False friends

Throughout our life we ​​are going to meet many people who may be more or less friends depending on the circumstances. There are people who are worth a lot and who must remain in your life for you and your well-being as well as theirs. On the other hand, there are numerous false friends that they will only be with you for their welfare or convenience. These fake friends are sometimes difficult to spot as they often have a way of making you see that they are doing good for you.

In this article we are going to tell you who fake friends are and how you can recognize them with the naked eye.

What are fake friends

False friends

False friends are those who are only by your side for their interest. Normally you have something to offer him, be it friendship, time, material goods or something that he considers important for his benefit. These people often lie about how well they like you, how much they love you, or how much they value you. However, when push comes to shove, they are the ones who are not by your side when you need them most.

These people don't get involved in your life at all when the going gets tough. They usually say motivational phrases but empty of feelings. They are those people who stop being with you, let you know to make plans when they don't need anything from you. As long as you have something to offer that person is interested, you will be in their life and you will be a priority in all their plans. However, this changes when you have nothing to offer him that interests him. That's when they just walk away from you or away from him.

Sometimes other relationships of friends who are close to said friend can also be affected. That is, a group of friends can break up only because one of them, usually the most influential, decides that such a person cannot continue to be with the rest. Surely you have ever experienced changes in the members of the group of friends. These changes in the members of the group of friends may be due to the fights between them, not having interests in common, some betrayal involved or something worse. This is when people decide to stop including this person from the group.

The relationship between the changes in the members of the groups of friends with the false friends is that these are the ones that promote the entry and exit of members of the group. Either because it is not in their interest or because it creates tension between others in the group.

Tips to identify fake friends

There are some tips to make the way you find out if you have fake friends or not more bearable. These are the most recommended.

It becomes your close friend in no time

It is possible that you have had a friendship throughout your life that turns into something intimate in just a few days. You have to know that true friendships are forged based on time and perseverance. Best friends they also have fights and disagreements that have ended in some bad times. However, with each fight or each confrontation, an increasingly lasting friendship is forged.

There are times when someone pretends to strike up an overnight friendship with you. This person acts like a close friend and wants you to tell them your deepest secrets or intimacies. If you meet these types of people, you should be vigilant and act prudent. The trust and connection of a friendship emerge progressively and it is not easy to give away. It is well known that trust takes a long time to gain but can be easily lost.

It's in the good times but not in the bad

A person who is with you when your life is good but withdraws from you when you need it. And we know that not all of us always have good times, but we went through bad times. On these occasions we need other people to help us better cope with the problem. If a friend of yours is not by your side when you need him, it is because he is a false friend. This person is not interested in when you are bad, but only in enjoying when things are going well. To this it is also added that, surely you have nothing to offer.

Likes to criticize you or criticize others

There are people who can criticize something that you do for good for yourself. These people must be valued since they are capable of recent what you are doing wrong. However, There are other people who criticize you for constantly criticizing. Also, they can easily be seen coming as they spend hours and hours criticizing other people. Who tells you here that if you criticize other people, they will not criticize you?

These friends are known as the emotional vampires. They are those people who steal your emotional well-being.

Talk bad about you behind your back

This is already the height of false people. Surely there has ever been a third party that you have found out that they have spoken ill of you. They are people who criticize you from behind but do not have the courage to tell you what they think of you directly. These people are considered fake friends. If you are doing something wrong or that they consider wrong, they should tell you to your face. You can also identify it if the person is constantly criticizing and belittling you without respecting your opinions.

Too pessimistic friend

If there are overly negative people who always see that what you are doing is not too good, It may be that they envy you or that they rejoice in your successes. There are also friends who get into your things without trying to help you. They just give their opinion without helping you.

Fake friends and intuition

How to know who are fake friends

Finally, sometimes you have to be guided by your own intuition. If you suspect that you have false friends, time will confirm that your intuition was correct or not.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about fake friends.

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