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Every year there is more awareness about improving the physical shape of our body. There are many people who do not like to go to the gym for various reasons. However, a gym at home It is the best solution for those people who do not want to go to the gym. A fitness and bodybuilding room in our home can be a great option.

In this article we are going to tell you all the characteristics, components and usefulness of a home gym.

Goals of a home gym

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Most of the people affirm that they do not go to the gym and do sports because they do not have enough time. And it is that we all have work obligations as well as family and friends. However, it is only necessary practice some exercise for 30 minutes and you can do it from home. It is known that many people abandon this type of exercise because they do not have enough discipline to practice exercise at home. However, if you have a gym at home it is much easier since you have the necessary equipment to see improvements in a short time.

The gym at home can help you save time and money as well as improve physical and mental fitness. Let's see what are the main objectives of making a gym at home:

  • This type of home gym is intended for those people who are occasional athletes and those who frequent sports centers on a daily basis. There are many people who can improve with this type of material.
  • The bodybuilding cage offers a multitude of possibilities, so you can work in small places almost all muscle groups.
  • When designing your home gym you must take into account the frequency of use. You must also take into account the budget for the assembly. It is advisable to have some kind of advice from a professional.

Everything you need to know about a home gym

home gym

You have to take into account some aspects before making your gym at home. We find countless machines in all gyms to train each muscle group in our body independently. However, at home we do not have the same space to be able to work muscle groups in isolation with thousands of machines. We must also be aware that gyms must be able to accommodate a multitude of people, while at home only we will be there.

We only have to buy only the devices that we consider necessary for training nut. Some of the main questions that he does not usually suggest is that the plan should begin. It is important to think that you do not have to buy any machine that only serves to train a single muscle. The best thing is to get machines where you can work several muscle groups at the same time and optimize the space at home.

When it comes to budget, a home gym was for wealthier people who had plenty of space to put it. Today there is a large multitude of machinery that takes up less space to optimize exercise. A home gym is available to anyone and it is not necessary that you have to make all the payment at once.

When it comes to acquiring equipment for the home gym, we must look for multifunctional equipment. The price varies according to the quality and brands of each machine.

Space and type of exercises

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The first of all is to see what space we are going to allocate to put the gym at home. If you are one of those who barely have space at home, the most advisable are the towers or bodybuilding cages. Most of them allow you to carry out an infinite number of exercises and do not need much assembly. It is necessary to have only one room, even if it is small, for exercise. A kind of multipurpose room in which no one sleeps is enough. Value to the space you have available to be able to move freely and have good ventilation.

Once you have studied the room, it is important to protect the floor to avoid damage. You should not obstruct the windows so as not to interfere with the ventilation of the room. It is not recommended to have furniture such as tables in your fitness space. These furnishings may encourage you to rest more than you should between exercises.

Regarding the types of exercises that should be introduced into the routine you have to incorporate multi-joint exercises such as the squat, deadlift and bench press. These are exercises that involve multiple Arab muscle groups and are great for building muscle mass. It not only helps generate new tissues, but also increases strength. In the case of squatting, you have to start the exercise standing upright, with your back straight and your legs shoulder-width apart. After placing the bar correctly you should injure the knees until the buttocks line up with them. Remember not to press more than 90 degrees if you don't have very good hip mobility.

The most advisable thing in a squat is that the feet keep facing the front with the tips slightly facing outwards. The work of the quadriceps will be more intense if we keep and the feet open to the width of the shoulders. If the balls of the feet are facing out too far, the work of the quadriceps is reduced.

Deadlift and bench press

Let's see how we can work the deadlift and the bench press in a home gym. Dead weight is one of more technical exercises and carries a greater risk of injury if not performed well. The most important thing is that our spine is completely straight. This is how we can block our scapulae. The legs should be aligned to the width of the shoulders and lift the bar until we are completely stable and with the knees straight. The bar should rise as close to our land as possible.

As for the bench press, you have to get into a position where you have the bar just below your eyes. Your legs are aligned to the width of the shoulders and the heels nailed in the ground with the arched back. At the moment of taking the bar out, the air must be emptied from the lungs and the bar up to the chest with a controlled movement.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the gym at home and what you should keep in mind.

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