How to increase testosterone

How to increase testosterone

Do you want to increase testosterone? We indicate all the daily habits and the food that must be taken to enhance it.

Does alcohol make you fat?

Does alcohol make you fat?

Do we know if alcohol makes you fat? For all those doubts, we clarify all the aspects that come to address this topic.

Fruits with more sugar

Fruits with more sugar

If you want to know the composition of some fruits, we indicate the fruits with more sugar for those diets that have to do without.

How to glue skin to muscle

How to glue skin to muscle

If you are on a strict diet, you may be interested in how to stick skin to muscle when you lose weight. We offer you the best advice.

How to avoid cellulite men

How to avoid cellulite men

Discover how to avoid cellulite in men. This dreaded fat can be effectively prevented with a healthy lifestyle habit.

Foods rich in vitamin D

Foods rich in vitamin D

Discover the importance of consuming vitamin D in our diet and how beneficial it is for our body.

Military diet

Military diet

The military diet is designed to quickly lose 3 to 5 kilos in three days. Find out how to do it and what it consists of.

training and nutrition to lose fat

The best tips to lose fat

We tell you what are the best tips to lose fat and introduce healthy habits into your diet. Know all the tricks here!

Zinc rich foods

Zinc rich foods

Discover all the benefits of Zinc and all the foods rich in this essential trace element. You will like to know its great variety.

beer belly

Belly types

We tell you what are the different types of belly that exist and what is their origin. Learn more about how to remove it.

What to eat before a workout

What to eat before a workout

Many people believe that it is not essential to eat something before a workout and you may be wrong. Eat before ...

Foods with more protein

Foods with more protein

Proteins are one of the essential substances for our body. We indicate the foods with more proteins in our diet.

strawberries make you fat lie

Strawberries are fattening

In this article we tell you the whole truth about whether strawberries are fattening or not. Learn more about the reality of many myths.

Cucumber benefits

Cucumber benefits

Discover how cucumber is a delicious food that can contain important benefits for our health. Learn all its utilities.

Healthy foods rich in vitamin e

Foods rich in vitamin E

In this article you will find a list of foods rich in vitamin E and the importance of it. Learn more about nutrition here.


Properties of almonds

Almonds are part of the family of nuts, very essential foods in our Mediterranean diet. Discover its properties.


Famous cocktails

Here you have a demonstration of the most valued famous cocktails throughout history and highest rated by people and celebrities.

Weight loss dinners

Weight loss dinners

Dinners are one more part of our diet and daily food intake, we propose dinners to lose weight and doing it in a light and healthy way.

Healthy Eating

Tired of starting a diet on your own and ending up failing? Here we show you what it is to eat healthy and what you should take into account.

Cup of coffee on the table

Coffee benefits

Discover all the benefits of coffee, a drink in which hundreds of chemicals have been discovered that can protect your health.

Protein diet

Protein diet

Find out everything about the protein diet: how it works, which foods are allowed and which are not and, above all, what results you can expect.


Garlic benefits

Discover the incredible benefits of garlic, one of the best foods for health according to research.


Foods with vitamin B

Discover the best foods with vitamin B classified by type, from folate to folate to biotin, through riboflavin.


Ginger benefits

Discover the incredible benefits of ginger, an ancient natural remedy that can help you relieve pain or fight infections.


Rice properties

Discover the properties of rice, a staple food for much of the population due to its affordable price and versatility.

Salt shaker

Low sodium diet

Discover how to follow a low sodium diet, which will help you prevent high blood pressure, as well as obtain more essential nutrients.

Read and study

Food to study

Discover the best foods to study: healthy food options with ideal properties for brain functions.

hot dogs

Consequences of a poor diet

Discover the consequences of a poor diet, ranging from being overweight to very serious illnesses. We also explain how to fix it.

Man drinking tea

Healthy drinks

Discover great healthy drinks that you can add to your diet and what their respective health benefits are.



Discover superfoods that will help you strengthen your diet and your body thanks to their large doses of essential nutrients for the body.


Foods with vitamin K

Find out which foods with vitamin K you can add to your diet to ensure your daily needs for this healthy nutrient.


Potassium rich foods

Find out which foods are rich in potassium, a nutrient that participates in important body functions, and if you are taking enough.

Glazed donuts

Processed foods

Discover the main processed foods and why it is good for your health to limit their presence in the diet.


Watermelon Benefits

From improving performance in training to preventing illness: discover the incredible benefits of watermelon.


Omega 3 benefits

Discover the incredible benefits of omega 3 for your health, as well as the foods that will help you maintain good levels.

Citrus fruits

Foods with vitamin C

Foods with vitamin C are essential for the body. Find out what they are and more interesting things about this nutrient.

Bowl of white rice

Energy foods

Discover the best energy foods for your diet. Healthy and very effective options when it comes to supplying you with the strength you need.


Foods with calcium

Foods with calcium strengthen bones and muscles. Discover the many foods where you can find this mineral.


Protein foods

Know all about protein foods. How much is needed, what it is for and especially through what foods you can obtain them.

Mediterranean dish

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is the perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle. Know what to eat and the benefits that are obtained.

Pineapple diet

Pineapple diet

We tell you in detail everything you need to know about the pineapple diet. Here you can know its advantages and how to do it to lose kilos in a short time.

grilled salmon

Perricone diet

Learn about the famous perricone diet in this article. Is it really safe and effective? Enter here to discover all its secrets.


Foods with folic acid

Foods with folic acid are very important for health. Find out what they are and much more about this nutrient.

What to eat after training

What to eat after training

Many people do not know what to eat after training and do not achieve the results they want for it. Learn all about it here.

Flat stomach

Zone Diet

Find out all about the Zone Diet. What results can be expected, foods allowed and prohibited and what are its rules, pros and cons.


Natural antioxidants

Find out why natural antioxidants are so important for a good quality of life and what foods contain them.

Vegetarian diet

Tips for a healthy vegetarian diet

If you want to learn everything related to the vegetarian diet this is your post. You will be able to know what foods you need and what nutrients the foods have.

hypocaloric diets

Hypocaloric diet

Here you can discover the necessary guidelines to include healthy foods in your hypocaloric diet and lose weight healthily.


Do you know the Paleo diet? When we are looking for a slimming method or to preserve our figure, there are many options. The Paleo Diet is effective, how to integrate this method in our life?


Cleansing foods for your diet

Diet is a very important factor for health, so it is important to consume cleansing foods in a conscious and responsible way.

food lose weight

Ideal foods to lose weight

Not always when talking about diet to lose weight and lose weight, it has to be referred to drastic diets and exercise. There is a healthier way.

cold food

Nutrients to fight the cold

When it comes to nutrition, it is always recommended to look for and consume those foods that are capable of meeting the needs of the body and even fight the cold.

don't lose the line at Christmas

Don't lose the line at Christmas

The Christmas dates are coming and with so many celebrations, feasts, sweets and desserts, not losing the line at Christmas can be an impossible mission.

Christmas excesses

How to avoid Christmas excesses?

One of the questions we ask ourselves before starting the holidays is: how to avoid Christmas excesses? What things should we take into account?

tea or coffee

Tea or coffee?

When choosing to drink tea or coffee, we must take into account some properties of one or the other. Which of these drinks contains the most caffeine?


Harvesting the mushrooms

With the arrival of autumn comes one of the most exquisite ingredients in the kitchen: mushrooms. In these months, this product is at its optimum moment.

The Ice creams

Does ice cream make you fat?

Ice creams are more than just sweets. Thanks to their milk base, they are a nutritious food. They can contain calcium, protein and vitamin B2.

intestinal problems

Some intestinal problems in summer

The high temperatures of this season increase the appearance of bacteria, causing frequent intestinal problems if we do not take precautions.

the obesity

Some useful tips against obesity

If we are aware of the symptoms of a problem, its treatment and solution will be much easier. Prevention against obesity is essential.

Food in sport

Food in sport

Proper nutrition in sport is essential to perform at your best and reduce injuries. You won't earn points, but you get the machine ready

Glasses with lemon champ

How to prepare a Lemon Champ?

We show you how to prepare a lemon champ or a delicious drink from lemon ice cream and champagne that you will love. Learn how to prepare it in a simple way with our recipe.

The 8-hour regimen

The 8-hour regimen is an eating method followed by many people and that proposes a diet in which you can eat as much as you want for 8 hours, and then fast for the next 16 hours.

The six best beer-based cocktails

Summer is the season par excellence for aperitifs. And what better when it is hot than to taste a tasty cocktail or a very fresh beer? And why not mix them up? Let's look at the six best beer-based cocktails for when it's hot.

Irish car bomb drink recipe

Prepare an Irish car bomb

The Irish car bom is a drink that combines some of the most typical flavors of Ireland, such as black cherry, whiskey and Irish cream.

Tom Collins drink recipe

Make a Tom Collins cocktail

Tom Collins is one of the most popular cocktails among men. Based on gin, it is a drink for all occasions, which you can easily prepare at home.

How to make a Cuban orange mojito

Cuban orange mojito

The mojito is one of the most famous drinks in Cuba and the entire Caribbean, so it is ideal for the summer, especially if you prepare this Cuban orange mojito.

The most masculine drinks

Drinks exclusively for men

Usually the different drinks are characterized as those of men or girls, so today we offer you a selection of three very masculine drinks.

creatine powder

The best Fitness supplements

I never paid much attention to food, I went to and from the gym, sometimes I trained hard, but now I see the power ...

Absinthe, how to drink it?

Surely you have heard the liquor called Absinthe, an alcoholic drink with a slight anise flavor, prohibited in many countries due to ...

Champagne jelly

If you want something new, today we bring you a rich champagne-based recipe, even if it is not a drink but ...

Tips for cooking sweetbreads

If you ever went to buy sweetbreads at the supermarket or a butcher shop, you will have seen that there are two types; a…

How to preserve whiskey?

Whiskey, one of my favorite drinks, is considered a spirit drink. Although it has enough body, to preserve it requires ...

What to drink after dinner?

After a good dinner, a cocktail is essential to accompany an after-dinner. The purpose of this drink is not ...

Delicious Neapolitan sandwich

Many times we don't feel like cooking or we don't have anything in the fridge. For those moments it is ideal to grab ...