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The best exercises to lose belly are the same ones that help you burn more fat in general. Taking that fact into account is one of the secrets to be successful in that purpose. But it should not be forgotten that in addition to achieve efficient fat burning through physical activity, you must also plan the feeding in a suitable way.

These two factors (exercise and diet) are absolutely indivisible when it comes to losing abdominal fat.. The calories that are ingested and expended have a direct effect on this part of the body, considered one of the male weak points.

The number of calories expended must be greater than the number of calories ingested to force the body to use stored fat. And to achieve this you have to monitor the calorie intake in the diet and carry out exercises that increase your daily calorie burn.

Training to lose belly

It is not enough to attack from a single front. Exercises to lose belly should be both strength and cardiovascular type. Ideally, you should combine both workouts in one session. The following are exercises of both styles that will help you create a complete belly flattening workout.

The frequency of the workouts depends on each one. If you don't have a lot of time, training twice a week is better than nothing, but the idea is to be as constant as possible without forgetting to take a break from time to time.

Strength training

Plank with arms extended

Push-ups are a classic that is always worth including in your training. Although they help to work the abdominal region a little, the contribution to the loss of belly from push-ups is mainly determined by the number of calories the body loses when performing this exercise.

Another amazing exercise for activate the metabolism while working the main muscles of the body are squats. Remember that, to be effective, it is important to carry them out correctly. To do this, stand with your feet apart, roughly in line with your shoulders. Normally it is returned to the starting position when the thighs are parallel to the floor. However, you can print maximum intensity to each squat by lowering as much as possible.

Including planks in strength training is also considered to promote abdominal fat burning. Exercises to lose belly can be directed to any part of the body. This focuses on the so-called nucleus. Do a plank with arms extended and hold for 20 seconds. Make sure that your body forms a straight line and, above all, that you contract your abdomen well throughout the duration of the exercise to increase its effectiveness.

The advantage of working with your own body weight is that, as no equipment is necessary (except a mat in some cases), you can train at any time and place. Which does not mean that they cannot be add some exercises with weights to your training if you have the possibilitysuch as bicep curls or barbell squats. Although they have their differences, both options (bodyweight and weights) contribute to increasing endurance and strength and burning fat, which is what it is all about.

The myth of doing sit-ups

For a long time it was believed that abdominals could help you lose belly on their own. They are now known to be useful for defining and strengthening the area, but they are not enough when it comes to getting rid of accumulated fat in the middle of the body. It is necessary to include them within a more extensive training that affects all parts of the body and not just one. In other words, if you have a flat stomach, they can help you sculpt it, but if not, you have to think more broadly.

Cardio workout


Running, swimming, and cycling are the most popular cardio exercises. And they are also among the best exercises for losing belly and burning fat in general. Simply walking in the countryside or city also offers extraordinary results when it comes to burning excess fat stored in the body, including abdominal fat. But it must be at a brisk pace.

If you're in the gym, treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes are your allies. Consider interval training (alternating moderate intensity stretches with high intensity stretches) if you want to burn fat faster.

It is also possible to do some cardio without having to leave the house. In this sense, burpees are a great idea. And they are quite demanding, the more repetitions are done without rest, which is why they are very efficient in burning fat, even the most resistant type. This is a two-in-one exercise. First you do a push-up on the ground and culminate with a powerful jump.

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