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Do you know the benefits of garlic? Although it does not enjoy the best of reputations when it comes to breath, It is a food that should be included in the diet for its taste (it is essential in the Mediterranean) and by its properties.

Present in the diet of mankind for thousands of years, the benefits of garlic did not go unnoticed in both Greece and Rome, where garlic was used as a remedy in a wide variety of situations. Let's see why it is considered one of the healthiest foods.

Reasons to eat garlic

Heart organ

Everyone knows that vampires hate it, but apart from hypothetical confrontations with creatures of the night, there are many other reasons to include a few heads of garlic in the shopping cart. And it is that garlic has a great reputation when it comes to health. Eating garlic is good because it helps prevent disease.

What are garlic made of? Garlic, among other things, provides you with allicin, arginine, flavonoids, vitamin C and selenium. These are compounds that act both together and separately in your body to contribute to the proper functioning of a large number of areas of the body. But How can regular consumption of garlic benefit you?

  • Garlic has interesting antibacterial properties
  • May lower blood pressure by helping to keep arteries flexible and improve blood flow
  • Cholesterol levels can go down
  • It can lower blood sugar levels, making it especially interesting for people with diabetes
  • Prevents blood clots and plaque build-up in the arteries

In consecuense, one of the most notable benefits of garlic is the reduction of the risk of stroke and heart disease. It is so positive for health that many consider it to be both food and medicine. Naturally, that is quite an exaggeration, since, in addition, food should never replace medical treatments, but it gives you an idea of ​​the high number of benefits that studies attribute to this food.

In addition, it is a tough food that does not spoil easily. If you keep it in a cool, dark and well-ventilated place, it can last for several months. Nevertheless, It is advisable to consume it as fresh as possible to get the most out of its nutrients, as well as its flavor..

Does garlic fight viruses?

Cold remedies

Garlic is also used to fight viruses, such as cold and fluBut those garlic benefits need more research. The same happens with its supposed benefits to fight Alzheimer's, reduce the risk of cancer or strengthen the immune system. Some of these diseases are very serious, and false hope should not be created until investigations leave room for doubt. In any case, it is not a bad idea to include it in the diet just in case all that turns out to be true.

You have a cold?

Take a look at the article: Cold remedies. There you will find many options to alleviate symptoms and get back to full capacity as soon as possible.

How to fight bad breath from garlic

Head of garlic

Garlic is made up of a series of smaller pieces called cloves. Its best known characteristic is its intense smell and taste, caused by an oily substance that is released when they are crushed, called allicin. As you have had the opportunity to verify on numerous occasions, the smell of garlic tends to linger in the mouth longer than desired..

Fortunately, it is very easy to fight bad breath from garlic, so this inconvenience should not be an impediment to enjoying the incredible health benefits of this vegetable. One of the most popular and effective solutions for both garlic and bad breath in general is chewing on mint leaves. And if you don't have fresh mint on hand, don't worry, just make sure accompany your meals rich in garlic with some lettuce or eat an apple for dessert.

Final word

Apparently, to enjoy all the benefits of garlic, especially those related to blood, it is important to mash it and eat it as raw as possible. Squashing it is also a trick that makes it easier to peel, so it seems like the best way to treat it before using it on your dishes.

What happens to its benefits if it is baked or boiled? If it is for a short time, its benefits for the blood are not reduced, but as the minutes go by, it becomes more difficult to maintain your composition, so it should be taken into account. In this way, the best way to eat it would be crushed and raw… and the least beneficial whole. When it comes to applying heat, it depends on the weather.

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