Are you over 50 years old? This is the haircut that suits you the most

Haircut for men over 50 years old

Being a man and having turned 50 is no tragedy. On the contrary, you are at your best! You simply have to start taking advantage of yourself in a different way, looking for a look that flatters you, with your gray hair, with your receding hairline and with those lines of expression that may already appear or have even consolidated on you, but that can still make you look attractive. If when you look in the mirror you are not convinced by what you see and you want a change, we have selected a few hairdressing options for you, so that you can find the best one. haircut for men over 50 years old and that you look out into the world without complexes. 

Obviously, each man has his style and should not give up on it, although recycling, even in the way you dress or style your hair, is good from time to time. But so that you can find your own style and continue feeling like yourself but with a renewed air, we have considered different proposals. They are the following.

Best haircuts for men over 50

This season you will have a thousand opportunities to show your best face, your best outfit and your best smile. If you accompany all this with a flattering haircut, things change a lot, because hair, to a large extent, is everything. Be careful that we are not talking about having more or less hair, because here the ““more is better”, but to enhance those most attractive features of your face, with the help of a cut and a way of styling that make the eyes focus precisely on that objective. 

If you like to go classic, modern, transgressive, original or rebellious, or if you prefer to go for a shaved head or love to keep your hair, here we have a haircut for you. They are the best haircuts for men over 50, which you can show off on your most special dates, when you go to the gym or every day at work. 

Betting on the classic

Classic haircut for men over 50 years old

No matter how much digital age we are living in, there are things that never go out of style and this happens with some haircuts. We women still like the gentleman and, therefore, the classic cut continues to be a trend. Especially for you, who has already turned 50, the classic cut you are allowed it. And believe us, we love it! 

If you're not bold enough to go out of your way, don't worry, because you don't have to. He classic haircut has its advantages for men over 50, because it allows disguise entries, thanks to the fact that the volume is centered at the top. 

Pompadour cut, for mature people who still feel like teenagers

Classic haircut for men over 50 years old

Yes, beyond 50 you can still have your hair standing on end. These are the privileges we enjoy in the 50st century. Perhaps decades ago, talking about fifty people was imagining a grandpa about to pick up the cane. But nowadays, to talk about a man who turned XNUMX is to talk about chocolates that still retain their maximum sweetness, like, for example, David Beckham, do you get it? 

50 are now like the new 40, we look fabulous and we have to celebrate and take advantage of that. He Pompadour cut It will allow you to feel young, but it also has a trick, because when you give volume in the forehead areaa raised bangs pointed back finished in wave, also covers some entries. 

However, this hairstyle, which is classic, modern and elegant, that is, a three in one, will suit men. thick hair. If you have thin or little hair, it is preferable that you choose another style.

Quiff haircut, for mature people who enjoy experimenting

Classic haircut for men over 50 years old

El quiff haircut You will see it in many children, young men and also in men over 50 years old, because it is one of the trends of this season. This cut is for the most daring, we must admit, but if you dare, you will end up happy, as long as you are one of the lucky ones who still has a voluminous and healthy hair

The hairdresser will cut the sides, shave the nape of the neck and add volume to the center of the head. Then, you comb your hair to your liking or, rather, ruffle your hair, because it is a casual style, although you can apply hair gel to look more elegant. It is a cut that combines three styles: flat top, Pompadour and mohican

Do you like long hair? Is allowed!

Classic haircut for men over 50 years old

If Brad Pitt is wearing it, why not you? Now, to wear long hair after 50 there are rules, although the same as if you were 30 years old and had little hair: it is only advisable when there is healthy and abundant hair. Otherwise, the cut may not look as attractive as you would like. 

Crew cut or military style

Classic haircut for men over 50 years old

At the other extreme, the crew cut is a very short hair. In the crownHowever, it is usually left more volume, although without exaggeration. It is the ideal cut for men who do not want to spend hours in front of the mirror combing their hair but want to look attractive. And, if you have little hair, this style suits you.

Fade cut or gradient

Classic haircut for men over 50 years old

The gradient haircuts They remain with us for another season and for men over 50 they are ideal. The lateral remain very shaved, but upstairs you can even style a pompadour if you want. And you choose the volume you want to have in the center. 

Cuts with bangs

Classic haircut for men over 50 years old

Short hair with bangs slightly longer give a very fun youthful appearance and is allowed in mature men. Of course, if you have very pronounced hairlines, it is better to choose another style, for obvious reasons. 

Caesar style

Classic haircut for men over 50 years old

For a Caesar court You don't have to take the clippers, set it between number 2 to 5, depending on what you like, and get to work. The advantage is that it flatters almost all faces and, in addition, it will not give you complications in your hairstyle. 

Buzz cut, short and lowered

Classic haircut for men over 50 years old

Following the short trend, the court buzz it is, very short, with the lowered sides to the maximum, almost shaved and a little volume at the top. Another option for those who are lazier when it comes to combing their hair or who say they don't have time to think about complicated hairstyles. 

This is our list of haircuts for men over 50 years old that will allow you to be fashionable and bring out the best in you this season. 

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