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A sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and lack of exercise are the perfect ingredients to make our belly grow over time. However, we can modify our lifestyle habits to get a flat stomach in no time. Depending on the amount of fat that we have to reduce in our abdomen, we can have a flatter abdomen in more or less time. The flat stomach in men it is quite demanded by general aesthetics and by society.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you all the tips on how to have a flat stomach in men.

Flat stomach in men on diet

flat stomach in men

Although dieting does not have to mean a reduction in the food we consume, it is true that there is a caloric restriction in our diet. In order to start To reduce our percentage of fat we need to have an energy deficit in the diet. This means that we are going to eat fewer calories than we are going to expend throughout the day. In this way, we achieve that every day we have a negative energy balance that will make us begin to lose our fat.

Keep in mind that when we start to lose weight, at first most of the weight we lose belongs to liquids. This means that the calorie-restricted diet must be constant over time in order to start using fat reserves as an energy source. In order to be consistent and motivated over time, it is necessary to measure. We cannot control what we do not measure. That is, when starting our nutritional plan with a caloric restriction it is important to measure our current fat percentage and our contours a fold is to then see the evolution over the days and weeks.

It is true that exercising is essential to be able to lose fat from the whole body. However, what they say about doing sit-ups to have a flat stomach in men is totally a lie. You cannot lose localized fat in any way. The body by genetics will tend to lose fat from where it is programmed. If your body decides to lose leg fat first before belly fat, there is nothing you can do to reverse this order.

Importance of a flat stomach in men

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Keep in mind that having a flat stomach in men is not only important for aesthetics. There are many people who have a deficit in health due to their percentage of fat that accumulates mainly in the stomach area. In these places are main organs that can generate various diseases if the amount of abdominal fat is too much.

There are several types of fat that we store in our body: on the one hand, we have subcutaneous fat and, on the other hand, we have visceral fat. Visceral fat is that which is stored around the organs inside our body. We cannot see this with the naked eye. We need a bioimpedance scale or other more advanced techniques. Subcutaneous fat is that which is stored under the skin and is what makes us look more or less aesthetic.

The thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to see the abs even if you do a multitude of them unless your percentage of fat in the abdomen is low. Normally to obtain a flat stomach in men and to be able to mark all the visible abs approximately 10-12% body fat is needed. One of the aspects to take into account for improving health is having a good digestion as a starting point. You have to have good digestion and we want to have a flat stomach in men. Digestions that do not have discomfort or burning and that have an adequate metabolization of fats. This makes it essential to look at the food we eat, the process by which we prepare, and the order in which we digest it.

Tips to reduce the abdomen

flat stomach in men with exercises

We are now going to see some of the most relevant tips to reduce the abdomen and achieve a flat stomach in men. Before strengthening the abdominal muscles through exercises, it is essential to eliminate the fat that is in this area. In order to eliminate body fat from the whole body, a caloric deficit in the diet and greater physical activity are needed. Weight training is essential to be able to lose fat and not muscle mass in the process. If there is no caloric deficit in the diet, the rest what you do is not going to matter.

You can increase your daily caloric expenditure by going for a walk, jog, or bike ride for 1 hour a day. It can be quite interesting to do some higher intensity aerobic exercises for less time. These aerobic exercises will not make you lose more fat due to their intensity, but they will reduce the time you have to dedicate to them. If you are a busy person and you do not have as much time a day to dedicate to aerobic exercises, it is better to use the art intensity exercises.

We know that consistency is the key to success on either side. In order to have a flat stomach in men, You need to be consistent and not skip your diet or workouts all the time. If you are constant over time and enjoy what you do, the results will come by themselves.

There are many professionals who claim that most diet failures do not depend on the food you eat, but on the number of servings. Therefore, it is important to eat a balanced diet adapted to you. You do not have to reduce any type of macronutrients in order to lose fat. The most normal thing is that fat is eliminated from the diet to reduce calories. However, a certain amount of healthy fat must be ingested for the body to have this nutrient for its vital functions.

It is a matter of time before you reach your goals with these tips. I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to get a flat stomach in men.

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