Foods, drinks and habits that stain teeth

Foods, drinks and habits that stain teeth

Having a beautiful smile is one of our main objectives when we refer to good aesthetics. It is not as easy as it seems to maintain the perfect smile, because there are many factors that come into play and not just brushing your teeth daily. Hygiene is essential, but it must be done well and, in addition, avoid foods, drinks and habits that stain teeth. We are going to talk to you about these in this article.

Maybe you are one of those who brush your teeth two or three times a day, always after eating, when you get up and before going to bed. But despite this, you notice that there are dark spots on your teeth that do not disappear no matter how much you rub and rub. Have you even thought about using a teeth whitener to restore your teeth to that bright and neat tone from years ago. There are many products on the market, it is true, but there are some things you should know first.

It is not that these products are harmful to your oral health, although it is advisable not to abuse them and use treatments that are validated by a professional. That is why, although there will be cases in which we will have to resort to a whitening solution, prevention is the best remedy. 

Foods and drinks that stain teeth

You may have heard something about foods like coffee and tea darken teeth. That's right, but not only them, but there are many others foods and drinks that also cause stains difficult, if not impossible, to remove from your smile and that accumulate in the enamel with repeated consumption of that substance. Apart from coffee and tea, other foods and drinks that you should be careful with are the following.

Red wine

El red wine is an acidic drink and, as such, acids corrode enamel. If the enamel corrodes, its color will change and may appear darker. Try to avoid repetitive consumption of this drink or drink it with a straw. We know that it is not glamorous to drink wine with a straw, but neither is it glamorous for your teeth to look brown or with stains that do not belong.

Refreshments with gas

Foods, drinks and habits that stain teeth

Boy (8-10) drinking glass of cola in countryside, close-up (Digital Composite)

If wine damages the enamel, so do the carbonated soft drinks precisely due to this gas, in addition to the sugar that these types of soft drinks incorporate and which are also harmful. 

Be careful with juices!

You might have thought that juices are healthier, however, when it comes to teeth, there is no distinction and they are also a threat to the good health of our teeth. To begin with, because they contain sugars and then because, like soft drinks, they tend to abuse colorants that leave their mark on the enamel.

Red fruits, very healthy but stain

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. berries and blackberries or blueberries They are very interesting and healthy foods, but this does not mean that they are free from being on our list of potential enemies of our white smile and our goal of showing off pearly white teeth. They are fruits that contain pigments and have a great ability to paint everything with color when they touch, including your teeth.

Vegetables that paint your smile with color

Foods, drinks and habits that stain teeth

As in the case of red fruits, there are many vegetables that leave a color mark. It is the case of the beet and eggplant, among others. When you eat them, you will notice that they paint your lips pink or purple and that it is difficult for you to clean it, but the same thing happens with your teeth.

And the sauces? Another risk factor

Not even the sauces are spared. So the next time you think about dipping bread, also think that, after the feast, it is your turn to brush your teeth thoroughly so as not to leave remains that stain your teeth. Soy sauce, curry, vinegar and tomato are especially dangerous.

Candies: if you cross them, all the better

Any dentist would cross him the candies. But not only because of its sugar, but also because, even though you don't have a single cavity, you can see your teeth darker and stained due to the coloring in the candy. And the worst thing is that they are so sticky that it is difficult to tear them off properly.

Frequent habits that you should avoid if you do not want to stain your teeth

Obviously one of the The most harmful habits for your health and your dental health are tobacco.. But in addition to affecting your gums, smoking also stains your teeth. And the stains caused by tobacco They are irreversible in many cases, unless you undergo a whitening treatment that can be aggressive for the enamel and that you should not repeat frequently.

The use of Food colorings It influences, as it could not be otherwise, the teeth, since they stain them, just as they stain our hands or our mouth. Therefore, avoid excessive consumption. We include food coloring, but also spices like paprika.

And, of course, not brushing your teeth every day or, more specifically, after consuming these foods and drinks that dirty your teeth, can cause dirt to accumulate, causing bad breath, tartar, and staining your teeth. 

What is coming now, however, can leave you more speechless than necessary, because it is difficult to think that an a priori healthy habit such as brushing your teeth could be harmful. How is this? Well, it happens when you abuse chlorhexidine. This is an excellent antibacterial that is used for patients who suffer from gingivitis, periodontitis and to prevent these diseases. But using chlorhexidine repeatedly can cause these teeth to end up looking dark. 

The solution? Brush your teeth with a soft-bristle brush, using a toothpaste with fluoride, avoiding as much as possible foods, drinks and habits that stain teeth and using chlorhexidine once or twice a week, but not daily. With these recommendations, your white and healthy teeth will be the envy of your acquaintances. 

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