The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

The style chosen to wear your beard says as much or more than the haircut and hairstyle you choose. Therefore, if you are concerned about your image and like to innovate in your look, we invite you to pay attention to the types of beards that are in fashion in 2024 and what we are going to teach you in this article. 

As with hair, the type of beard and its effects depend on each person, taking into account their age, the shape of their face and their features. Because not all beards suit everyone equally. Let your trusted barber advise you to know which one suits you best. But, for now, we are going to show you what the trends are.

We tell you that there is everything, because the options are endless: long beards, short beards, with and without sideburns, with and without a mustache, formal or informal style, with decorations and even with braids and dyes. Which one will you stay with? Let's go see them. 

3 day beard

The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

La 3 day beard It is the typical beard of the man who is perhaps a little absent-minded or too busy to shave and spends his days letting his beard grow. It is very attractive, because it is appreciated as a natural and sexy beard, neither too long, nor with a beardless face. But be careful, this does not mean that you do not shave, period, because if you want to make people fall in love with your appearance and make the best impression, you must also take care of this beard and trim it so that it looks well-groomed, even if it seems that you did not take the razor or the razor. in three days. 

Beard with mustache

The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

There are friends and enemies of the mustache. In 2024 there is a clear commitment to him, also giving preference to thin mustache or also called pencil mustache. However, not all men are favored by a mustache. Careful with this! Especially if you only have a mustache with a shaved beard, it might not be very flattering depending on your face. 

However, There are a variety of styles in mustaches. takeaways and you probably don't know most of them: French mustache, Imperial, of horseshoe, English and the Walrus They are the most requested by men who like to show off their latest trends

Bear Beard

The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

Call Full Bear, Bear Beard It is one of the most popular today. Many men opt for this look, which consists of letting their beard grow until it becomes a very voluminous and dense bush of hair 

It is a beard style for the brave, which is usually chosen by those men who prefer to show off a style “hipster” or “viking”. And, as with the others types of beards, does not favor all men. 

Chevron Beard

The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

If you are looking for a really new style, you will like the chevron beard, because it is a combination of styles that looks very elegant, combining a beard with a mustache. Here the mustache takes center stage, because it is allowed to grow, accentuating its density, while the beard is trimmed more. 

An short beard with long bushy mustachea contrast effect very attractive. How about? On social networks this style is triumphing.

goatee beard

The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

La padlock beard is characterized because the hair that grows around the mouth is allowed to grow, uniting the goatee with mustache, but without letting the goatee grow too much. It would be reaching the length of a three-day beard but with a goatee, mustache and the hair around the wedding, as if forming a padlock and hence its name. And the rest of the face must be shaved well.

Van Dyke style beard

The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

It bears the name of a painter, because in fact this beard is related to the one worn by men in the seventeenth centuryincluding the famous painter Anthony Van Dyke. As with the goatee, almost the entire face is shaved, except for the mustache and goatee

This style is worn by famous people like David Beckham and Johnny Deep. The trick is to let your beard grow for about a month and, when it is long enough, trim the hair on your cheeks, leaving only the longer mustache and goatee. A deeper shave on the cheeks. 

Two-tone beard

The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

For those who enjoy applying colors to their beard, know that there are natural dyes that work very well for this area. If you have complexes about those gray hairs that are beginning to appear in the hair on your face, you have two options: dye them or show them off. In the two-tone beard, which is also very popular in 2024, you can proudly show your gray beard, because gray hair is nothing more than the symbol of your experience and years lived. 

Or choose the dye and look for a color for your beard that you like, daring this duality of tones. Because you have to be daring to wear a dyed two-tone beard

Beard with braids

The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

Yes, sir, braids are for beards too. Obviously, you'll have to grow your beard long enough to get your braids done. Or get extensions if you suddenly get the craving and can't wait for your beard to grow long enough. The beard with braids You can wear a single braid, several braids, your entire beard braided, or just a strand. 

Tips to show off your impeccable beard

The types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024

There is a golden rule to show off an enviable beard, in addition to wearing it with your favorite look, try not to touch it. Because your hands have grease and dirt, and if you touch your beard, you will make it dirty and greasy. In addition, if you usually comb your beard, with your hands you will ruin the effort and previous care. 

It's also good wash your beard every day, because food falls on it and becomes dirty with dust and dirt from the environment. You can use a specific shampoo for beards.

On the other hand, it will be good if you brush your beard. This way it will look more uniform and cared for, plus you will be able to eliminate some of the dust and dirt that has accumulated. 

These are the types of beards that are most fashionable in 2024. Which one did you like the most? Do you usually wear any of these looks or have you ever worn them?

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