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Beard cuts

Discover the best beard cuts, which will help you shape the different parts of your beard and achieve different effects.


How to trim a beard

Discover how to trim the beard step by step. From the necessary tools and preparations to the best method to unload and define the beard.

How to be more handsome

Beard types

Find the best option for you among the different types of beard: three-day beard, long beard and many more styles!

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How to fix the beard

Find out how to groom your beard to make it look flawless. How to trim it, how to draw the neck and cheek line and much more!

Long knob

Knob types

Learn about the different types of goatee, how to get each one, and what is necessary to prevent them from looking sloppy.


Beard products

Find out which beard products you need in your hygiene arsenal to get the best possible version of your facial hair.

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Male waxing

Find out everything about male waxing. The best options for different areas of the body, as well as many tips and tricks.

Beard trimmer

The best beard trimmers

Discover the best beard trimmers on the market. Highly rated models classified by ranges, as well as tips for using them correctly.

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The best shavers

Shavers are key in the men's hygiene routine. Here we discover the best models on the market, classified by ranges.

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A Fashion Trend: Hipster Beard

Wearing a beard takes more work and effort than shaving every day. And if there is a type of beard that requires attention to detail, it is the Hipster.

types of beard

The different types of beard

Growing a beard is in fashion. But it is not about waiting for it to grow up. It requires attention and care (as much or more as shaving every morning).

perfect shave

Tips for a perfect shave

Although beards sporadically enter fashion trends, getting a perfect shave is one of those customs that every man should follow.

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How to get a perfect shave

A perfect shave can have healthier and more aesthetic consequences. Therefore, adequate dedication and attention is required.

Tips for the best shave

To get the best shave you don't need to be a genius, just follow a few steps that we detail in this article.

How to trim your beard

Although it may seem simple, trimming the beard is a process that can take longer than normal if we do not do it well.

20 tricks for a perfect shave

The perfect shave, this word that reverberates in our heads and that we would like to always be fulfilled. Many times…

How to avoid an itchy beard

The long beard tends to itch as it grows, but so that you can avoid this annoyance, here are some tips to reduce itching in the beard.

Long live the bald!

Surely many of you are concerned ... On a day like today, you are in the shower, you are washing your ...

Personal care products

We talk about the best male beauty products so that you have skin and hair in perfect condition.

Shaved, before or after?

Still today, in the XXI century, there are those who are not clear when is the optimal time to shave, before or ...

Tips to trim your beard

If you like to grow a beard, you should always keep it neat and well-groomed to make a good impression on ...

The three-day beard as part of your look

It is the so-called university style or preppy look and it seems to be one of the favorites by several designers when presenting their collections and is already part of a new trend.

Pre-shave oil, why use it?

It is not mandatory, but using a good pre-shave oil is more than recommended if you suffer when shaving, or are ...


Clearly carried. We already have an excuse not to shave that three-day beard that caused so much damage long ago….

Slow beard growth

The cosmetic company Clinique developed a line of products specially designed for men's skin. This translates into cosmetics ...

Pre-shave creams and oils

  Although it is not essential, a good pre-shave cream or oil is highly recommended as part of the daily routine ...