How to choose a cowboy

Plaid shirt with jeans

It is in everyone's interest to know how to choose a jean correctly. Since it is one of the pieces of your wardrobe that you will use most frequently, it's a wise decision to make sure they fit and feel comfortable with you.

But since there are so many options, it can sometimes be difficult to choose one. The following guide will help you choose your jeans better depending on things like your body type and your tastes when it comes to dressing. As always, the secret is to start by discarding everything that does not serve us so that we can focus only on a few options.

How to choose a jean according to the shape

The first thing you need to know is that this type of pants can be manufactured following different ways. Know what they are and the keys to each of them:

Straight jeans

Straight leg jeans by H&M


You will identify this jean by its straight legs. Although there are models that are narrower than others, generally the fabric is separated more from the body. In this way, straight jeans can give you more harmony than tighter models if your upper body has enough volume. For this reason It is a good idea for men with a muscular or plus-size body type.

Tapered jeans

Tapered Jeans


El tapered cowboy It is a great alternative to the straight style, especially if you want to form a more contemporary silhouette. This type of jeans is characterized by legs that taper slightly towards the ankle. The result is a tapered shape that you should consider if you are looking for a bit of roominess, but at the same time you don't want to sacrifice the cleaner, more flattering effect that tighter models have on your footwear. On the other hand, remember that you can always roll them up.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans


As with the rest, this style can be worn by everyone. Instead, is more flattering on slim men. Whichever type of jeans you choose, they must ensure that the legs are not buried under a mountain of fabric, which is why this style is a bet that usually works very well. On the other hand, if your legs are long and thin, it is probably a good idea to go for something a little looser, as is the case with the following style.

Slim fit jeans

Slim fit jeans


Slim fit legs offer a midpoint. They are tighter than straight jeans, but not as tight as skinny jeans. If your body type is slim, it is a good alternative to skinny jeans, especially if you prefer to go less tight. Since they are neither very wide nor very narrow, they adapt quite well to all shapes.

What is the shot?

Loose Jeans by Uniqlo


There are three classes: low, medium and high. The jean cut is marked by the distance between the crotch and the waist of the pants. How to choose a cowboy with the ideal shot? Simple: the higher the shot, the longer your legs will appear. In this way, it is a good idea to avoid the low shot when you are short. While men with longer legs do better with the medium or low rise.

But lengthening or shortening the legs is not the only reason for the shot. Its influence on the trunk and the silhouette in general also make the shot something to which due attention must be paid.. One way of looking at the shot is as a dividing line between the shirt (or whatever garment you choose) and the pants. Seeing it like this can help you position it at the most suitable height and avoid the feeling that the upper part is engulfing the lower part or vice versa.

How to get the size right


This may seem obvious, but jeans of the correct size are not always used. Jeans that are too small in size are very disadvantageous (besides uncomfortable), especially when the waist circumference is considerable and the jeans in question is not flexible at all. Instead, wearing a size or two larger is generally not so much of a problem. But remember that even if you wear a belt, excess fabric cannot be hidden.

Weight changes are often the cause of a jean no longer fitting your body as well as when you bought it.. The sale rush can also cause the wrong size pants to end up in your closet, simply because they were the only one left.

Measuring tape
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The only solution is to go through the fitting room next time and take your time. And it is not advisable to be too optimistic when it comes to sizes, or especially to take anything for granted. Of course, your current trouser size is a good starting point (no need to waste time trying on all sizes), but they won't always match the next one, as no two jeans are the same. Consider taking one plus and one minus to the fitting room in addition to the one you usually use.

When buying in online stores you can not do the trick of sliding your thumb around the waist. In that case, be sure to first check the size guides with which the firms usually accompany all their garments.

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