The best chest exercises in the gym

Chest exercises

The chest exercises They are among the most common things we do when we go to the gym. But, as with other physical routines, we must do them well and especially choose the most suitable ones to achieve our goals.

Aiming to develop muscle mass is not the same as seeking to eliminate fat in the area. Furthermore, it is essential know the intensity we should apply to avoid injuries. For all this, we are going to show you some of the best chest exercises in the gym. But first we want to explain to you what their purpose is and other aspects related to them.

Benefits of chest exercises

Exercise with weights

Dumbbells are an essential tool for chest exercises

As we just told you, this exercise routine is done for different reasons. But, in all cases, it brings you numerous benefits. The most important is that improve your cardiovascular health. It is an exercise anaerobic, that is, of great intensity and short duration. This means that it is not as good for the respiratory and cardiac system as aerobics, but it also provides health for your heart.

As it is intense, it needs to pump more blood and more efficiently. And, with this, it becomes stronger. But, for this same reason, if you suffer from any Cardiovascular disease, you'd better consult your doctor about the convenience of doing chest exercises.

On the other hand, this gym routine also improve your endurance and muscle strength. Regarding the first, it will allow you to perform more tasks without getting tired. And, as for the second, by working muscles such as the deltoids and biceps, you will be able to lift heavier objects. Likewise, chest exercises optimize your flexibility. Thanks to this, you will achieve better body posture and eliminate stiffness.

Finally, you will reduce the risk of shoulder injuries. The chest muscles are the main ones in charge of stabilizing that part of your body. And, being more developed and stronger, they will perform their function better.

Five of the best chest exercises


Dumbbells, also basic for this type of routines

Once we have explained the benefits of this physical routine in the gym, we are going to propose five types of chest exercises that are easy to make and highly recommended. With them you can get well-developed pectorals, if you wish, but you will also obtain, precisely, the aforementioned advantages.

In any case, if you are not used to doing them, it is better that you start little by little and then intensify your routines. And always try to do it with expert supervision and advice. Any gym instructor will help you in this regard.

Press bench with bar

Bench press

Press bench with barbell

We start with the best known and most common chest exercises. As its name indicates, it is done by resting the back and glutes, precisely, on a bench and using a barbell. Your feet should be flat on the floor and a little wider than your shoulders.

Regarding the way to hold the bar, the palms of the hands must face forward and, likewise, must be further apart than the shoulders. Likewise, the arm and forearm must form a 90 degree angle. That is, you have to bend your elbow so that the bar is on your chest. Then everything consists of slowly raising and lowering your arms in an amonic manner with the breathing.

With this exercise, you will work the pectoral muscles, the biceps and triceps, the anterior deltoid, the serratus and the coracobrachialis. Additionally, there are many variations of this routine. For example, on a bench with your back inclined on an oblique backrest or with dumbbells instead of bar. The technique is essentially the same.

Crosses with low pulley


An exercise with high pulleys

They are also among the most common chest exercises. In every gym there is a pulley machine. However, you can also do this exercise using your feet (holding the rope you are going to stretch with them).

In any case, through low pulley crosses you will be working muscles such as the pectoralis major, the anterior deltoid or the biceps brachii. It consists of grasping the ends of the pulley with the palms of your hands facing forward and then raising and lowering your arms.

On the other hand, you can choose another modality of this routine. It is about the high pulley crosses. In this case, the support is above the head and the exercise is based on bringing the hands that hold the pulleys to the chest and raising them again. In general, the muscles worked with this variety are the same, but, above all, the highest part of the pectoralis major.

Openings with contractor, another of the most frequent chest exercises

Chest contraction exercises

Chest exercise with contractor

As its name indicates, this routine is done in the chest contracting machine. In case it doesn't sound familiar to you, we will tell you that it is the structure that allows you to sit and move two levers in different directions. Therefore, to do this exercise, once seated, you have to take the vertical grips and bring them forward to return to the starting position.

With him you will be working pectoralis major muscles, both the upper and the lower, the biceps brachii and the serratus anterior. It is also important that you stay straight and do not raise your shoulders to avoid injuries.

Sweaters with dumbbells

Chest exercise with dumbbells

Sweaters chest with dumbbells

There are also various chest exercises that you can do. with dumbbells. But we recommend the pullover because it is the best you can do with free weights. Furthermore, it is very simple. You just have to lie on your back on a bench with the dumbbells in your hands. Next, raise your arms above your chest and return to the starting position.

With this, you will work even more muscles than in previous cases. You will activate the lower pectoralis major, the triceps brachii, the latissimus dorsi or the posterior deltoid.

Push-up with or without dumbbells


Push-ups without dumbbells

We have left this routine for last, which is among the easiest. It consists of performing the popular «irons». That is, you have to lie face down on the floor and hold on with both hands. Then you just have to stretch and contract your arms without touching the surface. If you want to make it a little more complicated, you can hold paths in your hands dumbbells.

Another variant is the call archer pushup. In this case, it consists of stretching one arm, leaving all the weight on the other and then changing. This way, you will not only work the chest muscles, but also the shoulders and abdomen.

In conclusion, we have proposed five chest exercises that will allow you to develop the muscles in that part of your body. Combine them with others and with a proper diet and you will see how you get a stronger and more muscular appearance. Go ahead and try it.

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