What is the best time to go to the gym?


Surely you have asked yourself many times what is the best time to go to the gym if you are fond of playing sports. It is not the same to do it at one time than at another and, above all, we must pay attention to some aspects to obtain the maximum profit with our sporting activity.

It is true that many times we cannot choose the time that best suits us. Work obligations and the current pace of life mean that we have little time for physical exercise and that we have to take advantage of any free moment to do it. But, in any case, we are going to talk to you about what is the best time to go to the gym and explain why.

When is the best time to go to the gym according to science?


Training in the gym

First of all, we must tell you that any time is good to practice physical exercise. Even if we only have thirty minutes to do it, we must take advantage of them because our body will appreciate it. On the other hand, each person is different and the schedule that suits one person may be uncomfortable for another. Even the biorhythms Each one can work differently.

However, we will show you what science says. This indicates that the best time for physical activity is first thing in the morning. The exercise reactivates our basal metabolism. That is, the minimum energy consumption that our body needs to maintain its basic vital functions at rest.

This increases our calorie expenditure and helps us continue burning them throughout the day. It is, therefore, a great option for those who use physical activity to Lose Weight. Midday is also a good time, although not as beneficial as the previous one. However, night is the least recommended time. Precisely, when we exercise we will become active and then it will be more difficult for us to sleep.

As for the afternoon, we have left it for last because we have to link it to the type of exercise we are going to do. We are probably more tired from the work day, but, as we will see below, it is good time for certain types of physical activity.

The best time according to the exercise you are going to do

A strength exercise

The best time to go to the gym and do strength exercises is in the middle of the afternoon

In line with what we have just told you, if you opt for the strength exercises To increase muscle mass, the best time to do them is starting at six in the afternoon. It is the moment when our biorhythms make us more capable of doing so.

On the other hand, if your exercise is aerobic type, you better do it mid-morning or late afternoon. As you know, this is the name given to physical activity of low or medium intensity, but which is carried out for a long time. Among them, walking, cycling, swimming or running slowly are good examples.

On the other hand, both one type of physical activity and the other require certain feeding guidelines. And this leads us to another criterion when choosing the best time to go to the gym.

The best time according to your dietary guidelines

Exterior of a gym

Facade of a gym

As we have just told you, to do weight training or, in general, practice strength exercises, it is better to You have eaten an hour before or you are at least two hours away from dinner. On the other hand, to enjoy an aerobic activity, it is advisable to follow another routine. In this case, it is best to eat foods two hours in advance. This way you will achieve the double objective of having finished digestion and having sufficient reserves for sport.

In any case, it is It is essential that you have eaten and rested well, as well as that you subsequently leave adequate time to recover from exercise. In this sense, recovery must always be relaxed and stress-free. For this, the stretching exercises.

What is the worst time to go to the gym?

General view of a sports center

General view of a gym

According to everything we have just explained to you, you can deduce which are the least recommended hours to go to the gym. Or, rather, under what conditions you should not exercise because will be harmful both for your health and for the use of the activity. Indeed, It is not advisable to go to the gym on a full stomach., immediately after eating, not even with it empty in the morning, after sleeping for many hours.

Likewise, warming up is essential. Before starting to do any type of exercise, but especially strength exercises, you have to stimulate your muscles to avoid injuries. Therefore, it will not hurt to focus on this issue.

Warming up: essential step after choosing the best time to go to the gym


Warming up is essential before exercising

Also pre-exercise activation It depends on the type of this you are going to do.. Furthermore, the warm-up will depend on the characteristics of each person and their physical condition. In other words, there is no single model. But we can establish some general guidelines. First of all, you have to do a low intensity aerobic exercise. For example, jogging slowly or pedaling for five or ten minutes. With this, you will activate your cardiovascular system and increase your body temperature.

Next, perform gentle joint mobility exercises. Specifically, rotate your wrists, shoulders, neck, hips, knees, and ankles. This way, you will lubricate the joints and optimize their ability to move. Then you must continue with dynamic stretches such as strides, jumps and swings. With this, you will increase the elasticity and resistance of your muscles.

Finally, the time comes for previous specific exercises to the activity you are going to develop. If, for example, it is about strength routines, lift light weights. In this way, you will activate the muscles involved and improve your coordination and technique. On the other hand, if you are going to run for a long time, it is better to focus on stimulate muscles of legs through stretching and a gentle run beforehand.

In conclusion, we have explained to you what is the best time to go to the gym. But we have also recommended the prewarming to your exercises. Dare to follow all these tips, with them you will avoid injuries and you will make the most of your visit to the sports center.

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