Beard cuts

Leonardo DiCaprio

Do you know the different beard cuts? It is only necessary to set foot on the street to check that facial hair is in fashion. And it's not just about classic beards, but about facial hair in all its forms.

Let's see the beard cuts that you can put on your face and how to do it. Different styles of mustache, goatee and full beard among which maybe your next favorite will be found.

What is a beard trim?

Classic razor

The expression beard cut refers to the drawing that follows the facial hair on the face. Not to be confused with length. This drawing or shape can be natural, with little or no intervention on your part. But many men prefer to wear a more worked look. In any case, it is always advisable to look for the naturalness in the result.

A key area in beard cuts are the sides. Altering its height and thickness can make the beard (and therefore also the face) look totally different. However, the central area can also be altered in many ways to suit your preferences. In consecuense, You can define the different areas of your facial hair according to your tastes, both the sides and the central part of the jaw.

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For partial beards, one or more parts of the facial hair are shaved (making sure to obtain a symmetrical result, naturally). There are numerous combinations, which increase even more if we add the different ways of delimiting these areas.

Mustache Styles

Fine mustache in 'The Artist'

The mustache can cover the entire upper lip in style 80 years and even go down the sides to form a daring horseshoe. If you prefer something thin, you can trim it at the top for a slimmer mustache with strong classic vibes.

Do you dare to connect the sideburns with the mustache? This style is like a short beard but with a shaved chin. The drawing goes from one ear to the other through the upper lip. If you like the idea but prefer the sideburns to have less prominence, make sure the beard is disconnected from the sideburns. Think of a horseshoe mustache that first goes down and then up the jaw, but, unlike the previous cut, it does not reach the sideburns, but stops at the widest part of the jaw.

80s Hawaiian shirt

In this way, the options you have for your mustache are:

  • Full mustache
  • Thin mustache
  • Horseshoe mustache
  • Mustache with sideburns

Knob Styles

Robert Downey Jr.'s Knob

Above these lines you can see an anchor knob with a thin mustache. Surely you also know the classic version, in which the top and bottom are connected creating a square or rounded shape. If you prefer a disconnected goatee or a floating mustache, consider the Royale style (equally wide at the top and bottom) or the Van Dyke (wider at the top).

You can also grow a goatee without a mustache. It is about shaving everything except the chin and it can be given the same width as the chin or made to go up to the sideburns or stay quite close to them. To this style you can add a patch of hair on the lower lip or just limit a line that goes from one temple to the other. Finally, you can also trim it on the sides to make it narrower. It can be as narrow as a vertical line down the center of the chin.


Let's look at the beard cuts for the goatee:

  • Classic knob (top and bottom connected)
  • Anchor knob
  • Knob Royale
  • Goatee Van Dyke
  • Goatee without mustache with sideburns
  • Goatee without mustache without sideburns

Beard styles

Low cheek line beard

All facial hair is allowed to grow. It is necessary that genetics accompany a lot, especially to achieve a long and thick beard. When it comes to long beards, it is not necessary to intervene too much in the lines. The only thing that is usually done is to delimit it on the neck (and in the rest of the areas only when necessary). Letting it grow at its own pace works in favor of beards, but naturally you have to keep unruly hairs at bay with scissors and use products such as beard balms.

However, you can alter the natural lines with the help of your razor if you consider it necessary. Some men place the cheek line lower because that way they look more flattering, resulting in a beard in which the central area stands out on the sides. Lowering the mustache and sides will result in a stronger chin, as is the case with the undercut.

Short beard, a safe bet

Chris Pine

If you prefer that the beard remains close to the jaw, what you need is a short beard. Often the different parts are delimited with a razor (sideburns, mustache, chin), narrowing them to taste, but be careful with passing you, since the cut can look too artificial. It's one of those beard cuts that looks great on almost all men. Also, since it is a moderate style, it goes well with both casual clothes and more conservative looks.

Consequently, you can bet on:

  • Three-day beard (easy to get and doesn't need any special drawing)
  • Natural beard (it is advisable to delimit the cheeks and neck a little)
  • Medium beard (the line of the cheeks is lowered somewhat)
  • Low beard (the cheek line is lowered considerably)
  • Short beard (the different parts are narrowed as much as desired, but it is advisable to act in moderation)

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