Basic rules for dressing with an urban look

jhonny deep with urban look

In the world of men's fashion we can find a large number of styles, although in the female the number is even higher. Men's disinterest in fashion began to change in the 90s when words like metrosexual began to appear and quickly became fashionable in women's conversations. Hence, men have had to evolve not only in the way we dress but also when it comes to taking care of our body.

Within the masculine styles we can find those with a sloppy look (it does not mean going with the same shirt with which we sleep). We also find the bohemian look, the one that gives us a touch of intellectual and adventurer in equal measure. The actor Johnny Deep in the movie The Ninth Door (based on the novel El Club Dumas by Arturo Pérez Reverte) is a good example of this. But we also find the grunge look. This style is characterized by plaid shirts, distressed jeans and boots in the purest style of Kurb Cobain, a sadly deceased singer who is considered the father of grunge, if we talk about music.

If we talk about the casual style, we are already beginning to talk about a way of dressing that can depart from the usual tonic, since, despite the name, it requires a meticulous combination of all the elements that are part of the wardrobe. Now that hipsters have quickly gone out of fashion, it seems that for a while now, the urban look seems to be re-imposing itself, which again, like other styles, was reborn in New York City.

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The urban look allows us to wear sneakers, baggy jackets, bomber jackets (They triumphed in the 80s), casual clothes, torn jeans, t-shirts with messages and drawings are also fun to be daring. Anyone who wants to enjoy an urban look does not have to spend large amounts of money since they will only have to rummage through their closet a bit to bring out all those clothes that they have not used for a long time.

Of course, to be able to use this look when dressing in the first place we must be daring, since we have to mix colors without falling into eccentricity using jeans that have little to light up in the dark, use different clothing such as vests, scarves and even hats.

Keep in mind that the urban look has nothing to do with some urban tribes, such as the so fashionable lately called swag, a term used by rappers when placing them in their verses and that has degenerated into a gait of some people, especially young people, whose main hallmark is a badly placed cap on the head as well as dragging their feet wherever they go.

The main characteristic that represents the urban look it's comfort, leaving aside suits, jackets and other garments that prevent us from feeling comfortable in any situation. With this I am not saying that we can go out with any garment that we find in our closet but that we must follow some basic rules that we detail below.

Choice of wardrobe

First of all, casual clothes are easy to combine and stand out for their simplicity. The colors are usually silos which make it even easier if possible to combine it with other garments, something that we cannot do with the same ease with striped or checked garments, which are more oriented to other styles such as grunge, which I mentioned above, and whose Combination with other fabrics and colors is sometimes impossible.

Ideal age


It can be strange to all of us to see an older person in sneakers, jeans and a loose jacket. This type of urban look is not aimed at the general public, but rather is characteristic of young people. Although of course everyone may like to dress comfortably, it may not be very appropriate at some ages. With this I am not saying that older people have to dress in a certain way, but that they can adapt to other styles that will surely suit them better than the urban look.


As I have mentioned above, the casual look is characterized by offering us simplicity and speed when choosing the clothes that we are going to use during the day. Basic colors like blue, black, and white much easier to combine with bright tones. If we are not very clear about what goes with that striking and garish t-shirt that we bought the other day, it is best to choose pants and a neutral-toned jacket or sweater to contrast with the rest of the wardrobe.

Not complicate your life

By using garments that everyone has at hand, when choosing what garments we are going to wear to go out, the time that we are going to dedicate to this task is minimal. Jeans we always have at hand, like sports shoes (although ours is not sports). All that together with a white shirt and a black leather jacket and everything is ready to spend the day away from home.

Type of fabrics

Urban fashion jacket

As a rule, cotton is the most comfortable type of fabric When it comes to dressing even more in summer when the sun begins to be present most of the day and the heat begins to make us sweat more than normal. As far as possible avoid fabrics made of polyester or acrylic.

Brand clothing: not necessarily

Although many consider that the fact of wearing brand clothes will make us stand out above the rest, simply because of the brand, the urban look is not based on these premises but on the contrary. While it is true that we can buy our clothes in the stores of the shopping centers, in online stores such as or we can also do it in markets, where sometimes we can find a wide variety of garments that surely fit our tastes and needs when it comes to dressing and that also allow us to save a large amount of money.

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