.

On the other hand, perform a table of exercises for biceps develops these muscles and gives them strength. With this, they will have a more attractive appearance, but, above all, they will function better and you will prevent them from suffering injuries or any other type of ailment.

In conclusion, we have proposed a biceps exercise chart which will be very useful for strengthening and developing these muscles. Likewise, we have given you some useful tips to do it. Dare to try and get strong and healthy muscles.

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