debit or credit

Debit or Credit Card

When we are in our bank to make a payment card, the question arises: debit or credit. Which option are we most interested in?

air conditioner

What air conditioner to buy?

When do we remember the air conditioning? It is usually early spring, when the good weather starts to arrive and we feel the heat.

new tv

5 tips for choosing a new TV

To choose a new television, you have to take certain aspects into account. Electronic devices like this are often chosen for their size.

change mobile

Time to change mobile. Which to choose?

Are you going to change your mobile and don't know which model to choose? In the market there is an immense variety, of all kinds of inches, brands, functionalities, etc.

How does the solar car work?

In 2014, a group of Dutch students surprised everyone during the World Solar Challenge, presenting a solar car capable of transporting 4 people for 600 kilometers in a row.

Play tetris to improve intelligence

According to research from the University of California, playing tetris allows you to expand mental capacities, such as coordination and memory, as well as reduce stress levels.

Screen on aircraft seats

If you want to travel and you do not want to be bored at all, what better way than to fly by plane with the best technologies, since now they have screens in the seats.

Custom laptop sleeves

Here we show you the best designs of personalized laptop cases, so that you are always protected.

Original watches

Here you have some of the best and most original watches on the market, to surprise everyone if you have them at home or on your wrist.

USB photo camera

If you want to surprise a friend or relative or buy the most current in pendrive, here you have one in the form of a camera.

Retro mobile headphones

The most retro of the moment comes to the market, a headset for the mobile in the shape of an old phone, something innovative that will surprise anyone.

Quartz Spy Watch

The technology reaches the accessories. This is the case with the quartz spy watch. Quirky but really cool. Let's get to know its characteristics better.

Binary LED Clock

Watches are accessories that give a peculiar touch to those who wear them. And this time, the binary clock is a very clear example of it.

Keys to choosing a laptop

Both notebooks, netbooks, laptops or super phones as well as PDAs or iPhones give us something ...

New 17 "MacBook Pro

The new 17-inch MacBook Pro battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge and can be recharged ...

The iPod was invented in 1979

British Kane Kramer was the original designer of the ipod. A friend of Kramer's created in 1979 a device called ...

Computer Glossary (STU)

Server: See Server. Star Ring Topology Star Topology: In Star Ring or star topologies, the nodes radiate from a ...

Computer Glossary (PQR)

Twisted pair: Cable similar to standard telephone pairs, consisting of two insulated cables «twisted» together and encapsulated ...

Computer Glossary (LMNO)

LAN: Local Area Network or local area network: It is a geographically limited data communication network, ...

Computer Glossary (HIJ)

Hacker: Person with great knowledge of computer systems. Handheld: Computer small enough to be held in the hand ...

Computer Glossary (B)

Backup: Term commonly used in computing. It refers to the fact of creating a backup copy of data hosted on ...

Computer Glossary (A)

To have it clear in the world of computer science and do not look like a toto when they talk to you about it, ...