How to combine white Adidas sneakers for men: tips, examples and trends

white Adidas for men

Our white Adidas for men They are a classic that is found in many dressing rooms. The German brand's sneakers have become so popular over time that almost all of us have had them at some point. Not in vain, it has been supplying the market with footwear and other types of clothing since 1949.

In fact, in its origins, the shoes it manufactured were used for sport practice of different disciplines, ranging from athletics to basketball. However, over the years, they have become part of the casual fashion, that is, we have begun to put them on the street and daily. So that you know how to combine the Adidas White for men, we are going to give you some ideas.

look For the day to day


Giant white Adidas at the headquarters of the German brand

We start by offering you some options to combine your sneakers such as daily footwear. Therefore, precisely, to put them with the ropcasually which you use most often. For example, sports shoes go well with some chino pants of dark colors. They also fit well with some jeans blue or other muted shades to make the shoes stand out.

Also, at the top, you can wear a black, brown or blue jersey. It depends on the color of the pants, because it has to match it. But, in general, dark colors are also valid. However, for a more cheerful look, you can choose a striped shirt or polo shirt.

Precisely, this leads us to talk about combining white Adidas for men in summer. With the heat, you can replace the long pants with a short one. In this case, you could also use it beige or brown color and accompany it with a light t-shirt. Keep in mind that dark tones are not very popular in the summer. Finally, we suggest you complete your cool with some good sunglasses and a matching cap.

Combination of men's white Adidas for the comfort of home

white Adidas

A design of white Adidas for men

Adidas shoes are so comfortable that we even use them to walk around the house and, of course, to go out on an errand. Also, in any of these cases, we also like to dress comfortably. Therefore, you can combine your white Adidas for men with un tracksuit pants or one of a kind jogger.

As for the torso, if you are going to leave the house, it depends on the season of the year, whether it is cold or hot. In summer, it will be enough that you wear a t-shirt or a nice polo shirt. However, in winter you'd better put on a sweatshirt or even a jacket or down jacket.

As for the colors, the dark ones that we mentioned before will work for you. But, in this case, other happier tones will also work well. For example, grays, blues, greens or even reds. However, as we said before, keep in mind that the more neutral the color, the more the white sneakers will stand out.

At this point, there is another indication that you should take into account and that affects socks. You can wear them or not with your men's white Adidas. These will look good on you too. But if so, make sure they are neutral tones. For example, black, blue or simply plain. Otherwise, if the socks are very original or eye-catching, everyone will notice them and not the sneakers.

Looks to go out

Look with white Adidas for men

Look to go out with white Adidas

When you have arranged to go out with friends or, for some reason, you want to show yourself more elegant, you can also use white Adidas for men. The new fashion trends have already adopted sneakers as garments semi formal. In addition, they will provide you with a casual and youthful touch which looks very good.

In these cases of dressing more elegantly, the options multiply. For example, you can choose brown chino pants, a matching shirt, and a leather or suede jacket. You could even add tie that goes well with the rest of your clothing.

But you can also choose black or navy blue pants with a striped sweater and a camel coat. Or blue jeans with a pink polo shirt and a beige blazer. In short, as we tell you, the possibilities are innumerable. The secret is that the colors of the clothes match. And also keep in mind once again that, if you choose very striking tones for one or more of them, the white Adidas men's shoes will stand out less.

In this sense, for these to attract attention, we also advise you to use skinny bottom pants. As you may have guessed, the reason is simple: this way you will make your sneakers look more visible. Moreover, you can add to your outfit elegant accessories. Among these, a leather belt, a good watch and sunglasses.

White Adidas for men with a suit


Men's white Adidas also match a suit

As we have just indicated, fashion has changed a lot in recent years, to the point that it is now seen as normal to wear a suit and sports shoes, something unthinkable a few decades ago. In fact, it is considered that the latter They provide an informal and casual touch to the seriousness of the suit..

In addition, you have the advantage that white goes well with almost everything, so you can choose the tone you want for the suit. However, we recommend black, blue or gray, although it also combines with brown. You can even dare bolder colors for the suit like green or yellow. It all depends on how bold you consider yourself when it comes to dressing.

As for the torso, you can choose both a shirt and a polo shirt or a t-shirt. Any of these options will suit you. But they must always have colors that match well with the tone of the suit. For example, if this is blue, you can opt for a pink or yellow shirt, but also white with red stripes.

In conclusion, we have given you some ideas to combine your white Adidas for men. But, as we have told you, this type of footwear is suitable for any type of cool, from the formal with a suit to the most genuinely casual with sportswear. Go ahead and experiment and create your own combinations.

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