5 haircuts for men with little hair on the crown

Lack of hair on the crown

La lack of hair on the crown It is one of the first samples of alopecia. When we start to lose hair, we do it in the front area, with the dreaded receding hairline, or in the upper back part, that is, in what we popularly call the crown.

In these cases, the first thing we must do is break the fall. But we will no longer be able to recover the hair we have lost. However, there are cuts that hide the lack of hair on the crown of the head and even the previous phase in which it becomes thinner. Next, we are going to show you some of them, but first we want to offer you some general tips to hide thinning hair above.

Tips for choosing the right cut


A hairdresser at work

Firstly and as a general rule, if you have lack of hair on the crown of your head, do not limit yourself when choosing a hairstyle to your liking. There are many options for choosing a flattering cut that makes you feel good about your appearance. However, we recommend that you avoid very long or straight hairstyles, since they make the hair appear finer and the lack of it in the upper area is more visible.

Instead, you can choose a layered haircut. It will provide texture and volume to your hair and will hide the parts where you have less. Likewise, if you comb it to the side, it will appear that you have more in the upper area. However, the parting in the middle is not advisable because it makes the bald areas more visible. Even a good disheveled It is preferable to the latter option. You should also know that there are different products for fine hair on the market. With them, you will give more density and, precisely, volume hiding incipient bald spots.

Finally, you have the option to put Extensions. As you know, these are false locks that are combined with your own hair. Thanks to them, you will have a denser hair and you will be able to choose from more hairstyles. You can put them on yourself, but we don't recommend it. The result could be bad. It is always better that you go to a professional salon so they can do it to you. In this they will know how to choose the model that best suits you and how to put it on.

Hairstyles for men with missing hair on the crown

Absence of hair on the crown

The crown is one of the areas of the head where hair is first scarce.

In line with what we just told you, you can also ask a professional for advice about the hairstyle that best suits your particular situation. That is, it is more appropriate for your lack of hair on the crown of your head and the features of your face. Keep in mind that they have extensive experience and the necessary skills to adapt the cut to your circumstances.

Furthermore, the important thing is that you feel at ease, comfortable and safe with the hairstyle you choose. In any case, we are going to propose some hairstyles that, in general, always go well with the lack of hair on the crown of the head.

The Pompadour style

pompadour cut

Pompadour style haircut

As you know, this hairstyle is characterized by leaving the hair shorter on the sides and longer at the top of the head. Likewise, the one in this last part is combed back. With this, the lack of hair on the crown of the head will be hidden.

Furthermore, it is a cut that creates the illusion that the hair is thicker by having more volume. It even balances the proportions of your face. However, we do not recommend it if your face is sharp, because it will make it look even more so.

In general, any haircut that is accompanied by a toupee It is valid to hide the lack of hair on the upper area of ​​the head. Creates volume and groups hair, hiding incipient bald spots.

Fade haircuts

fade cut

A fade or gradient cut

This type of hairstyle will also be good for the lack of hair on the crown of your head. Broadly speaking, it consists of a gradient that blurs the length of the hair towards the top. But, most importantly, with it you create volume effect in the upper area of ​​the head and hides the crown.

There are different types of gradient. For example, him low fade It leaves the hair longer a few centimeters above the ears, while it is almost completely removed below. Or the taper fade, which consists of a much more subtle fade on the sides. The latter offers you a more discreet look, while the former is more daring.

Cut with layers

Cut with layers

The cut with layers is also advisable to hide the lack of hair on the crown of the head.

As we told you before, this type of cut is one of the best to hide the lack of hair on the crown of the head. According to what its name indicates, it is leave several layers of hair with different lengths and shapes. Thanks to them, a texture is created that also hides the absence of hair. In addition, it provides volume and movement to your hairstyle.

On the other hand, layers can be adapted to different styles. For example, him bob cut, in which they are concentrated on the tips to create a light and dynamic effect. Or the shag style, which is more unstructured in the shape of the layers and gives a casual air.

The jewfro and other messy cuts that hide the lack of hair on the crown

jewfro cut

Jewfro style haircut

In general, all haircuts that they don't need to comb their hair They are valid to hide the lack of hair on the crown of the head. The messy image they provide is perfect for hiding the absence of hair in that area. In this sense, perhaps one of the most useful for this is the so-called jewfro, which takes elements of the afro style.

Consists in create curly or wavy textures of medium length that are left to their own devices. That is, it is not combed and, precisely because of this disorder, it makes it easier to cover the absence of hair on the crown of the head.

Caesar cut

George Clooney

Actor George Clooney with a Caesar cut

We have already spoken to you in other blog articles about the Caesar cut, so called because it was inspired by the one who wore the famous Latin politician and writer. It consists of leaving the hair in the upper area a little longer and comb it together forward.

As it straightens the hair and brings it together, it helps hide the lack of hair on the crown of the head. It's about a cool quite classic, but also versatile. It can adapt to both straight and curly hair and different face shapes.

In conclusion, we have proposed five hairstyles to hide the lack of hair on the crown. However, there are others. For example, it is very useful to let yourself a bun or a high ponytailTherefore, by gathering the hair, it hides its scarcity. It is also valid faux-hawk, which consists of gathering all the hair at the top of the head and on point. If you notice that your hair is starting to thin out in that area, try these hairstyles.

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