Cold remedies

Cold remedies

What are the best cold remedies? When the cold months arrive, the risk of colds and colds increases. It is convenient to know tricks that help you relieve symptoms and recover faster.

There are many things you can do to prevent a cold from making your day bitter. Discover the most effective remedies to fight colds.

Chicken soup

Hot soup

Who hasn't had a hot broth as a home cold treatment? Of all the cold remedies, chicken broth is probably the most effective. It seems that, more than a matter of ingredients, the secret is in the heat it brings to the body, especially to the throat, helping to detach the mucus so that it can be eliminated through coughing.

But chicken broth isn't the only strategy that can help warm up your body and make it difficult for annoying congestion. Since the secret is in the warmth, having any hot drink is a great idea (for example a tea or a glass of hot milk). Another way to access the benefits of steam for a cold is to take a hot bath. You can also steam to decongest the nose (It involves placing your face over a bowl of hot water and breathing slowly).

Drink enough water

Glass of water

Make sure you always have water at hand. And it is that staying properly hydrated is highly important for many aspects of health, including the fight against colds. When you have a cold, it is advisable to provide the body with an extra dose of hydration, since mucus reduces the body's moisture levels.

In addition, drinking fluids helps that mucus is less resistant and it is easier for you to expel it by coughing and blowing your nose. It should be noted that not all drinks will benefit you with a cold. It is advisable to avoid those that contain caffeine or alcohol, since they can have just the opposite effect: they can cause dehydration. Instead, Isotonic drinks, herbal teas and fruit juices are considered good options if you get bored of drinking water.

The low levels of hydration caused by colds are also noted in the skin, especially in the area of ​​the nose, since we must add the constant use of handkerchiefs. Consequently, hydration should not only be internal, but also external. To combat this effect of the cold consider apply nose and lip balms and moisturizers. This remedy is especially important at work, since in addition to hydrating your skin, it will help you to prevent the effects of the cold from being so noticeable in your image.


water and salt to remove blood stains from clothing

A sore throat is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of the cold. And it is not only that it prevents you from talking normally, but eating and even being quiet can become a little torture. When you have a sore throat, any relief, no matter how small, is welcome. In this sense, there are many home remedies that you can try, most of them being quite effective, at least temporarily. One of them is hot water with a teaspoon of salt. We know that it is not the most appetizing drink, but remember that you do not need to swallow it, you just have to gargle and then spit it out.

Blow your nose


One of the best cold remedies is also the simplest: blowing your nose. Ejecting them is better than swallowing them, which seems logical, but not everyone seems to understand. To prevent mucus from going into your ears, it is not advisable to blow yourself too hard. Consider pressing one nostril while firmly but gently blowing the other.

Final word


Remember that cold remedies can alleviate symptoms and in some cases shorten their duration, but in no case do they produce a miraculous cure. Although these tricks can help you make them more bearable, unfortunately you have to live for a few days enduring its symptoms. The average duration of the cold is one week.

Furthermore, also putting a remedy to avoid infecting others says a lot about you. What can you do so that those around you do not get infected? Not leaving home for a few days is the most effective solution. In addition, rest helps you recover faster and better, since the body needs all the energy possible to fight the infection. But it is not always possible, since there are important personal and professional obligations that demand our attention outside the home.

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If you have to go outside with a cold, the first step is to bundle up well to prevent the situation from worsening. When it comes to reducing the chances of contagion, you can put several tips into practice:

  • Limit the number of people you have contact with
  • Cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow when you have to cough or sneeze to prevent germs from spreading through the environment

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