What is it and how to prevent urine infection in men?

circumcisionAlthough the urinary infection It is more common in women than in men, we want to do prevention from our blog to avoid getting infected.

To do prevention, we must first know what this disease is and what it consists of.

What is urine infection in men?

Urinary infection is the existence of pathogenic germs in the urine, due to infection of the urethra, bladder, kidney or prostate.

Symptoms of urine infection

The penis, its parts, and balanitis

Although urine infections can often be asymptomatic (have no symptoms), some people have:

  • pain and burning when urinating
  • constant urination (even right after urinating)
  • pain and itching in the lower belly.

Given these symptoms, the doctor asks for a urine analysis and if the presence of leukocytes in the urine is confirmed, the urinary infection is confirmed.

Types of urinary infections

According to the main location of the urinary tract where the infection is located, it is considered:

  • Urethritis: Urinary infection located in the urethra. Inflammation occurs in the tube through which urine is removed from the body (urethra). It is also known as Urethral Syndrome.
  • Cystitis: Located in the urinary bladder and may or may not present an infection. It is the most common infection in both men and women.
  • Pyelonephritis: Located in the kidneys. An infection occurs in the kidneys and urinary tract (leakage of urine from the kidney into the bladder). It is the rarest to occur.
  • Prostatitis: Located in the prostate. It includes inflammation in both the prostate and the perineal area. This is exclusive to men, since women do not have a prostate.
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How to prevent?

Here are some recommendations to prevent urinary infection:

  • Get used to drink plenty of water every day. The fact of drinking water, not only helps the body a lot but it makes your urinary tract clean itself every time you go to urinate. 6 to 8 glasses of water daily is optimal.
  • Every time you have sex, tell your partner to wash their hands well and you do it too. Contact with germs is another very common trigger for UTIs. Likewise, after having sex, do proper hygiene.
  • Avoid tight clothing. You should also stop wearing lycra underwear and use only cotton underwear. When you go to the beach, do not stay long in a wet bathing suit, as it will damage the area.

If you have any of the above symptoms, then consult a doctor to begin treatment to help you overcome this urine infection in men, although it is also a disease that can affect women.

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  1.   David said

    congratulate them for work they have. Well my problem is that I feel pain when urinating and I feel pain in my penis I thought I had a bad because at the end of the urine they come out like clotted blood but with a flash and I want to urinate but when I enter the bathroom the pain goes away I stop follow the pain. I will appreciate your professional response bye….

  2.   saul said

    I love them for their work. I had a urinary infection I had dizziness and a lot of desire to urinate. When I urinated, it burned me little and every so often I pee and the sensation of urinating does not go away, in fact, I have been feeling urinate for 2 years at the beginning I prescribe ciprofloxacin if I get rid of the infection but I do not want to go to the bathroom constantly, no, in fact when I carry heavy or do some effort I feel that the urine comes out of me. I have already visited doctors and homeopaths and they have not detected anything.

    1.    JOSE RENE said


  3.   Cyprian said

    HELLO. THANK YOU REMOVE ME FROM A DOUBT. Urine infection can influence men when it comes to having relationships.

  4.   july meadow said

    Hi, I'm a 15-year-old young man, I masturbate almost always but now I'm a little scared because it makes me want to urinate every so often even after urinating again. I'm a little scared. Could you help me? I'd really appreciate it to calm my nerves, bye

  5.   Willmer medina said

    Greetings my name is Wilmer I am 50 years old I am writing to you because for two months I have had problems in the urinary system I went to the urologist I explained my symptoms (pain in the lower abdomen at the height of the bladder and lower part of the testicles and the penis, burning when urinating, constant urge to urinate I go to the bathroom every so often and I continue to feel pain is an unbearable discomfort) well the doc checked my prostate by touch, I had a prostate antigen test, abdominal and prostatic echo says that I have prostate cyst and the doc detected inflammation of the prostate diagnosing a prostate. He did a urine flow test detecting an obstruction he prescribed tamsulom and ifos antibiotic 750 in that I am already removed some of the major discomfort I continue to urinate forcefully, I continue to burn when urinating, I present pain and constant desire to urinate. I have to do another study, I do not remember the name but it is the one where they put a probe with a small camera to see inside the urethra and bladder, which they recommend I am drinking a lot of liquids, I do not take tamsulon here in Venezuela

  6.   Manuel Maruqez said

    Hello, my name is Manuel, I have 47 for 2 weeks I have been urinating a lot and a slight discomfort where the urine comes out I went with a general doc and a half in antibiotic and for 5 days and if I notice improvement even stop urinating for a few days but I have 3 days The annoyance returned, which will devera I already made an appointment with the urologist, I am very nervous since I was a child I always think of cancer, God will sell it

  7.   Manuel Maruqez said

    I have 2 weeks urinating a lot I went to the general practitioner he prescribed an antibiotic and I started to feel better even I stopped urinating frequently but 3 days ago I started again with the symptoms I already made an appointment with the urologist I am very nervous and hypochondriac I am now 47 years old God sell it

  8.   Paul said

    I am somewhat scared, a few weeks ago I moved to a climate much colder than mine and the testicular pains began and now I feel frequent urge to urinate but I can not urinate more than drops.
    Someone did the same?