How to be an elegant man

How to be an elegant man

Do you like to be trendy, but always marking elegance? Do not hesitate to know the best tips to become an elegant, classy and practical man. Always dress smart it has been a practice used for centuries. In general, its style has not changed, but over the decades it has been given another type of image with various colors and cuts that have differentiated them from those of other times.

It is important to know your tastes, priorities, your way of life and your complexion, so that many of the factors that we review fit your personality. It is important to find a way to try on each garment, As it has priority that the detail is perfectly fitted to your size. Therefore, no online purchases will be made, unless you already know how that garment feels.

Details to be elegant

Self-confidence and the one who accepts himself as he is, is more likely to dazzle in your personal style. Design your own style, without extravagances, with colors that you like and that go with your personality.

If you have a physical defect look for the best sizes or models that suit you, it is as simple as bet on bringing the basics, but there is always something that favors you much further. And above all look for quality, The fabrics and the composition can be seen with the naked eye and that will make you different.

Nor do you have to wear clothing brands, do not wear something that does not feel good just to show off your brand. The composition of clothes in your closet they must be of great variety, to use them at every moment of the day. You always have to have all those to be able to improvise, where a balance is sought to be able to compose them.

How to be an elegant man

Clothes and accessories to be elegant

The idea of ​​being an elegant man is not just about wearing a good suit and you are done searching. We have to investigate how to wear that great suit, have bearing and style to wear it and combine it in the best possible way.

In elegance light colors prevail, although it must be taken into account that they are colors that increase the volume. Tall and thin men have a great advantage, but for everything there is a solution. For this they are the dark tones that always favor people with some overweight.

If, on the other hand, you choose to wear light tones, it is better wear slim fit pants and know if you can combine with something just as narrow, but not tight, but rather that favors the result. Do not try to combine flashy colors with each other, that is shocking and boring, you can wear some unusual color and something flashy, but with a head.

How to be an elegant man

Be aware of the use of leather garments, if you like this material you have to use it wisely and do not use it in combination with a garment above and another below. It can become an excess and they can be used, but using it only on one of the body parts.

Footwear is a basic to dress elegant. The key is in have good comfortable and sports shoes y others to dress very elegant. And when I mean good ones, it must be pointed out that it is not worth buying basic ones, but shoes where it does not matter to spend a little more money. In the long run they will be shoes that they will last you many years.

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Suit with vest

You can wear a belt where its color must always be go in combination with the shoes. Tie it is more effective if it is black, it is much more flattering and for evening events it is impeccable. AND do not forget the perfume, It must always be a personal and very masculine fragrance.

How to look elegant and stylish

We have reviewed how the suits should be, with their light and dark tones. The fabric and the finish of its materials must be impeccable, that they do not wrinkle easily and that they maintain that firm bearing, as if it were freshly ironed.

When wearing the suit you always have to unbuttoning his jacket buttons when you go to settle or sit somewhere. Then when you get back up, you must fasten the buttons again.

How to be an elegant man

HR shirts must always be ironed and impeccable, with yarn or fine wool material. Don't look for extravagant prints, plain, striped shirts or squares convey more comfort to the eye. White shirts bring power and authority and flashy shirts are not advisable. In the same way, short-sleeved shirts do not look good.

Shoes must always be very clean, booties or boots should not be used. The colors must be brown for black suits and always keep them on a wooden last so they do not deteriorate.

Finally we will review the tie, always with a nice detailed knot. Do not wear the Windsord knot for young men, Well, it is already out of fashion. The length of the tie must reach the height of the belt buckle and as long as it is straight. To know more in detail about this way of dressing, look for our article "how to dress elegant".

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