The benefits of circumcision

On many occasions, men tend to worry about everything that surrounds our sexual organ, and we are also interested in the diseases that it can suffer, the beneficial activities that we can do with it, but also about aspects that, although they are not familiar to us, can affect us. somehow in our present or in the near future.

Through this article we will try to discover in a very detailed way what circumcision is, the benefits and inconveniences that it entails and among other things we will also solve some of the most frequent doubts.

What is circumcision?

Technically circumcision is the surgical operation in which the foreskin is cut open and separated from the glans, leaving this totally uncovered permanently. To perform this operation, local anesthesia is normally used, although in some cases and by medical decision, the patient can be fully anesthetized to avoid risks or suffering for the patient.

what is circumcision and its benefits

The foreskin of any man's penis accounts for 80% of the skin of the penis, and depending on the type of circumcision that is carried out, a significant amount of tissue can be eliminated with the risks that this can entail.

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The reasons why circumcision is performed can be of three types; religious, cultural or medical. In the first two cases, it is usually done at birth or shortly after. For medical reasons it can be carried out at any age and as a treatment option for pathological phimosis, refractory balanoposthitis and chronic urinary tract infections (UTI).

Historical Background

Circumcision, although we may think that it is a practice that has been carried out for a few years, began to be practiced thousands of years ago and is that the first proofs of this are found in Egyptian paintings that are more than 5.000 years old. Obviously and since then the technique to perform them has evolved very much, but it is not a new practice or one that has been carried out for a short time.

In most cases since a circumcision is performed it is done for cultural or religious convictions, although more and more it is produced by medical prescription. In all cases it is done at an early age and in most cases it is done when the man is only a few days old.

Currently one fifth of men around the world have been circumcised and for example in the United States around 80% of men have undergone circumcision, most of them for non-religious reasons. In this country, circumcision reached its peak in the 60s where up to 90% of men were circumcised. Currently this technique is performed in approximately 60% of newborn males.

In some countries where Islam or Judaism are the majority religions, practically 100% of men are surrounded.

In Spain it is a rare and strange practice to which most men are subjected by medical prescription and not for religious or cultural reasons. This can be extended to other countries in the European Union. For example, in the UK only about 12% of newborn boys undergo circumcision.

Benefits and drawbacks

Despite what many of us may think the benefits of a circumcision can be many. These can be from a medical to a sexual level, and we are going to review them below;

Medical benefits

  • The penis has a better hygiene as a consequence of removing the foreskin. In addition, urinary tract infections are prevented, once again as a consequence of not having a foreskin, which when it is necessary, it is necessary to remove it frequently to remove dirt.
  • Avoid the possibility of suffering some of the most common pathologies of the penis how can the phimosis, paraphimosis or the balanitis.
  • In a low percentage, it helps prevent HIV infection.
Balanitis, a common disease of the penis. Redness of the penis
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Sex benefits

  • After circumcision and as weeks and even months go by the penis tends to grow when it is released from the frenulum.
  • There is a increased sexual performance Because there is a delay in ejaculation, allowing sexual encounters of a longer duration.
  • The thickness of the glans increases its size as he released himself from the pressure of his foreskin. This makes the size of the tip of the penis appear much larger.


The disadvantages of a circumcision are not too many, but in some cases there may be some, although most of those that we are going to show you below are extremely rare.

  • In some cases, a decreased sensitivity of the penis, although it only occurs in a few very isolated cases.
  • Hemorrhages
  • Infections that can become very annoying in the area where they occur.
  • Injury to the urethra.
  • In very rare and exceptional cases, a glans amputation.

Although it is very widespread, it is not true that circumcision helps increase penis.

Reasons why a circumcision is necessary

The reasons why a man chooses to have a circumcision are very diverse, although as we said before, they are usually mainly for medical, cultural or religious reasons. In addition to some time this part is also being carried out to prevent future diseases.

causes and reasons for circumcision

To go a little deeper into exploring these reasons, below we are going to show you the best known and given in men:

  • Non-retractable foreskin in young children. Virtually no child at birth has a retractable foreskin, so it should not be forced under any circumstances. Over the years this can begin to recede. In the event that after 4 years it is still not retractable, it will be necessary to practice a circumcision.
  • Phimosis. This ailment that occurs in less than 1.5% of children makes the opening of the foreskin very narrow, preventing its retraction. It is a simple and necessary operation. Some of the main symptoms of phimosis are irritation or bleeding at the edge of the foreskin, itching or pain when urinating, or the inability to urinate in a normal way.
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  • Acute balanoposthitis. This ailment causes in most cases redness and swelling of the foreskin, with the appearance of pus and of course with the appearance of pain that makes surgical intervention inevitable.
  • Paraphimosis. This is another of the most repeated ailments, and that is caused in turn by an unknown phimosis. The man tries to forcefully pull back the foreskin, without being able to return to its original position afterwards. This causes the glans to remain pressing with the consequent pain and intervention by the doctors.
  • Circumcision for a direct medical indication Cancer of the penis.
  • For try to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Many studies and experts have shown that a circumcised man may be less prone to sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Avoidance of urinary tract infections.
  • For prevent future diseases. This cause has become the second most frequent cause for which a circumcision is performed, after religious reasons.
  • Judaism. According to the book of Genesis "circumcision represents the covenant made by God with Abraham and his descendants" so it is usually performed to men of this religion eight days after birth.
  • Islam. Circumcision is not directly mentioned in the Koran, but it does appear in the sunnah or what is the same in the tradition of the prophet Muhammad. For this reason, the majority of professed members of this religion undergo circumcision.

Does circumcision affect a man's sexual pleasure?

This is without a doubt the question that most men are looking for an answer to. To respond to it we must say that Yes, circumcision affects the sexual pleasure that a man feels, but this does not increase or decrease but changes when having a sexual relationship either alone or with another person.

The main thing that a circumcision affects a man is in the sensitivity of the glans, which goes from being a hypersensitive part, to being a sensitive part of the penis, which in some occasions and depending on the person can reach to thank very much. There are men to whom a glans rash with anything or object is very annoying, because it is very sensitive. Being circumcised, this excessive sensitivity disappears.

In general, circumcision does not affect a man's sexual pleasure, but rather modifies and changes it to some extent. Thus you will have to learn, experiment and above all not get frustrated, since with the passage of time we will end up meeting and feeling comfortable in any sexual relationship.