How to control jealousy

How to control jealousy

Jealousy they are unbelievable until they actually cross your mind. Is it a feeling or a defect to be faced? Really and within our beliefs It is natural and we must believe in ourselves and in the other person to be able to control jealousy.

It must be recognized that Jealousy is a great proof of love but he can play very bad tricks if they are excessive. If they are not controlled, they can cause fatal outcomes. If one of the two members of the couple is very jealous, a relationship may begin to break down and weaken.

Why do you feel jealous?

Jealousy is an emotional response that someone suffers when they feel threatened by the possibility of losing something that is considered to be 'their own'. That feeling is created by an insecurity, believing that the person you love is paying more attention to another.

It is not known when this type of condition is born. A person has been able to experience this situation before, maybe when i was a kid and with the arrival of a brother. Or maybe with the stage of adolescence with the experiences between friends and first loves.

  • A person with many insecurities shows jealousy, in many cases they come from other love relationships or bad experiences in family relationships.
  • Another is have the feeling of possession and that condition is created with all loved ones, both friends and family. This action is often blamed for have low self-esteem, something to work on.

How to control jealousy

Must try to control jealousy If you have always felt and know that on other occasions this fact has kept you at bay. You can tell your concern to someone you trust, but do not become obsessed with this condition, because it may seem like paranoia. The person involved also cannot know "thoroughly" your feeling, as it can be contagious and condition it to a toxic relationship.

What can we do to control jealousy?

Must try to build all those foundations that lead one to feel jealous. You really have to acknowledge this problem if you are feeling and are feeling for no reason. Within these bases we must assess our insecurity and low self-esteem and work it all out.

Must reinforce all these flaws because that way we can lead a much more bearable life. No need to get hurt for something that disturbs us, it is a condition of our head to continue restless with something that is hurting us. All these ideas have to be supplemented with other thoughts, it is not something easy and therefore you have to work it every day.

How to control jealousy

Don't try to find out what is that person doing constantly. Social networks They are that part that lets us see many of a person's adventures, concerns and chores. If you can not handle your emotions handling this situation it is better to dismiss it, you could connect from time to time to remember that you can overcome it. But if it can't be totally disconnect.

Must try to raise self-esteem either way. Think that that person chose you to be with you and that if you continue to implant your low esteem and your jealousy in the end he will not want to be with you. Your qualities and your way of being is all that has made him love you, so he appreciates everything you have and that will strengthen you.

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Don't try to play the "jealousy" game, it may work, but in the long run it is not good. It substitutes in transmitting trust between the two, since when we feel that we do not feel so pressured. Trust has to be born of both, to strengthen that relationship and give a vote of confidence.

You have to be authentic and cultivate beautiful ideas in your head, everything negative must go outside. It is very nice to thank you for everything you have and be positive, it will be your best condition. You have to offer your trust as we have already reviewed, and the benefit of the doubt may exist, but without constantly claiming that jealousy.

How to control jealousy

The best way to position a relationship is Try talking to the other person and saying how you feel. Maybe it's just pathological jealousy that you have to work on. Or maybe it is your partner who has this concept excessive and needs to spend more time with other people than with you. Talking resolves many conflicts and it helps to understand all the problems you are going through.

Many times we feel that insecurity and jealousy because the other person does not convey confidence. If it shows you mystery, it is not open, you are right with lies and it is difficult for it to approve a commitment, maybe that is not the person who has to be by your side. You must position and empower yourself that you love yourself and trust that you will already know someone much better. If you can't find your own tools, you can always ask a professional for help.

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