What are the best tablets?

Best tablets

When Apple introduced the iPad, many were the analysts who said that the PC era, as we have known it until now, was over. Manufacturers have seen how year after year, laptop sales have been declining to the benefit of tablets, a device that offers us greater versatility than laptops and that covers most of the users' needs.

Over the years, tablets have evolved to become a real alternative to the use that many users can make of a computer. In addition, thanks to developers, today we can find applications of all kinds that meet the needs of practically all users. Here we show you what they are the best tablets that we can currently find on the market.

If you think the time to renew your old laptop, you may have had the intention of passing once and for all, to the versatility and comfort that a tablet offers us. Currently, in the market we can find two manufacturers that continue to bet on this market: Samsung and Apple. Although, to be honest, we cannot forget Microsoft and the Surface, a hybrid between tablet and laptop.

Apple tablets

Apple offers us three models of tablets with different screen sizes: 12.9, 10.5 and 9.7 inches. Although it is true that it also offers us a 7,9-inch model, this model is about to disappear from the catalog since it has not been updated for a couple of years. The first two, 12,9 and 10.1 inches, are in Apple's Pro category, being devices that offer us a power very similar to what we can currently find in many of the laptops currently available on the market.

The Pro models also are compatible with Apple Pencil, an expensive accessory with which we can write or draw directly on the screen of the device, but which can be an ideal tool for all those who use the laptop to take notes, as it can in a study center, the University ...

The ecosystem of Apple applications is very broad and in the App Store we can find applications of all kinds to perform any task that comes to mind, from creating design with the Apple Pencil as if we were doing it directly in Photoshop, to creating text documents, spreadsheets or presentations with the help of an external keyboard without any problem.

12,9-inch iPad Pro

iPad Pro 12,9 inch

The 12,9-inch model is the ideal model for all those designers, who need a large screen to create or edit designs with the help of the Appel Pencil. This model is available with a Wi-Fi connection or a Wi-Fi and data connection. In addition, it is available in two storage capacities: 64 and 256 GB. The 12,9-inch iPad Pro with 64GB capacity is priced on Amazon at 750 euros

 10,5-inch iPad Pro

iPad Pro 10.5 inch

The 10,5-inch model is designed for users who They need the power that the 12,9-inch model offers us, but with the versatility offered by a smaller screen size, and therefore, more drinkable. This model, like the 12.9-inch one, is available in 64 and 256 GB versions and with a Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi connection plus data. The price of the 10,5-inch iPad Pro with 64 GB capacity is 679 euros on Amazon

9,7 inch iPad

iPad 2018

But if what you want is a portable tablet and you don't want to spend a lot of money, since the use that you are going to make of it is to look at the mail, see your Facebook wall, your Twitter or Instagram account, in addition to reading this blog and others that you like, Apple offers us the 9,7-inch model, a model that has a minimum capacity of 32 GB and is available in both the Wifi version and the Wifi version plus data.

This model is not compatible with the Apple Pencil. The 2018GB iPad 32 has a No products found.while in the Apple Store we can find it for 349 euros.

Samsung Tablets

During its first years in the market for tablets, Samsung had always relied solely on Android to manage them. But as the years have passed, and Windows 10 has become an operating system for laptops, the Korean company has launched models with this operating system, an operating system that offers us the same benefits that we are currently offered by the laptops of a lifetime.

Galaxy Tab S3

Galaxy Tab S3

If you want power in a tablet, Samsung's Tab S range is what you are looking for. This range of Samsung offers us two screen models: 8 and 9,7 inches. What's more, Tab S3 models come with a stylus, with which we can take notice or create fantastic drawings on our Samsung tablet, as with the iPad Pro, although we have to buy the Apple Pencil independently.

A Galaxy Tab

A Galaxy Tab

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a tablet Managed by Android, Samsung offers us different models to cover all the needs within the Tab A range. This range offers us two screen sizes: 9.7 and 10.1 inches, more than enough to cover any occasional or regular needs in our home.

The first versions of this series offered us 7-inch models, and although today they are still available for sale at very interesting prices, they are not recommended at all, both for benefits and for the version of Android that we find inside.

Galaxy Book

Galaxy Book

If the idea of ​​adopting a tablet with open arms doesn't cross your mind, Samsung's Galaxy Book may be what you're looking for. The Galaxy Book is a tablet / convertible to which we can add a keyboard that offers us an autonomy of up to 11 hours. Unlike the Tab range, inside we find Windows 10, so it is more of a laptop without a keyboard than a tablet.

Inside we find a seventh generation Intel i5 processor accompanied by 4/8/12 GB of RAM, the screen is Super AMOLED and it comes from home with an S Pen, with which we can interact with the screen as if it were a Galaxy Note. In terms of storage, the Galaxy Book is available in 64/128 and 256 GB versions.

Being managed by Windows 10 we can install any application that we have the need to use, contrary to what happens in tablets managed by both iOS and Android. With a weight that varies, depending on the model, from 650 grams to 754 grams and a 10,6 / 12-inch screen, the portability of this tablet / convertible is assured.

Microsoft tablets

Surface Pro

If we cannot completely get rid of a laptop due to the features or applications that it offers us and that we can find in both iOS and Android, the best alternative that we can currently find on the market are the Microsoft Surface, a tablets that we can convert a laptop quickly by connecting an external keyboard.

If we are looking for a cheaper option to Samsung's Galaxy Book, Microsoft offers us a wide range of tablets / laptops without a keyboard within the Surface range. These devices are managed by a full version of Windows 10, which allows us to install any application. In addition, it includes an option to activate the tablet mode, which allows us to interact with it as if it were a tablet.

The Surface Pro offers us different models to cover all mobility needs and power that the most demanding ones may need, especially when our head does not go through adopting a mobile ecosystem in our home to carry out sporadic or day-to-day tasks. Unlike Samsung, which offers us a single Galaxy Book model, Microsoft offers us 5 different models, all of them with a 12,3-inch screen and an autonomy that exceeds 12 hours.

  • Surface Pro m3 - 128 B SSD + 4 GB of RAM for 949 euros
  • Surface Pro i5 - 128 B SSD + 4 GB of RAM for 919 euros
  • Surface Pro i5 - 128 B SSD + 8 GB of RAM for 1.149 euros
  • Surface Pro i5 - 256 B SSD + 8 GB of RAM for 1.499 euros
  • Surface Pro i7 - 128 B SSD + 8 GB of RAM for 1.799 euros

These are the official prices of the Surface Pro on the website of Microsoft.


When buying a tablet, first of all we must take into account, apart from the budget, both the use that we are going to want to give it and the operating system that our smartphone uses. If we have an iPhone, the most obvious bet would be to go for an iPad. But if we have an Android smartphone, the Samsung option is the most appropriate.

If we want a tablet that also allows us to make use of specific applications that are not available in the iOS and Android mobile operating systems, we have two options. Find an alternative in both OS or get a Samsung or Microsoft tablet managed by Windows 10.

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