Habits of confinement

habits of home confinement

Confinement has been a before and after in the lives of many people. Of course, there is nothing ordinary about it. It is about a change in the way of living and understanding the reality that affects our country and the whole world. Due to the expansion of coronavirus infections, we have had to adapt to life at home. To do this, we have developed certain confinement habits that has made us live somewhat more comfortable. Since this confinement is something out of the ordinary, it deserves to talk about some of the habits that we have developed throughout this time.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you about the most common confinement habits among all people.

Video calls as appointments

society at home

If something is missed when you are forced to lock up at home, it is friends and family. Thanks to the technology we have today, we can communicate continuously all the time. In addition, video calls have the advantage that you can see the other person and it gives the feeling that you are with them.

It is true that it has been of vital importance to find confinement habits that help us maintain health and provide us with comfort in order to preserve our well-being and even improve it. It has been important to promote social ties, eat properly, reinforce patterns that induce sleep and have some routines that serve to maintain order.

Between applications most used to make video calls has been the Zoom. And it is that in the moments of confinement the relationship with the other person is essential since it supposes a support and emotional support. One of the mistakes that has been made during confinement is using instant messaging too much. And it is quite easy to keep in touch with the technology that exists today. However, when we talk to a person through applications such as WhatsApp, we find that each one filters from themselves how they feel that moment. But we do not perceive the other person's non-verbal communication signals. Therefore, misunderstandings can be created that we cannot solve in person since we cannot leave the house.

For this reason, it has been preferable to keep communicated through videos with sounds where we can appreciate the tone of voice and gestures.

Being alone as one of the habits of confinement

Habits of confinement

We must bear in mind that, although we are social beings, we also need our solitude. For all those people who have passed solitary confinement, they do not need to worry about this aspect. But there are other people who have gone through confinement as a couple, family or with roommates. It is then where each person should focus on finding time for himself. Namely, It is a loneliness that we are choosing voluntarily.

We are social beings who need relationships with people on a more or less continuous basis. However, we also need time to avoid our personal life and our thoughts. Who does not know how to be well with himself is not capable of being with another. For this reason, it is important to have set aside time for some activities in solitude and to satisfy individual needs. One of the curiosities of this confinement related to individual activities is that The sale of male masturbators has grown. These are the best male masturbators, the best sellers during confinement. Each activity depends on personal preferences, but they can be from reading, cooking, self-pleasure and simply doing nothing.

Learn to cook and indulge yourself

Confinement in children

There are many people who have debated between both extremes: on the one hand be more productive than ever for not being able to have another occasion with so much free time. On the other hand, enjoy doing nothing since we will never be able to have another occasion with so much free time. This means that many have dedicated themselves to the kitchen to learn recipes and treat themselves more or less healthy.

Since various confinement habits have been generated that cause stress, many people have increased the desire to make unhealthy options when it comes to eating. Among these options we have more processed foods and fast food. This food is made more palatable since they have a high energy density and a high fat and sugar content. Its consumption is not generally recommended, although yes we can indulge ourselves once in a while.

If it is a question of calming the cravings for snacking, there are many beneficial alternatives for the body. For example, we find nuts and seeds that are an excellent option as long as they are natural or toasted. It is advisable to avoid all those fried, sweetened and salty.

Get more exercise than ever

exercise during confinement

Something that has filled social networks as a novelty is that everyone has become a super athlete. When you could go outside, we didn't see so many people exercising. However, confinement comes and they make us stay home and all people are addicted to exercise. Live videos, training platforms, even training between separate people on their terraces. It has seen everything.

It is true that taking a break and getting a little rest from everything is a good idea. But it must also be noted that exercising is a fairly effective tool to reconnect with ourselves. And is that physical exercise can help reduce anxiety, stress, and physiological over-activation of being homebound. Small, closed spaces tend to generate more stress than open ones. Therefore, those people who have had a large terrace to exercise have been better confined.

Although like everything, it must be done in moderation and at a level where everyone can achieve. The most important thing is to maintain a routine, confinement habits can help you make it lighter all the time. But do not feel compelled to exercise or any training that we do not like.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the confinement habits that have made us pass the time somewhat faster.

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