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For people starting bikini and wanting to lose fat, the first thing they do is restrict their diet to a few "healthy" foods and buy so-called fat burners.  There are infinite types of fat burners and each one claims to act on some part of the movement of fats in adipose tissue.  However, how many of them are really useful?  We may find that the fitness industry bombards us with supplements and products that do wonders for our bodies and we forget to focus on the basics.  In this article we are going to explain to you which are the best fat burners and that they really work well in the body.  What does a fat burner do? The first thing to know is that a supplement does not do the job of removing body fat by itself.  This is not like this.  A good diet and exercise bases are needed for this.  The main thing is to be in a caloric deficit.  That is, consume fewer calories than we expend throughout the day.  If this caloric deficit is maintained over time, fat loss will begin to take place.  On the other hand, this deficit must be supported with weight training.  Our body tends to eliminate muscle since it is energetically expensive.  If we don't give the body a reason to maintain muscle mass, the body will shed muscle and not fat.  Therefore, it is essential to first get a proper diet that makes you be in a caloric deficit and second, accompany it with strength training.  If we lose muscle mass and not fat, we will notice our body more flaccid and with a very thin tone.  Finally, in the more advanced stages of fat loss, where it becomes much more difficult to advance, it may be interesting to introduce supplementation based on fat burners into our day-to-day lives.  But real fat burners and what works.  Many supplements, especially thermogenic ones, claim to raise body temperature to sweat more and burn more calories at rest.  This is totally untrue.  To date, the only fat-burning supplements that really have scientific backing for its operation are three: caffeine, synephrine, and green tea extract.  We are going to analyze each one of them in detail so that you can learn more about them.  Caffeine Caffeine is an alkaloid that belongs to the xanthine family.  The properties it has on the body and the improvement in fat burning is due to its stimulating effect on the central nervous system.  Caffeine is considered to be a kind of drug, since people become addicted to it.  However, if we want its effects to be noticeable in burning fat, we cannot take caffeine on a daily basis.  This is because our body becomes tolerant and we need more and more amounts of caffeine to have the same effect.  In this way, side effects are more likely to occur in the body and it is what we do not want.  Caffeine can affect your mood.  The maximum recommended dose in healthy people is between 400 and 600mg.  Besides being a stimulant of the central nervous system, it works by increasing the heart and respiratory rate.  They also have a diuretic effect that helps in the elimination of liquids.  It is not only used as a stimulant, but it is used to improve athletic performance, aid in fat loss and to focus on cognitive tasks.  It is estimated that caffeine usually lasts in our body between 4 and 6 hours until it takes to fully metabolize.  Depending on the sensitivity of each person to caffeine, this time varies.  This supplement begins to take effect about 45 minutes after ingesting it.  Therefore, the most common is that it is ingested an hour before going to the gym to train.  In this way, we gain all the possible positive effects of burning more fat while training and enhancing exercise performance.  Synephrine Synephrine is the main active ingredient found in bitter orange.  The peel of this type of oranges has been shown to have medicinal effects.  It is a natural and stimulating substance for the central nervous system.  It has hardly any harmful effects.  It induces fat loss, reducing appetite and improving athletic performance.  In addition, it helps to better preserve muscle tissue even if we are in conditions of energy deficit.  Among the benefits that we find from synephrine we have that it is a natural remedy and induces fat loss.  Increases basal metabolism and reduces appetite.  The good thing about this supplement is that, although it is stimulating, it does not affect the heart rate.  This is indicative that a larger group of people can take it.  In the case of caffeine, people with an accelerated heart rate, its consumption is not recommended at all.  Synephrine works synergistically with caffeine.  That is, if we take these two supplements at the same time, their combined effect is more than the effect of each one separately.  This is why synephrine and caffeine is the best supplement mix used so far.  You just have to play with the doses and the shots so that the body does not create tolerance and we get the most out of it.  Green tea extract Green tea has polyphenols and caffeine in its composition.  Studies show that people who took green tea extract lost 1,3 kg more than those who took placebo pills.  Its caffeine content also helps to stimulate the central nervous system, causing fats to be used as a source of fuel for your day to day.

Fat burners

In this article you will find everything you need to know about the three fat burners that do work: caffeine, synephrine and green tea.



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Edgar Ramírez in 'Stone Hands'

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Improve Life Quality

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Career goal

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