How to be attractive

how to be attractive according to science

Each person has intrinsic characteristics that are determined by the genetics of each one. Keep in mind that there will be people who like us more and others who like us less. However, even with whatever genetics it may be, we can take advantage of it if we know how to use our weapons well. Many men don't know well how to be attractive and they end up wasting a good face or a good body.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you what are the best tips and tricks to learn how to be attractive.

How to be attractive

be yourself

There is some advice that is given from a scientific point of view, since it is proven. For example, it is much better to be more mature since most women like them older. Women are attracted to older men when they achieve economic independence. Some studies link it to power. This is also perceived by those people who have a higher standard of living, so it will also be a higher level of attraction. It may be that an expensive car or a luxurious house can attract a woman more.

Being nice can be quite helpful in learning how to be attractive. It is related to your physique and the personality you have. Most people confess that they find men with kinder features more attractive. And they are called the halo effect. This means that a single characteristic serves so that someone can form a complete portrait of yourself. It is clear that you can look more to women if you are a good guy.

The beard is a key ingredient in learning how to be attractive. It is a conclusion that does not take us by surprise. If a woman is given a choice between several men just by looking at their physique, it is probably based on choosing those who have multi-day beards. They tend to focus on shaving and facial hair. I also have to keep in mind that there are many ways to grow a beard and there are some that are more attractive than others.

Have a good physique and sense of humor

woman looking

You can say that you have to work the body but not so much. Women prefer muscular men for short relationships and more lean men for long-term relationships. It is not known if it is an anthropological residue of our hunting days or has to do with fertility and evolution.

The sense of humor is not a cliché. If you make the person you like laugh, it is easier for the connection between the two people to prosper. It is usually an interesting and more irrelevant aspect for women than for men. Usually men focus more on the importance of their own ability to have a sense of humor for the lack of it. Women prefer a man who makes them laugh.

Being human can be strange but valid advice. That is, a man can not only be a machine without feelings or to enter be very hard. Talking about feelings is key to learning how to be attractive. An Australian investigation was able to provide information on those men who show emotional intelligence. This means that those men who have an easier time accepting their feelings and being able to talk about them are more attractive. These men are usually more attractive to women.

Body hygiene to learn how to be attractive

how to be attractive

Body hygiene and image is quite an important aspect. Smelling good is obvious, but it is not enough if you do not have a body odor that awakens hidden instincts. You can use intense perfumes and deodorants that make you look more attractive and confident. Normally you have to try to find a perfume or cologne that matches your personality.

Body language can also be a good weapon. You must take care of body language and be expressive, showing that you trust yourself. Generally, self-confident people who base their conversations on body language also gain advantage when flirting. Women prefer expansive postures like no arms or reaching for something. You should not cross your arms since it is not something showy and it makes it seem that you do not want to start a conversation.

Being positive and confident is part of everyone's personality. There are people who are less confident and others who are not so positive. However, women often choose those who they are more self-confident and positive when faced with tougher situations. If you have your positive side and you empower it and you are proud of your achievements, you will earn more points.

One of the conclusions drawn from many studies shows that being supportive can be a great weapon to learn how to be attractive. One characteristics that both men and women appreciate most for long-lasting relationships is that you show solidarity with people.

Clothing can be conditioning. Red clothes can become more striking although it is not totally successful. This is because the tastes of each woman may be different. If you have a pet you may have something of the path done. And it is that one of the traits that most humanizes men who are perceived as rude is the existence of pets in your life. They can bring out the best in you, your most tender side and love by nature. All of this scores points with women.

Last tips

These are less useful is, but depending on the person you are with can be quite striking. One of them is practicing extreme sports. Risk sports tend to attract women since they perceive that you can manage risk very well. Everything is extrapolated from personal life.

Finally, show off your scars. Even if you have a scar on your chin from when you fell on your bike, telling the story about it and using a somewhat funny tone can be a very striking way to laugh at yourself. This is usually healthy in many relationships.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to be attractive.

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