Tricks to play Paintball

Paintball is a team game in which strategy is the key to winning. Even above individual experience or skills.

lump in the anus

Lump in the anus

Do you have a lump in your anus? Discover here the symptoms, treatment, complications and possible causes either without pain or with pain and itching.

The Ice creams

Does ice cream make you fat?

Ice creams are more than just sweets. Thanks to their milk base, they are a nutritious food. They can contain calcium, protein and vitamin B2.

get over a breakup

Tips for getting over a breakup

It is difficult to get over a breakup and remove a person who participated in our life for a long time from our mind. It will be a slow process.

your self esteem

Tips to improve your self-esteem

It is important that you make the decision to work on your self-esteem, to feel good about yourself and your life. It is the way to be happy.

intestinal problems

Some intestinal problems in summer

The high temperatures of this season increase the appearance of bacteria, causing frequent intestinal problems if we do not take precautions.

To fall asleep

5 tips to fall asleep

Many times the night comes and we cannot fall asleep to recharge our energies. It is proven that not sleeping is dangerous for physical health.


Do men have cellulite?

It is a fairly widespread belief that cellulite is only a woman's thing. It really is not like that: men are also prone to suffer from this evil.

the obesity

Some useful tips against obesity

If we are aware of the symptoms of a problem, its treatment and solution will be much easier. Prevention against obesity is essential.

couple crisis

How to handle relationship crises

In general, couple crises are generated by incompatibility of characters, interests or external factors that affect each of the lovers.

Food in sport

Food in sport

Proper nutrition in sport is essential to perform at your best and reduce injuries. You won't earn points, but you get the machine ready

depression in men

Why do men get depressed?

Many men have a tendency to deny the evidence: men also get depressed, we have a hard time. Recognizing the problem is starting to treat it.


Choosing the fertility clinic

We have decided on the option of a fertility clinic to have a baby, and we have many doubts. It is necessary to analyze different variables.

Glasses with lemon champ

How to prepare a Lemon Champ?

We show you how to prepare a lemon champ or a delicious drink from lemon ice cream and champagne that you will love. Learn how to prepare it in a simple way with our recipe.

Phimosis, a very common disease of the man's penis

Phimosis is one of the most common diseases that men can suffer in the penis, however it usually has a quick and easy cure. We tell you how to know if you have phimosis, symptoms, treatment and how to solve it.

Penile diseases


The penis is the center of the universe of many men and therefore it must be taken care of as ...

The most common penis shapes

In men, the shape of the penis is decisive for performing sexual positions that generate greater satisfaction for the couple.

Solutions to increase muscle mass in a month

If you are looking to increase lean mass as a priority and not just weight, you have to emphasize the following tips, and thus hope to gain 2 kilos of pure muscle doing everything correctly.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

Several factors can increase the risk of prostate cancer, such as being over 60 years old, having cases of prostate cancer in the family.

Know the weak points of a woman and how to exploit them

What are the weak points of a woman?

Discover the main weaknesses of a woman and how to use them so that they melt at your feet. If you want to seduce a woman, pay attention to these areas of her body.

Tips to relax

It is convenient to use proven techniques to relax, yoga, meditation, self-awareness, are some means that can help you feel better and free your spirit from daily worries.

How to use an anal plug?

The anal plug is a good sex toy to start anal sex, it is smaller and more discreet than an anal sex-toy, and there is always a plug at the end so that you or your partner can handle it comfortably, and prevent the toy from stay inside the anus.

what is circumcision and its benefits

The benefits of circumcision

Find out what is and all the benefits of circumcision. Do you want to know if it affects sexual intercourse? Come in and find out.

Tips to boost morale

Raising the morale of someone who is sad and in a bad mood is not something easy, for this reason to raise morale, the first thing to do is to be aware that something is not right.

The 8-hour regimen

The 8-hour regimen is an eating method followed by many people and that proposes a diet in which you can eat as much as you want for 8 hours, and then fast for the next 16 hours.

What women think of fellatio

A partner of dubious hygiene or an imposed relationship: many women who reject this practice have lived an experience that has left them a bitter taste and that they are not willing to start again.

Tips to hydrate hair naturally

Natural remedies can be effective and healthy. Some tips like the ones we propose today allow you to hydrate your hair, without having to resort to artificial products.

Home remedies to hydrate the armpits

Some areas of the body are more delicate and sensitive than others, and among them we find the armpits that continuously suffer the effects of perspiration, deodorants, sun exposure, and so on.

Tips to avoid nail biting

The bad habit of nail biting has psychological causes. They bite their nails when there is poor control of certain emotions such as nervousness, anxiety or fear.

The six best beer-based cocktails

Summer is the season par excellence for aperitifs. And what better when it is hot than to taste a tasty cocktail or a very fresh beer? And why not mix them up? Let's look at the six best beer-based cocktails for when it's hot.

Benefits of spinning for men

Spinning benefits

Spinning is an aerobic activity that is very easy to practice and with a wide variety of benefits for the physical and health.

Irish car bomb drink recipe

Prepare an Irish car bomb

The Irish car bom is a drink that combines some of the most typical flavors of Ireland, such as black cherry, whiskey and Irish cream.

Tom Collins drink recipe

Make a Tom Collins cocktail

Tom Collins is one of the most popular cocktails among men. Based on gin, it is a drink for all occasions, which you can easily prepare at home.

How to make a Cuban orange mojito

Cuban orange mojito

The mojito is one of the most famous drinks in Cuba and the entire Caribbean, so it is ideal for the summer, especially if you prepare this Cuban orange mojito.

Benefits of jumping rope

Although it seems too simple, jumping rope is an excellent workout for the body, improving endurance, toning and strengthening muscles.

The most masculine drinks

Drinks exclusively for men

Usually the different drinks are characterized as those of men or girls, so today we offer you a selection of three very masculine drinks.

tricks to have healthy skin

Four tricks to improve facial skin

Taking care of the skin of the face is good, and knowing some secrets that will help you to do so. Each man has a skin type so he must adapt.

creatine powder

The best Fitness supplements

I never paid much attention to food, I went to and from the gym, sometimes I trained hard, but now I see the power ...

Panties and bra, candy!

panties, knickers, thong, candy panties, candy bra, candy bodice, candy bra, candy thong, candy underwear, gift for girlfriend

Prevention of HPV in men

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus that is transmitted sexually. There are more than 40 ...

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is when a pathological enlargement of one or both mammary glands occurs in men. This condition ...

Absinthe, how to drink it?

Surely you have heard the liquor called Absinthe, an alcoholic drink with a slight anise flavor, prohibited in many countries due to ...

What are candilomas?

Candillomas are genital warts produced by the HPV virus (Human Papilloma Virus). These warts affect ...

Curved penis, is it normal?

A friend has told me in infidelity (sorry Naty) that she has been with a man and that when she saw his ...

Champagne jelly

If you want something new, today we bring you a rich champagne-based recipe, even if it is not a drink but ...

Tips for cooking sweetbreads

If you ever went to buy sweetbreads at the supermarket or a butcher shop, you will have seen that there are two types; a…

How to avoid eye spills?

Ocular effusion, also called subconjunctival hemorrhage, is a condition in the eye, in which it turns red. Is…

What is varicocele?

Varicocele is called a dilation of the veins along the spermatic cord that supports the testicles….

The different types of feet

Whenever we buy footwear, we must bear in mind that there are different morphological types of foot, and that according ...

What are chilblains?

Chilblains are those inflammation of the skin caused by poor blood flow, accompanied by itching and pain….

Ugly girls have advantages too

In Hombres Con Estilo we have talked many times about the most beautiful girls and there have always been multiple opinions but ...

A perfect look

The look tells us many things, especially when it comes to wanting to conquer a girl. That's why Men With ...

How to preserve whiskey?

Whiskey, one of my favorite drinks, is considered a spirit drink. Although it has enough body, to preserve it requires ...

What to drink after dinner?

After a good dinner, a cocktail is essential to accompany an after-dinner. The purpose of this drink is not ...

"Sexlets", viagra in chewing gums

If you have sexual problems, then Sexlets will be your best allies. It is about male sexual enhancer chewing gums, increasing the ...

What is elongating for?

We always say that before and after doing a sport, we must perform elongation or stretching exercises, also called ...

Leg exercises: Femoral (III)

Continuing with the description of leg exercises, and more specifically hamstrings, now we bring you Men With ...

The correct care of the penis

The penis is a fundamental part of our body. It fulfills multiple functions, including reproduction. Therefore, we must ...

How to reduce sexual desire?

Many men want to have more and more sexual desire throughout their lives, but there are others who really want ...

How to have a nice smile?

It can be accepted that for some time the fear of the dentist's chair and its inevitable association with long processes ...

How to get marked arms?

The dream of every man is to have his arms marked to show off in front of women. It is that to them ...

Multiple orgasms in man?

Many women dream of having a lover that can last and last whole nights, achieving full satisfaction and being able to have ...

Tips to cure a stye

A stye is caused by infection of the glands on the edge of the eyelid that are located near the ...

Apples for acne

If you have acne problems or pimples, nothing better than apples or any antioxidant to avoid these annoying spots ...

Testicular Cancer

A few days ago we talked about prostate cancer, but today we will talk about another type of cancer that also ...

Bad smell in the penis

The penis has a special and characteristic smell of each person. The problem is when the smell is unbearable and ...

A sexologist advises us ...

Who better than a professional and a woman to advise us on how to act with the opposite sex, Pilar Cristóbal from the newspaper 20 ...

Exercises to avoid waist pain

We have already talked many times about low back pain and how we can avoid those horrible pains. Today we will help more to ...

Delicious Neapolitan sandwich

Many times we don't feel like cooking or we don't have anything in the fridge. For those moments it is ideal to grab ...

Benefits of running

If you are thinking of going for a run and maintaining a good physical condition, then read on and you will see the many ...